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Minutes of Indo-HCM Meeting held on 22

July 2014
Venue: TSS, VMCC 5
floor, IIT Bombay

1. The following members were present in the meeting:
1. Prof. K V Krishna Rao
2. Prof. P. Vedagiri
3. Srinivas Thadoju
4. Siddhartha Gulhare
5. Mariam Thomas
6. Rohan Shetkar
7. Dheeraj Sawant
8. Aditya Sohoni
9. Vannura Swamy
10. Vishal Konbattulwar
11. Digvijay S. Pawar
12. Sreekumar M.
13. Hemangi Satwe
2. Status of data collection and tasks to be completed immediately:
WP 1 (Vishal)
Data from two additional two-lane sections need to be collected.
WP 2 (Mariam)
Data requirement is three sections from both four-lane and six-lane roads.
WP 3 (Sreenivas)
Sufficient data should be there from both inter urban and urban freeways.
WP 4 (Siddhartha & Abhishek)
All data from sections less than 700 m length should be discarded.
Additional data need to be collected if required.
WP 5A (Rohan)
The guidelines for data collection of signalized intersections (along with the inventory
forms) which has to be sent to other participating organizations was reviewed and
Among the three newly identified sites, Rajarshee Shahir Maharaj Chowk intersection is
The topographic survey details, inventory, drawings, strap length details, phase plan etc.
of the three signalized intersections have to be collected from the above site.
WP 5B (Dheeraj)
One trial can be made to identify good rotary of sufficient size as per the requirements
before winding it up.
WP 6 (Aditya)
Two more uncontrolled intersections without speed breakers which meet the
requirements have to be identified at the earliest.
WP 7 (Vannur)
Skywalk, sidewalk and staircase data are more or less acceptable.

3. The following general points were discussed:
All the IHCM documents should be made accessible to all members.
For all the sites, at least two points/cones/permanent markings should be visible
throughout the video.
All package leaders are expected to come up with the exact status of video data after
proper quality checking, number and details of additional sites for data collection.