Pakistani Map

National FLAG

National Flower Of Pakistan

National Bird of Pakistan - Chukar Partridge -(kadalkakka)

National Animal of Pakistan - Markhor

The Great Faisal Mosque - Islamabad

A Night View of Islamabad - Capital of Pakistan

The Clock Tower of Faisal Abad - The Waiving Capital of Pakistan

Tomb of the Founder (Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah) of Pakistan - Karachi

St. Patrick's Church Karachi (Was built in 1845 with by the Goans)

Famous University of the Punjab - Lahore , Pakistan

The Famous Badshahi Mosque - Lahore Pakistan (Built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan)

A View of Minar-e-Pakistan from Badshahi Mosque

Noor Palace - Bahawalpur Masjid Wazir Khan Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation Building - Mallam Jabba - Pakistan

Sculpture of Lord Budha - National Museum Lahore , Pakistan

A Picture of Old Lahore

Tomb of Bi Bi Jalwandi (A Women Few Centuries Back) - Sind , Pakistan

A Sculpture of Mary (Hazrat Mariam Alaysallam) at Local School

Dance Floor? No - The Salt Bricks of a Mosque at World's 2 nd Largest Salt Mine

The Salt Mosque at Khewara Salt Mines

Arts & Culture Values - Henna Design

Strong Traditions to Help

Unity is our Faith

Passion to Win

Delicious Foods

Sports Man of the Year - Pride of Pakistan : Imran Khan winner of 1992 World Cup

K2 - World's 2 nd Largest Mountain

A Foggy Morning

The Mountains of Koh-e-Karakoram

Sawat and Kallam - Northern Areas of Pakistan

Azad Jammu & Kashmir

The Hunza Valley

The Famous Satpara Lake

A winter view of Northern Areas of Pakistan

The Karakoram Highway - A road Link between China and Pakistan

Our Faith - A blessing to Mankind

Deosai Bridge - Pakistan

A Scene from the Karakoram Mountains Ranges

A view of Northern Areas of Pakistan

Azad Kashmir

Satpara lak

NWFP Area in winter

Road link b/w china and pak

Deosai briddge Pakistan

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