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Breaking Norms

Breaking Norms

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Published by: Ronealle on Aug 08, 2014
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Ronealle Edgar

Group 5
The Norm I violated was doing Pilates at the front of the college’s main campus. I placed a yoga
mat on the ground and started working out. I am the kind of person that would blend into the
background and observe, and not interact with others so to actually go out there and do some
crazy shit in public with people looking would put me way outside of my comfort zone. So I
chose to do Pilates out at the front of the school as a norm I would violate because it was
something that I could never picture myself doing out in public and the only thing I thought I
could of done without passing out and making a complete fool of myself. What I did was spread
the yoga mat out and I got my stretcher and started working out.
The reaction that I got from people was not what I expected. I thought that I was just going to
do my thing and people would probably laugh and winder who the crazy girl was and or even the
tiniest hope that they would just ignore me and not remember anything about the crazy girl doing
Pilates in front of the school. I mean not that I wanted them to but I expected them to stop and
stare and ask someone if I was ok, probably point at me and laugh among themselves or with
whomever they were with at the time which they did; but they also gave me some unexpected
I thought of doing it in front of the school because it was the perfect setting. At the time the
main entrance and exit would be cramped with a lot of students going to and from class
and a few of them just hanging around taking a smoke or making up time until their next
class. I knew I would attract a lot of attention because you would rarely see any sane
person doing that kind of shit in front of the school. The sits out front were already
occupied with students plus the rush of people going and coming from class was good for
the project but a nightmare for me. My classmates decided that they would keep some
distance between me and them so that people wouldn’t see them taking notes and realize
that it was a project we were doing. It would kind of defeat the purpose. W hen I started
setting up people was already looking at me wondering what I was doing and I could
even see my classmates in the background laughing. They so were not helping. So I
started stretching out first so as to not pull any muscles. Trying to be brave I asked a guy
that was sitting with his friends close by if he would like to join me, he started laughing
and mentioned that there was a gym available to all students on campus. I just laughed it
out to hide my embarrassment. I continued doing my thing, doing sit ups, air peddling
and more stretches that I learned in my Pilates class. Not really looking at my
surroundings, I didn’t realize that I was attracting a crowd. Not a lot just those sitting
around and a few students coming from class. Then the noise and the cheering started,
people started asking me if I was in pain and took video clips saying they were gonna
post it up on facebook and instant gram. What really shocked me was, when some
random guy came up and started working out with me. He told me that the feeling he was
getting right now was like a high. It was that much fun to him. Then another asked me if I
was doing this for a class. I told him no, it was just a prank. While all that was going on,
my classmates were still hanging in the background killing themselves laughing. I did
that for 15 minutes and then stopped.
During the whole process I was slowly dying inside, praying for it to be over. It got
better when the crowd started cheering but it was still too much. I hate being noticed in
public so the experience was something if I don’t have to, would never in my life repeat
again. I remember laying on the ground shaking like a leaf, its like I wanted to cry maybe
even scream but I just kept on going, holding it in telling myself that it would be over
soon and when it was over I was so damn proud of myself for actually going through
with the whole process.
The Norms my other two class mates was not as simple as mines. What they did I
would dream of ever doing it myself. The first one went in the cafetira during the lunch
hour and started invading other peoples space. She went from table to table inserting
herself between people and trying to get in on what they were talking about. If someone
was by themselves she would just go sit by them and start asking them questions based
on what they were doing at the time. People starting looking at her in a angry way like
they wanted to tell her something but could say anything. So when she invaded some
would just completely ignore her while others would try to get as far away from her
without being obvious. It was actually quite funny and I kind of got why they were
laughing at me. The second one got a bed sheet, tied it around his head and started
walking the streets. He started at the school and just walked from campus out on the
streets. It was so funny looking at people’s reaction. Some just stopped and stare while
others tried to get as far away from him. If I didn’t know that he was doing a project I
would have sworn he looked like someone who ran away from a mad house. He went
into Mac Donalds, went in the line and ordered a cup of coffee. Sat down at a table with
three other guys and started counting change he removed from his pocket. While playing
with the money he just started staring at the guys and not looking away. It was kind of
creepy and funny at the same time. The whole experience was new to all of us and we all
agreed that it wasn’t something we wanted to do anytime soon


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