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North Fremantle Primary School Newsletter Issue 9
North Fremantle Primary School Newsletter Issue 9

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Published by: micheal_brown3661 on Aug 08, 2014
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Friday 25th July
Cut off for 2015

Monday 28th July
P&C Meeting 1.15pm

Wednesday 30th July

Tuesday 5th August
School Council Meeting

Thursday 7th August

Thursday 7th August
WAGSMS Concert

From the Principal
Staf Development Day
At our recent staf development day on Monday 21 July, we contnued the work on our signifcant re-culturing
process to re-imagine what teaching and learning is at North Fremantle Primary School.
The process saw our staf analysing summaries of what our community, staf and students valued and aspired
learning at North Fremantle Primary School to be. Informaton from parent surveys and questonnaires, staf
workshops and surveys and student focus groups and surveys were used to inform this process. Staf identfed
trends and commonalites from each summary and have developed a common framework for learning at North
Fremantle Primary School. This framework is currently in draf form and will be released at some stage this term afer
further refnement. Staf also began the process to clarify the teaching component of the framework.
Once we have developed our teaching and learning framework it will allow us to engage in deeper staf and student
conversatons about teaching and learning, inform school strategic directons, drive professional learning and
development, guide decisions on stafng and resourcing and promote teaching and learning to our community and
To view the community, staf and student summaries that our staf analysed to develop our teaching and learning
framework please visit my Principal Blog or see our school notce board.
Please note that words that appear larger in the word clouds are keywords that appeared more frequently in each of
the informaton gathering sources (questonnaires, surveys, focus groups etc).

Stafng Update
In Semester Two Mrs Rochelle Reeves will be the Room 4 classroom teacher from Monday to Thursday. Mrs Belinda
Baldey will stll be the classroom teacher each Friday. This change in teacher roster will allow Mrs Belinda Baldey to
coordinate and deliver a school based intensive reading program in our junior primary area, one session each day
from Monday to Thursday. We would also like to extend a warm welcome to new staf members Mrs Marcia Spargo
(Room 2 EA) and Mrs Deborah Muton (Kindy EA).

Natonally Consistent Collecton of Data for School Students with Disability
Our school is part of a natonal project about students with disability and/or learning difcultes. We have been asked
to provide data about the number and learning needs of children at our school. The name of the school and the name
of students will not be reported. Informaton about the diferent types of needs and the programs and resources the
school uses to overcome barriers and support children with special educatonal needs will be collected.
We believe it is important to contribute to this because it will help Governments and the Department of Educaton
Newsletter Issue 6, 16 May 2013
Newsletter Issue 18, 5th December 2013
Our Vision
For all students at North Fremantle Primary School to experience learning that is purposeful, engaging and empowers them
to become life long learners.
Our Mission
Through partnerships with parents and the local community, we will provide an inclusive environment in which our students
can develop the knowledge skills, understandings and confidence to reach their potential.

Email the school administration: NorthFremantlePS@education.wa.edu.au
Email Teachers direct: Room? NorthFremantlePS@education.wa.edu.au (Please insert which room # your child is in)
develop beter policies that acknowledge the level of resources needed in schools to meet the needs of students at our school.
If you do not want to have your child/ren included in the data collecton please notfy the front ofce in writng and we will not include them in the
informaton we provide to the Commonwealth.
If you would like to learn more about the Natonally Consistent Collecton of Data for School Students with Disability you can visit the website

Actve Afer School Communites Program
As mentoned in a previous newsleter last term we have been able to contnue the Actve Afer School Communites program this semester through
our partnership with Notre Dame University. Blake Cheshire, a pre-service teacher studying a Bachelor in Educaton, majoring in Physical Educaton
will be taking on the role of program coordinator to the end of the year. The program will commence in Week 3 and run to Week 9 of this term.
Please note that there will be a change to the days the program will run to every Monday (2.30pm – 3.30pm) and Thursday (3.05pm – 4.20pm). More
informaton about the program will be sent out this week.
Room 2 - Liz Smith

Welcome back everyone. In the frst week of the year I told the students that we would have a party to celebrate 100 days at
school; they've been looking forward to it and asking when it would be since then. In additon to the general excitement of a
new term they are almost beside themselves that this milestone will fnally be celebrated on Friday afernoon. I've arranged
for the students to engage in a range of cross-curricular actvites and they are welcome to wear party clothes to school that

On Wednesday, the Pre-primary students acknowledged NAIDOC week by engaging in a various actvites celebratng Aborigi-
nal arts and creatve endeavours. We created our own allegorical stories based on traditonal dreamtme tales, made dot-
marking woggles - the rainbow serpent from creaton stories of the Noongar people, used bush-tucker plants and seeds in
countng and patern-making and traced pictures of natve Australian animals. Please contnue to bring in family photos for
Mrs. Campbell's art project with renowned author and artst Norma MacDonald.

We have a few new faces in Pre-primary this term. One is our new Educatonal
Assistant, Ms. Marcia Spargo who is replacing Candice and will be known to the
children as Marcia. The other is Ms Kathy Woollet who is joining our class from
Notre Dame University and will be engaged in her fnal ten-week practcum with
our class. Please take the opportunity to introduce yourself and help make them
welcome in our community.

A reminder that our library day is a Wednesday and children need to return their
book each week and bring a library bag to school. Also, that the school day is
from 8.45 untl 3.05 - please make every atempt not to interrupt teaching
Room 1 - Lisa Miller

Welcome back everyone. Hope you all had a safe and happy break! This term we have added Wednesday to our Kindy week.
We welcome Miss Deb into our class and look forward to having her as part of our team! This term we are learning all about
Minibeasts and on Wednesday we became Detectves and explored the top playground to fnd out where they live and how
they live. We found ants, slaters and worms. We will be setng up a Discovery centre in the back of our classroom to display
all the informaton we discover. Keep you posted!

Room 3 - Bev Lane
Welcome back Room 3. We have been writng about our experiences over
the school holidays.
We will be focussing on skip countng by 2, 5 and 10 over the next few
weeks (this is good to practse in the car!)
We will also be looking at the earth and beyond strand in science in collab-
oraton with Room 4.
Two of the students in Room 2 and 3 welcomed baby brothers into their
homes just before the holidays. Congratulatons to the Wiltz and Kristensen

Rooms 5 - Brent Snook

Welcome back everyone. From the sounds of it everyone in Room Five had an excellent holiday, and some were even lucky
enough to escape the cold for a week or two.
This term is certainly going to be a busy one in Room
Five. We have already well and truly setled back
into routne and are looking forward to some ex-
citng events to come this term, including our week
six assembly.
This week in Geography we have been learning
about diferent types of climates, and their diferent
characteristcs and locatons using the world map
below. With partners or in groups of three we
researched informaton on temperate, dry, tropical
and polar climates. We had to decide what we
thought was the most important informaton to add
into our climate zone table. We all agree that we
wish our climate was slightly more tropical right
Room 4 - Rochelle Reeves & Belinda Baldey

Welcome back to Term 3. Everyone has had a lovely break and we have had some very
excitng and interestng stories of adventures on holiday. Room 4 have started the term with
some excitng work on Space. We have a surprising knowledge of space already and are
looking forward to learning more about our universe.
We have already designed some amazing spaceships
to take us to the moon and worked out what we
would need for the journey ahead. We are contnuing
our love of Roald Dahl by reading his book ‘Fantastc
Mr Fox’. This term we will again be working on
learning our tmes tables and the children are keen to
challenge themselves to complete their tmes tables

Room 7 - Chris John

At the start of Term 3 we’d like to extend a warm welcome to Miss Paula Schmedje from
Notre Dame University who will be completng her fnal internship in Room 7 before she
becomes a fully-fedged teacher.
The students have shaken most of the holiday cobwebs out now as they’ve started
investgatng methods of fnding the area of triangles. They are genuinely excited about
exploring the life and tmes of our NAIDOC week guest Ms Norma Macdonald as part of
our “Inspiratonal” unit this term. They’ve come up with interestng conclusions and
questons about Ms Macdonald’s eventul and impressive life so far and are keen to spend
tme with her next week.
Solomon’s spaceship Inside Abbey’s spaceship

Art News—Margie Campbell

As part of our NAIDOC actvites we will be working with Aboriginal artst and illustrator Norma Macdonald. Many photos have
been bought in but there some outstanding, please send yours in if they are outstanding.
I need up to four photos, one of your child, and the others may be your child with and an important person or important people
in your life. This could be mum, dad, brother, sister, grandma, uncle, pet, whoever. The photos can be from any age.
We will be using black and white images so if you have the facility to just photocopy the pictures and bring in the photocopies that
would be best. Otherwise send in the original photos in an envelope as soon as possible, and I will photocopy them.
Here are some fantastc photos from Book week last term.

Richmond PS P&C Quiz Night
Friday 1 August
At East Fremantle Football Club
$160 for a table of 8 ($20 each)
Please call 9339 5055 to reserve a table or call into the school

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