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1. Nurse Felix recalls that organizing is necessary because people accomplished

work that could be done individually. The number of people reporting to him as a
nurse supervisor represents his:
a. nity of command
b. !cope of responsibility
c. !pan of control
d. "egree of authority
#. !taffing is one of the ma$or functions of a nurse manager.. factors affecting
staffing include the following %&'%(T:
a. )dministrative policies
b. Type of work to be
c. )vailability of suitable
d. *n+service education
,. *t is the purpose of the organization- the reason for its being that is why
organization exists:
a. .ission statement
b. /ision statement
c. 0oal
d. 1b$ectives
2. ) broad3 clear and concise statement summarizing what organization does:
a. .ission statement
b. /ision statement
c. 0oal
d. 1b$ectives
4. 5y virtue of organizational position3 Nurse Felix has the recognized authority
over the other. The type of power he has is called:
a. 6eward power
b. %xpert power
c. 6eferent power
d. 7egitimate power
8. 9hen the subordinate recognizes their superior:s advanced skills or knowledge
and follows their superior:s orders because of their belief that their superior
knows best. That superior is said to have:
a. 7egitimate power
b. 6eward power
c. 6eferent power
d. %xpert power
;. Nurse 'ris will see the relationship in the organizational structure of the hospital
in the form of a document called:
a. Flow chart
b. 0antt chart
c. .onthly chart
d. 1rganizational chart
<. "uring the orientation3 scheduling was also discussed which is being done by the
'hief Nurse that usually does the assignment of nursing personnel to the various
hospital areas including shifts of duties and off duties. This represents which type
of scheduling:
a. 'entralized
b. "ecentralized
c. 'yclical
d. %ither a or b
=. The vertical solid lines between individuals in the organizational chart that best
describes the concept of one person>one boss indicates:
a. 'hain of command
b. !pan of control
c. nity of command
d. !calar chain
1?. 9hich of the following measures of control refers to the actual nursing procedure
or those activities engaged in by the nurse to administer care@
a. 1utcome standard
b. (rocess standard
c. Auality assurance
d. (erformance appraisal
11. .onitoring the compliance with the established standards refers to:
a. 1utcome standard
b. Auality assurance
c. (erformance appraisal
d. (rocess standard
1#. ) nurse supervisor:s communication with her staff in an organization is called:
a. "ownward
b. pward
c. 7ateral
d. "iagonal
1,. ) group of employees walks in the room of the .edical "irector to complain
about the treatment made by doctors on the nurses and attendants. This is a form
a. "ownward
b. pward communication
c. 7ateral communication
d. 0rapevine
12. %mployees may interact with many different employees in the performance of
their duties. They should be responsible to only one supervisor. This is to avoid
confusion3 overlapping of duties and misunderstanding. This is an example of
organizational principle:
a. !calar principle
b. "epartmentation
c. !pan of control
d. nity of command
14. The number of supervisor that a supervisor can effectively manage should be
limited3 depending upon the pace and pattern of the working area.
a. !pan of managerial
b. Bomogenous assignment
c. 'hain of command
d. "ecentralization
18. (rocess of determining and providing the acceptable number and mix of
personnel to produce a desired level of care to meet the patient:s demand.
a. "elegation
b. !taffing
c. 9ork force
d. 'lassification
1;. Negligence is the commission and omission of an act. There are things that must
be prove in order to sue the nurse for negligence:
i. The existence of a duty on the part of the nurse to the patient
ii. Failure to meet the standard of due care
iii. Foreseeability of harm resulting from failure to meet the standard
iv. The fact that breach of this standard resulted in an in$ury to the
a. i3 ii3 iii
b. ii3 iii3 iv
c. i3 iii3 iv
d. i3 ii3 iii3 iv
1<. *t is a promise or a set of promises which the law recognizes as a duty and when
that duty is not performed3 the law provides a remedy.
a. Cob description
b. 'onsent
c. 'ontract
d. 9ills
1=. This consent is applicable in an emergency situation giving the full authority to
the health team in order to save the patient:s life. The law generally agrees that
this consent is assumed:
a. Formal consent
b. *nformal consent
c. %xpressed consent
d. *mplied consent
#?. This is a written document that states the prioritized nursing diagnosis3 the goals
or expected outcomes of care and the nursing interventions necessary to meet
a. Nursing care plan
b. Nursing interventions
c. Nursing process
d. Nurse:s notes
#1. This is an ongoing process occurring throughout the management process that
opens improvements and compares performances against set standards:
a. (lanning
b. 'ontrolling
c. "irecting
d. 1rganizing
##. ) process in which employee:s performances is evaluated against the standards.
This is the most valuable tool in controlling human resources and productivity.
a. (erformance appraisal
b. (erformance evaluation
c. Auality assurance
d. 'ontrol process
#,. (rinciples of evaluation must be:
i. 5ased on the behavioral standards of performance
ii. (erformance appraisal should only include satisfactory results
iii. There should be enough time to observe employee:s behavior
iv. %valuation conference should be done immediately whenever there
are problems noted.
v. %valuation reports and conference should be structured
a. i3 ii3 iii3 iv3 v
b. i3 iii3 iv
c. iii3 iv3 iv
d. ii3 iii3 iv3
#2. 9hen the nurse triage patients care accordingly3 you are using the principle of:
a. Custice
b. /eracity
c. Fidelity
d. 5eneficence
#4. This process assures a smooth functioning of nursing unit to attain their goal of
Duality care through the $udicious use of available human and material resources
within specified periods.
a. Nursing care process
b. .anagement process
c. !taffing process
d. Nursing care plan
#8. (rinciple of effective communication includes:
i. Feedback is essential to effective communication
ii. 'omplex3 exact and concise messages ensure understanding of the
iii. 'lear lines of communication serve as the linking process by
which parts of the organization are unified toward goal
iv. )deDuate and timely communication of the work+related issues
v. !uccessful managers uses one mode of communication
a. i3 ii3 iii3 iv3 v
b. ii3 iii3 v
c. i3 iii3 iv
d. i3 ii3 iv3 v
#;. There are many approaches to manage conflict but this approach is commonly
used by groups who do not want to do something that may conflict with their
a. 'ollaborative
b. )voidance
c. )ccommodation
d. 'ompromise
#<. This is a line of communication where in the communication floes between peers3
personnel or departments on the same level.
a. 7ateral communication
b. "ownward communication
c. pward communication
d. 1utward communication
#=. To guide3 to go before and to show the way:
a. .anaging
b. "irecting
c. 7eading
d. !upervising
,?. 7uisa noted that a physician had ordered "igoxin in a large dose than the usual
therapeutic one. 9hen she called the supervisor and explained the situation3 the
supervisor told her to give the medication as ordered. !he gave the drug and the
patient suffered a toxic reaction. *s the nurse liable even though she was following
the physician:s order@
a. Ees. )fter speaking to the supervisor3 she should have checked with the
b. Ees. 1n her own3 she should have reduces the dosage to the usual amount.
c. No. The supervisor:s order absolved the nurse.
d. No. nurse has the responsibility to Duestion a physician:s order.
,1. "isciplinary action includes:
a. 1ral warning3 written warning3 dismissal3 suspension
b. 9ritten warning3 oral warning3 suspension3 dismissal
c. 'ounseling3 written warning3 suspension3 dismissal
d. 'ounseling3 dismissal3 suspension
,#. This is defamation by written words3 cartoons3 or such representation that cause a
person to be avoided3 ridiculed or held in contempt or tend to in$ure him in his
a. !lander
b. 7ibel
c. Felony
d. Fraud
,,. ) legal wrong committed against a person or property independent of a contract
which renders the person who commits its liable for damages in a civil action.
a. "efamation
b. )rson
c. Torts
d. 6eckless imprudence
Situation: !olita is two months pregnant. Ber parents do not know this. !olita
informed her friend *rene about the problem. *rene referred !olita to 0ina+7yn3 an
abortionist. !olita had an abortion.
,2. *f those involved will be charged legally3 who is considered principal@
a. !olita
b. 0ina+7yn
c. *rene
d. !olita and 0ina+7yn
,4. 9ho is considered as an accomplice@
a. *rene
b. !olita
c. 0ina+7yn
d. *rene and !olita
,8. *f during the investigation3 the pieces of evidence were not found because /ivian3
the maid of 0ina+7yn burned it. /ivian is considered as:
a. )ccomplice
b. )ccessory
c. (rincipal
d. 'o+accomplice
,;. ) nurse is liable as an accomplice in an abortion if she:
a. )ssist in the escape of the offender
b. 'onceals the evidence of the crime
c. !he did the abortion
d. 6efers the pregnant mother to the abortionist.
,<. 6ight to be alone3 right to be free from unwarranted publicity and exposure to
public view as well as the right to live one:s life without having anyone:s name3
picture or private affairs made public against one:s will.
a. 'onfidentiality
b. Freedom
c. 6ight to privacy
d. 6ight to live
,=. !uppose a man:s foot is gangrenous3 amputation is advised. !ince amputation will
save his life and he can still walk through the aid of crutches or artificial limbs3 he
can consent to an amputation. The nurse can help the patient understand this. This
situation is an example of moral principle called:
a. %pika
b. The end does not $ustify
the means
c. Totality principle
d. The greatest good for the
greatest number
2?. The test for liability under the doctrine of respondent superior is the:
a. (ower of master over servant
b. *n$ury itself
c. %xtent of damage caused
d. 'ircumstances surrounding the act
21. )n act stating that the policy of the !tate is to promote a high standard of ethics in
public service. (ublic officials and employees must lead modest lives and uphold
public interest over personal interest.
a. 6) ;18?
b. 6) 8;1,
c. 6) ;,?4
d. 6) 1?<#
2#. )n act that provides the babies born in private and in public institution should be
roomed+in with their mothers to promote breastfeeding and ensure safe and
adeDuate nutrition to children.
a. 6) ;8??
b. 6) #,<#
c. 6) 4=?1
d. 6) ;2,#
2,. )n act declaring that all communicable diseases shall be reported to the nearest
health station and that any person may inoculated3 administered or in$ected with
prophylactic preparation.
a. 6) ,4;,
b. 6) 1?<?
c. 6) 1?<#
d. 6) 18,8
22. This decree strengthens family planning programs through full participation o
private organization and individual in the formulation and implementation of the
program planning policies.
a. (" 2=
b. (" 8=
c. (" 12<
d. (" 188
24. This reDuires that couples intending to get married must first undergo a family
planning and responsible parenthood instruction prior ro the inssuance of a
marriage license.
a. (" 8?,
b. (" 48<
c. (" =84
d. (" 22#
28. 9hile working in an acute care environment3 the nurse can best reduce the risk of
malpractice litigation by doing which of the following:
a. Not discussing the errors with the client and family
b. Feeping incident reports
c. .aintaining expertise in practice
d. (roviding value $udgments when appropriate
2;. )ccording to the deontological approach to bioethics:
a. The ethics of the act is separated from the outcome
b. The end $ustifies the means
c. (eople automatically know what is good or bad
d. 9hat the person want is always the best action
2<. 9hich of the following categories of law deals with libel and slander@
a. !tatutory
b. 'riminal
c. 'ontracts
d. Torts
2=. 'harting must be done promptly and accurately. 7egally3 nursing care that is not
documented is:
a. Not provided
b. 'onsidered provided even if not recorded
c. For recording when attention is called by the nurse manager
d. For immediate recording as soon as the nurse remembers
4?. 9hich of the following behaviors of the nurse constitutes negligence@
a. Failure to diagnose the cause of uterine atony
b. Failure to response to a home delivery because the professional fee has not
been agreed upon
c. The nurse stimulated the mother to void when she observed that the uterus
is not in the m midline after placental separation
d. The nurse advised the mother to come for *" insertion preferably during
the menstrual period
41. .ode of acDuisition by the virtue of which the property3 rights and obligations of
a persona are transmitted through his death to another by his will or by operation
of law
a. 9ill
b. 7ast will and testament
c. !uccession
d. *nheritanc
4#. Term used referring to the transmission of property to the next generation with or
without a will
a. !uccession
b. "ecendent
c. Beir
d. !uccessesor
4,. )ngelo uses only sharp needle for intramuscular in$ection3 he is practicing his
principle of@
a. 5eneficence
b. 6espect
c. Non+maleficence
d. Custice
42. *f 'arl provides optimum care for patients admitted by their relatives and family
members3 such principle is based on:
a. )utonomy
b. 5eneficence
c. Custice
d. !tewardship
44. Camillah emphasizes the following statement to her subordinate: G!an 0abriel
Bospital aims to be the leader in primary health care services after 4 years.H This
is an example of:
a. (hilosophy
b. 0oal
c. /ision
d. 1b$ective and goal
48. Nurse Custine was inDuiring from you about the composition of the 5oard of
Nursing under 6) ;182. Eour correct response would be:
a. GThere were Three .embers: the 'hairman who must be a doctor of
medicine and two registered nurses who must have 4 years of experience
in the nursing professionH
b. G There were Five members of the 5oard of Nursing under that )ctH
c. G There are ; members: ) chairman and six members who must be
.asters: "egree holder in NursingH
d. G There were four members in that 6) ;182H
4;. Nurse !tephanie asked you about the nursing areas covered by the new nursing
law. Eou know that all of the following except one are the nursing areas covered
by the new Nursing 7aw:
a. Nursing 6esearch
b. Nursing %ducation
c. Nursing !ervice
d. 'ommunity Bealth Nursing
4<. )ll of the following are basic human rights with regard to human experimentaion
a. 6ight to informed consent
b. 6ight to refuse and>or withdrawal from participation
c. 6ight to privacy
d. 6ight to earn money from the experiment
4=. The Nurse would be correct if she describes that the term of office of the members
of the 5oard of Nursing is that:
a. The 'hairperson and .embers of the 5oard shall hold office for a term of
three years and until their successors shall have been appointed3 provided
that they shall no longer be reappointed for another term.
b. The 'hairperson and .embers of the 5oard shall hold office for a term of
three years and until their successors shall have been appointed3 provided
that they shall be eligible for reappointment for another two terms.
c. The 'hairperson and .embers of the 5oard shall hold office for a term of
six years and until their successors shall have been appointed3 provided
that they shall no longer be reappointed for another term.
d. The 'hairperson and .embers of the 5oard shall hold office for a term of
three years and until their successors shall have been appointed provided
that they may be reappointed for another term.
8?. ) training and development program intended to develop>enhance the skills3 to
which a registered nurse devotes himself>herself whether as a vocation or
profession to enable him>her to provide nursing service in specific areas in
accordance with the ethics of the profession and applicable law is a:
a. !eminar
b. 'onvention
c. Nursing service education
d. Nursing !pecialty program
81. !tudent Nurse .aria took the National 7icensure %xamination for Nurses last
"ecember #??4. !he obtained a rating of <?I however one of her sub$ect area in
that exam was 4=I only. The examination taken by .aria was already her fourth
time to take the N7% for nurses. !he asked for an advice from you under 6) =1;,
about her next step3 your correct response would be:
a. .aria must enroll for a refresher course in a school duly recognized by the
'B%" offering such before she can apply for another 7icensure exam
because the law prohibits the taking of another examination after failing
for three times.
b. .aria failed her fourth take and she must repeat the entire examination
provided that she takes a refresher course first as provided for by 6)
c. .aria may apply again for the fifth take and she may repeat the entire
N7% for nurses or she may only take that sub$ect area where she obtained
4=I and she must get a grade of 8?I this time in order to pass even
without enrolling for a refresher course.
d. .aria may apply again for the fifth take and she may repeat the entire
N7% for nurses or she may only take that sub$ect area where she obtained
4=I and she must get a grade of ;4I this time in order to pass even
without enrolling for a refresher course.
8#. ) professional nurse3 who has had special training and experience in a particular
clinical specialty3 often holds a degree3 and is prepared to give expert care to the
acutely or chronically ill and to assist clients to maintain health:
a. Nursing administrator
b. 'linical Nurse !pecialist
c. (ublic Bealth Nurse
d. 'ommunity Bealth Nurse
8,. Nurse 5hadie got married after passing the 7icensure examination and she stayed
as a full time mother to her kids for almost seven years. !he never worked in the
hospital setting or any of the fields of nursing. !he asked your opinion on how to
apply in a hospital work this time3 your correct response would be:
a. Eou must apply directly to the chief of hospital where you intend to work
and undergo a three+month hands+on training in the hospital.
b. Eou must enroll again for one semester in the accredited nursing school
mandated by the 5oard of Nursing to give such training.
c. Eou must undergo one month lecture+training and three months of
d. Eou must signify your intention by writing the 5oard of Nursing and
include your willingness to undergo three months didactic training and a
month:s practicum or training in accredited hospitals allowed by 51N to
conduct such training program.
82. *t is made up of concepts and propositions- however3 it accounts for phenomena
with much greater specifity:
a. Theory
b. 'onceptual framework
c. 'onceptual model
d. .odel
84. *t is a group of related concepts and it can also be viewed as an umbrella under
which many theories can exist:
a. Theory
b. 'onceptual framework
c. 'onceptual model
d. .odel
88. !alome graduated from high school but she does not belong in the upper 2?I of
their batch that had $ust graduated. !alome:s sister is a nurse in )merica and she
was told to enroll in the college of nursing this semester. Ber sister was doubtful
however because she knows that there are some academic Dualifications for one to
be accepted in the college of nursing. 9hich of the following statements is correct
from the situation@
a. !alome may take other course then may shift to nursing in the second year
if her grade improves because she is not yet eligible to enroll in the college
of nursing.
b. The law reDuires that all incoming freshmen in the college of nursing must
belong to the top 2?I of the graduating class.
c. !alome may directly enroll in the college of nursing of her choice as long
as she pass the entrance examination even if she does not belong to the top
d. The Nursing law now reDuires that all incoming freshmen must belong to
the top #?I of the graduating class
8;. Nurse Canna .ae hurdled the 7ocal licensure examination and the '0FN! in less
than a year after graduating from the ( college of nursing and she is now due to
leave for abroad but she is hesitant to leave yet because of the reDuirement of the
law to render mandatory service before leaving to work as a nurse abroad. 9hich
of the following statement is true@
a. Canna .ae must render a mandatory # years nursing service in the
(hilippines before leaving to work abroad because she is a graduate of
!tate niversity.
b. Canna .ae must render a mandatory , years service in the (hilippines
before leaving to work abroad because she is a graduate of !tate
c. Canna .ae must render a one+year mandatory service in the (hilippines
before leaving to work abroad as reDuired by the Nursing 7aw.
d. Canna .ae may $ust leave as soon as she wants even without rendering the
local service in the (hilippines.
8<. )ll of the following are purpose of nursing theory except:
a. )ssist nurses to describe3 explain and predict everyday experiences
b. (rovide general focus fro curriculum design
c. 0uide curricular decision making
d. To encroach in the performance of the other field of discipline
8=. These are abstract ideas or mental images of phenomena or reality. *t can be
concrete ideas or it can be abstract ideas:
a. .odels
b. Theory
c. 'onceptual framework
d. 'oncepts
;?. Nurse "emi is aspiring to become a member of the 5oard of Nursing. !he asked
you about the Dualifications of the 5oard. Eour correct response would be all of
the following except:
a. 5e natural born citizen and resident of the (hilippines
b. Not have been convicted of any offense involving per$ury or falsification
of public documents
c. Bave at least ten years of continuous practice of the profession prior to
d. .ust be a master:s degree holder
;1. Nurse "emi asked you if her nursing practice for seven years in the Netherlands
be deemed included as a nursing practice to Dualify as a member of the 5oard of
Nursing@ 9hich of the following statement is true@
a. nder 6) =1;,3 a continuous ten years of nursing practice must have been
in the (hilippines
b. The 6) =1;, abolished already the reDuired ten years nursing service
c. )t least ten years nursing service is reDuired either practiced in the
(hilippines or abroad.
d. )t least ten years of nursing practice provided that the last 4 years must
have been practiced in the (hilippines
;#. )ll of the following are powers and duties of the 5oard of Nursing3 which one is
a. 'onduct inspection of Nursing schools in the country
b. 'lose down the operation of Nursing schools with substandard Dualities
c. 'onduct investigation and hearing regarding the conduct of nurses
d. 6ecommends the opening of new nursing schools to 'B%"
;,. The following statements distinguishes a profession from other occupation
a. The reDuirement of prolonged3 specialized training to acDuire a body of
knowledge pertinent to the role to be performed usually entrusted to
higher education.
b. The techniDues or skills applied are the product of scientifically proven
and long experience
c. The ability to continue its research to expand constantly its body of
d. The non+reDuirement to exercise discretion and $udgment as to the time
and manner of the performance of duty
;2. Bildegard (eplau described the nurse+patient relationship in the following phases
a. 1rientation
b. *dentification
c. Termination
d. %xploitation
;4. Nursing theories addresses the following ma$or concepts except:
a. 'ommunity
b. (erson or client
c. %nvironment
d. Nursing
;8. This order en$oins all citizens of the (hilippines3 universities3 colleges3 schools3
government offices3 mass media3 voluntary and religious organizations of all
creeds3 business and industrial enterprises to promote the concept of family
welfare3 responsible parenthood and family planning.
a. 7etter of *nstruction No. 2;
b. "epartment of 7abor 1rder no. ;
c. 0eneral 1rder No. 1<
d. 0eneral 1rder No. <1
;;. ) nurse knows that this part of philosophy which deals with systematic
approaches to Duestions of morality is:
a. nursing morals
b. nursing ethics
c. morals
d. ethics
;<. The fourfold fundamental responsibility of the nurse as promoted by the 'ode of
%thics in nursing includes all of the following except:
a. prevent illness
b. restore health
c. alleviate terminal illness
d. promote health
;=. The amended 'ode of %thics for nurses describes the conduct of the nurses as:
a. something that must bring fortune to the nurse
b. something that would bring money for the country
c. something that would bring heroism
d. something that would bring credit to the profession
<?. *nformation obtained during the course of the care of the patient must be treated
confidential. The nurse knows that all of the following are exceptions to the right
of the patient to confidentiality3 which one is not:
a. The patient agrees and consents by writing that such information can be
b. The information needed is relevant to his care and needs to be utilized by
other health team
c. The information is material to a criminal investigation
d. The information is needed in a civil proceeding in the court.
<1. ) patient was admitted unconscious in the emergency room. The patient was
among the many victims rushed to the hospital as a result of vehicular accident
and the patient was bleeding profusely. pon initial assessment the nurse knows
that the patient will soon progress to shock as evidenced by the unstable vital
signs. The physician ordered immediate blood transfusion and massive fluid
replacement for the patient. 5T was then initially hooked without any consent
from the patient or anybody. The doctor $ust based the information on the wallet
obtained from the pocket of the patient pertaining to his blood type. They failed to
notice that the patient belonged to a religious sect that does not approve at all
times blood transfusion. 9hich statement is true about the situation@
a. the doctor and the nurse maybe held liable for negligence
b. the nurse should stop the infusion immediately
c. the nurse should report the vehicular incident to the police
d. the initial action taken by the doctor and the nurse maybe $ustified but
must stop the transfusion once the patient regain consciousness and
reDuests it to stop or if any immediate family member arrives and reDuests
it to be stopped.
<#. ) nurse was being investigated by the %thics 'ommittee of the 5oard of Nursing
and she was summoned by service of subpoena ad testificandum. Bowever3 the
nurse through an advice of a friend Duestioned the power of the 5oard to issue
such subpoena. )ccording to her3 only competent courts can issue subpoena.
9hich of the following statement is true about the situation:
a. The nurse cannot be compelled to appear before the 5oard because only
competent courts can issue subpoena
b. !he may $ust ignore the order since the 5oard cannot punish her
c. The 5oard of Nursing is not clothed with the power to issue subpoena
d. The 5oard of Nursing is mandated by law to issue subpoena duces tecum
and subpoena ad testificandum
<,. ) nurse would be correct if he or she identifies that one of the following is a
characteristic of the principle of Nonmaleficence:
a. ) nurse must always prevent evil or harm for his patient
b. ) nurse must always remove evil or harm for his client
c. ) nurse must not allow to give a wrong medication for the client
d. ) nurse must always promote good for his client
<2. !he viewed the client as an open system consisting of a basic structure or central
core of energy resources through her nursing theory. 9ho is the author of this
nursing theory@
a. *mogene Fing
b. Florence Nightangle
c. 5etty Neuman
d. "orothy Cohnson
<4. The (resident of the 6epublic of the (hilippines declared on 1ctober 1;3 1=4<
that the last week of 1ctober as the GNurses 9eekH. 9hat proclamation was this@
a. (roclamation #4
b. (roclamation 41<1
c. (" ##,
d. (roclamation 4,=
PROBLEM SOLVING: Show your solution
Find the number of nursing personnel needed for 300 patients in a tertiary
a. 'ategorized the patients according to levels of care needed.
i. 7%/%7 *
ii. 7%/%7 **
iii. 7%/%7 ***
iv. 7%/%7 */
b. Find the number of nursing care hours JN'BK needed by patients at each level of
care per day.
i. 7%/%7 *
ii. 7%/%7 **
iii. 7%/%7 ***
iv. 7%/%7 */
c. Find the N'B needed by ,?? patients per year.
d. Find the actual working hours rendered by each nursing personnel per year
e. Find the total number of nursing personnel needed
i. Nursing personnel needed
ii. Number of relievers
iii. Total number of nursing personnel including the relievers
f. 'ategorized to professional and non+professional personnel. 6atio to
professionals in a tertiary hospital is 84:,4.
i. (rofessional personnel
ii. Non+professional personnel
g. "istribution by shifts of professional and non+professional personnel.
i. (rofessional personnel
1. ). shift
#. (. shift
,. N*0BT shift
ii. Non+professional personnel
1. ). shift
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,. N*0BT shift
MATCHING TYPE: rit! th! C"#it"l l!tt!r o$ th! %orr!%t "nsw!r &!$or!
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A. Laws affecting Nursing Practice
LLLLLL1. 'ompulsory membership to !!! of self+
employed persons.
LLLLLL#. 'hild and Eouth 9elfare 'ode
LLLLLL,. %mployee 'ompensation and !tate *nsurance
LLLLLL2. four children for tax exemption
LLLLLL4. (rofessional 6egulation 'ommission J(6'K
LLLLLL8. Family (lanning and 6esponsible (arenthood
LLLLLL;. (ractice of profession in the (hilippines by
former professionals
LLLLLL<. Four children for maternity privilege
LLLLLL=. !anitation 'ode
LLLLLL1?. (enalty for *mproper garbage disposal
LLLLLL11. .ilk 'ode
LLLLLL1#. Family 'ode
LLLLLL1,. National "rug (olicy Javailability3
affordability or safe3 effective3 Duality drugsK
LLLLLL12. (hilippine Nursing )ct of 1==1
LLLLLL14. !alary !tandardization 7aw
LLLLLL18. 1rgan "onation 7aw
LLLLLL1;. 7egalized use of Buman organs for scientific
LLLLLL1<. 6eporting of 'ommunicable diseases
LLLLLL1=. (hilippine Nursing )ct of #??#
LLLLLL#?. 'ivil !ervice %ligibility for those who passed
board and bar exams
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5. (" 8?,
'. (" 8#8
". %1 1<?
%. (" 18,8
F. %1 <4;
0. 6) 1?<?
B. 6) ,2=
*. (" ##,
C. (" 421
F. (" 2<
7. (" 8=
.. 6) =1;,
N. (" =84
1. 6) ,4;,
(. %1 41
A. 6) 8;4<
6. %? #?=
!. 6) ;182
T. %1 1;2
. (" <#4
/. (" <48
. !heories of "anagement
LLLL1. (roposed the Bawthorne !tudies
LLLL#. "eveloped !ociometry to analyze group
LLLL,. .otivation hygiene theory
LLLL2. Father of 1rganizational Theory
LLLL4. Father of .anagement (rocess
LLLL8. %numerated the Four niversal (rinciples of
LLLL;. %numerated the .anager:s 6esponsibility
LLLL<. Theory & and E
LLLL=. Theory of employee participation
LLLL1?. 7inking (in 'oncept
LLLL11. )dvocated Grefined previous work rather than
introduce new conceptH
LLLL1#. Bierarchy of Need Theory
LLLL1,. *ntroduced .anagement by ob$ective
LLLL12. (ioneered the *nstallation of a .anagement by
1b$ective !ystem
LLLL14. (ioneers in time and motion studies
). Benry Fayol
5. 7yndall rwick
'. )braham .aslow
". Benry 0antt
%. 'hris )rgyis
F. 'hester 5arnard
0. Cames .ooney
B. .ax 9eber
*. Frederick Buzberg
C. Frank and 7ilian 0ilbert
F. %lton .ayo
7. "ouglas .c 0regory
.. 6ensis 7inkert
N. (eter "rucker
1. 9illiam 1uchi3 6ichard
(ascale and )nthony )thos
(. 0eorge 1diome
A. Cacob .oreno
6. Frederick Taylor