Resolution oI Censure Ior Racially Divisive

Campaigning by Republicans
WHEREAS, the Republican Party is the Party oI Lincoln; and
WHEREAS, the Democrat Party is the party oI segregation and Jim Crow laws; and
WHEREAS, the LeIt has used racially divisive and hateIul eIIorts to smear Republicans Ior Iorty
years; and
WHEREAS, ads and robocalls were produced and run in Mississippi that mirrored race-baiting
tactics in Missouri in 2000 and other places; and
WHEREAS, the Republican Party does not tolerate these types oI attacks as acceptable in
political discourse and will not tolerate these in the Iuture; NOW THEREFORE BE IT
RESOLVED, the Republican National Committee will terminate any contract or agreement and
also censure any consultant, employee, committee member or other Republican who has a role in
conduct similar to that observed in the June 2014 Mississippi primary election.
Submitted on Julv 29, 2014 bv State Chairman Ed Martin (Missouri)

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