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A Garden Gateway, page 1
Free Garden Tours, page 7
Xcursions, page 11
Fall & Winter
1. A Garden Gateway
2. The Bulb Story
4. Conservatory News
5. Thank You, Donors!
6. Conservatory Displays &
Special Events
7. Plant Shows, Garden Walks,
Talks and Demos and
Art Xhibits
8. Horticultural Workshops
10. Cooking Demonstrations
11. Xcursions
12. Brookside Gardens School of
Botanical Art & Illustration
14. Adult Programs by Start Date
15. Children’s Programs
16. Friends of Brookside Gardens
17. Registration
Table of Contents
General Information, 301-962-1400
Adult Education, 301-962-1470
Children’s Education, 301-962-1408
Library, 301-962-1476
School of Botanical Art & Illustration,
301-962-1470 or 1474
Volunteer Office, 301-962-1429
Gift Shop, 301-962-1448 or 1479
Facility Rental, 301-962-1404
McCrillis Gardens, 301-962-1455
Media Relations, 301-650-2866
Sponsorships/donations, 301-962-1402
Brookside Gardens
1800 Glenallan Avenue
Wheaton, Maryland 20902
Brookside Gardens is open every
day except December 25.
Gardens: Sunrise–Sunset
Conservatories: 10:00am–5:00pm
Visitors Center: 9:00am–5:00pm
(closed some holidays)
McCrillis Gardens | 6910 Greentree Road, Bethesda, MD 20817
Letter from the Director
Horticulture Reference Library
10:00am-3:00pm Monday
through Friday, except holidays

Master Gardeners — Plant
Clinics at Brookside Gardens
Wednesday 1:00-4:00pm
(through October)

Plant Clinics at
Wheaton Library
Saturday 10:00am-2:00pm
Sunday 1:00-4:00pm
Wheaton Library
11701 Georgia Ave.
Editor: Ellen Bennett, 301-962-1402
Cover Photo: Leslie McDermott
The Shop at
Brookside Gardens
Shop Hours:
Sunday Noon–4:00pm
(Call for Visitors
Center Shop Hours)
Dear Friend,
After what seemed like years of baby steps, now giant leaps of progress are being
made on Brookside Gardens’ Master Plan. In June, the service road around the
Gude Garden reopened, much to the delight of our regular walkers who missed
the beautiful loop trail. The repair of the dams, dredging, and restoration of the
pond edges completes a substantial portion of Phase IV. The entry way and
parking garden, Phases I and II, are under way, due to be completed in summer
of 2015. Lastly, we are working on a design/build contract for a new growing
greenhouse, which is part of Phase V, the renovation of the maintenance yard for
the Gardens. And would you believe that the “new” Visitors Center first opened
16 years ago, so perhaps it’s not surprising that the HVAC system was a welcome
replacement, along with a new dropped ceiling and energy efficient LED lights.
So we’re making good headway on an ambitious plan, with a total of four phases
due to be completed by 2016. Unfortunately, with all this progress comes many
challenges; due to safety issues related to construction of the new entry and
parking garden, we’ve made the very difficult decision to cancel the Garden of
Lights show this year. We know this will disappoint many of our visitors, but the
safety of our guests is the highest priority for Brookside Gardens. We hope you
will understand and plan to return to an even better event in 2015.
Happy Gardening!
Stephanie Oberle
Director, Brookside Gardens
Hours of operation listed below may change due to
parking lot renovation. Please call 301-962-1400 or visit
BrooksideGardens.org for construction updates.
ur Garden Gateway is underway! Construction on
Phase I and II of the Master Plan began in March
and will continue through May of 2015. Though a good
deal of demolition and plant removal has occurred, a
beautiful new entrance with fabulous garden areas and
new plantings will result. What now appears to be a
stark construction site will transform into a lush, green
landscape with a diversity of trees, shrubs, groundcovers,
perennials and annuals.

Though the prospect of all these extraordinary changes is
exciting, with this excitement comes some disappointing
news. Due to construction, the Garden of Lights show has
been cancelled for the winter 2014-2015 season. The project
will remain under construction during the winter months;
as such, we choose not to expose visitors to any safety
risks associated with entering the construction area. We
are pleased to report, however, that the Garden of Lights
show will return in 2015.

We need your support!
This exciting project is moving forward with funding
from Montgomery County. However, the project remains
underfunded. The shortfall represents some basic
infrastructure elements, including a new boardwalk,
lighting and plants, plus many enhanced
features such as a water wall, entry way
art, water features, bike racks and much
more that will enrich the experience at the
gardens. Donations large and small will
make an important difference!

Our wonderful supporters are responding
quite generously to the Gardens’ need for
additional funding. In fact, several recent
pledges and gifts have been made to
support the following items that are integral
to the design:
n Entryway Gatehouse
n Ginkgo Canopy
n Pedestrian Gate
n Tribute Benches
n And numerous trees
n All of these gifts and pledges total more than
$400,000 in donations!

We thank our donors for their remarkable generosity,
but our work is not done! Assuring the Gardens remain
an oasis of calm in the center of our hectic suburb is so
important. We hope you will consider making a donation to
this exciting project that will enhance the Gardens, making
them an even lovelier and more accessible resource for
our community.

Please visit MontgomeryParksFoundation.org to
make an online donation. We thank you in advance for
your support!

For more information contact:
Ellen Bennett,
Advancement Programs Manager at Brookside Gardens
301-962-1402 or Ellen.Bennett@MontgomeryParks.org
Debbie Rankin,
Executive Director, Montgomery Parks Foundation
301-495-2490 or DebbieRankin@MontgomeryParks.org
Brookside Gardens Xperience • Fall/Winter 2014–2015 1
2 Brookside Gardens Xperience • Fall/Winter 2014–2015
rom its first year of operation until the present day,
Brookside Gardens has been famous for its outdoor
spring bulb displays. Masses of colorful bulbs were always
mandated by the Gardens’ creators as they envisioned its
purpose in the 1960’s; they understood no such displays
were to be found in the rapidly expanding suburbs of
We currently plant more than 20,000 bulbs each year, the
majority of which are tulips that are only used once. Ever
wonder how we do it? Didn’t know we did? Read on!
The timeline
Spring bulbs are an exercise
in delayed gratification:
they must be planted in fall
to grow roots and establish
before sprouting with the
first warmth of spring.
To develop and emerge
properly, they need many
weeks of cold temperatures.
Moreover, virtually all bulbs
sold in the US are imported
from abroad (usually
Holland, where they grow and multiply the best). Therefore,
we must choose, order, and plant bulbs long before their
April show, unlike our summer annuals that sparkle as
soon as we put them out. (That takes advance planning
too, but that’s another story).

During rainy/snowy days in late winter and early spring,
each gardener begins to contemplate what he/she would
like to create for the FOLLOWING spring, a year away.
A plethora of colorful catalogs and Web sites are pored
over to get ideas. As spring arrives, gardeners evaluate
the current year’s displays: did they perform well? Was
the timing good? How about the mix of types: tulips,
hyacinths, daffodils? Did the colors work? Did we get what
we ordered? (Usually we do; mistakes are rare in this big
business). Sometimes during peak bloom our regular bulb
salesmen visit and give us the benefit of their decades of
experience and advise us of new cultivars and cultural
practices to consider.
Lessons from the current display are then melded with
early conceptual ideas, and a design is put together by each
gardener. Depending upon what media staff likes to use,
these designs are presented to me for comment as colored
pencil sketches, an Excel spreadsheet list, or a short
PowerPoint presentation. Deferring to each designer’s style
and greater experience, I usually only edit lightly, if at all.
I do look to see that we try to vary our cultivars from year
to year to avoid repetition, that there is a balance between
mass and diversity, and that new releases are tried. We
all must keep in mind that earlier-blooming types are
preferred, in order to make
way for the timely planting
of the summer annuals
that will replace them in
the same beds.
Ideally, final designs and
quantities are set by June
1st; this can be quite a
challenge when juggling
other spring demands
(rainy days help!). I then
compile the requests
from all gardeners into a
single spreadsheet, which I forward to our sales agents
for price quotes. Some of these agents represent multiple
companies; some we have used for decades. The goal is
to receive quotes back quickly, so I can turn quotes into
orders for placement just after the start of the new fiscal
(budget) year after July 1st. Because of technology, this
is all faster and easier than when paper and fax
machines prevailed.
Even though we buy wholesale, prices for the same bulb
can vary considerably among vendors, and each one has a
different model for shipping charges. To get the most out
of the specific funds I have, I attempt to choose the lowest
price for each item while spreading the orders among our
loyal vendors. Again, time is of the essence because sales
agents want to place their huge nationwide orders with
Holland in early summer. The later we are, the harder it is
for them to find what we want.
The Bulb Story…
Brookside Gardens Xperience • Fall/Winter 2014–2015 3
The Goods in Hand
Bulb shipments arrive quite predictably sometime
within the first 10 days of October, just in time for cooler
weather. Gardeners wait until the first frost, or the last
days of October, to begin pulling out summer annuals and
preparing the display beds for bulbs. Debris is removed and
the soil ‘fluffed” with a rototiller to make
planting easier. We wait until the soil
temperature drops below 60° F to help
prevent disease.
To ensure an orderly uniform tulip
display, a special rake is drawn across
bed surfaces to make lines that are 6
inches apart; bulbs are placed at 6-inch
intervals on these lines resulting in a
6” x 6” grid. (Masses of tulips somehow
look best when regimented!) Then
obviously, they are planted, using group
staff and volunteer labor and trowels.
Planters kneel on pieces of plywood
(“planting boards”) to avoid compacting
and rutting the smooth soil. Leaf mulch
is applied soon after for a finished look and to suppress
winter and early spring weeds. The goal is to get the last
bulb in before the ground freezes; after that planting
becomes a real chore.
Then we wait.
The bulbs aren’t resting; however, they get busy growing
roots, which continues as long as the soil isn’t frozen. This
allows them to take up water and sprout quickly as soon
as the sun begins to warm the soil in late winter. Peak
bloom for tulips ranges from late April into Mother’s Day,
depending on the weather. A long cool spring will draw out
the display over two weeks or more and keep bloom colors
vibrant. In contrast, a few days in the high 80s can end the
show after only three to five days!
The final act in this drama is the
digging out of the finished plants at the
end of the season. We use spading forks
to get all the bulbs and loosen the soil.
Bulbs are piled in our compost area for
volunteers to take home. Because we
must dig them while leaves are green
(to stay on schedule) tulips re-bloom
poorly the following year. The majority
of the bulbs are incorporated into the
composting operation. Gardeners will
have already been working on NEXT
year’s display by then!
And that’s the cycle! Were you
surprised at how many facets there are to this one simple
aspect of the gardens? We think all the year-round effort is
worth it to create one of the Gardens’ signature attractions;
we hope you agree!
—Phil Normandy
Plant Collections Manager
Fun factoids:
n We spend about $10,000 per year on
outdoor bulb displays (funded entirely
by a generous donor in 2013!).
n We pay between 20 and 30 cents
per tulip bulb, about 25% of what
consumers would pay from catalogs
or in garden centers. Hyacinths and
daffodils (Narcissus, you know) are more expensive, crocus and other
small bulbs are considerably cheaper.
n We reuse the long-lived Narcissus and small bulbs in permanent
plantings throughout the gardens. Tulips do not re-bloom reliably
en masse in this climate; we give them away to volunteers or
compost them.
n Some of the bulbs are ordered specifically for long-term landscapes
and don’t serve time in seasonal displays (for example, the dwarf
bulbs under the Japanese maples in Maple Terrace).
4 Brookside Gardens Xperience • Fall/Winter 2014–2015
enovation and renewal are going on all over the
Gardens, including the Conservatory. During the
past three winters, sections of pavement have been
replaced inside the North Conservatory. The result is wider
walkways with a smoother surface, gentler slopes and
more seating areas. This year a noticeable change was
made to the bridge that crosses over the stream (above). It
was raised to reduce the slope of the walkway, and the new
stone pillars and hand rails have been added for safety.
Plans are being made to replace the wooden bridge in the
center of the North Conservatory. The new bridge will not
have an arch, and the pavement at both ends of the bridge
will be re-graded to reduce the slope. These changes will
improve the accessibility of the Conservatory for visitors
with strollers, wheelchairs, walkers and other types of
mobility aides and issues.
A second renovation project was completed in the North
Conservatory this year, with the goal of improving the
environment for the plants. The soil in eight planting
beds was completely removed at the conclusion of the
spring display period in April to eliminate nematodes from
the beds. Nematodes are microscopic worms and are a
plant pest that can be very damaging if present in high
numbers. They burrow into plant roots damaging them and
preventing the plant from taking in water and nutrients,
resulting in stunting and possible death.
The nematodes were probably introduced into the
Conservatory by the very first plants brought in. Over the
years, the soil has been renovated a few times, along with
other types of control measures. But nematodes have a
shell as hard as a fingernail and are very hard to eliminate.
The last complete soil renovation was conducted about ten
years ago, and the population had climbed back to levels
that were damaging the plants and having a negative effect
on the summer display.
With lots of help from volunteers and gardening staff, the
soil was shoveled into wheelbarrows and hauled to a front
end loader, which loaded the soil onto a dump truck. This
operation took ten people four hours to complete. Once
the beds were empty of soil, they were sprayed down with
a pressure washer using 160
F water. Heat is effective at
killing nematodes.
The soil removed from the Conservatory was spread onto
an asphalt pad on the maintenance hill in a thin layer,
where it remained over the summer. Nematodes cannot
live without plant roots. The heat from the sun and the
asphalt will also kill the nematodes and then the soil can
be spread on the ground later.
The replacement soil was mixed at Pope Farm Nursery in
Gaithersburg and is made of mineral soil, compost made
from plant debris from Montgomery County Parks, and a
commercial, soilless planting mix that is primarily made of
composted bark. The replacement soil was brought to the
Conservatory where another crew of volunteers and staff
used a tractor to fill wheelbarrows, which were wheeled
up and into the beds using ramps, ingenuity and lots of
muscle! The re-filling process took nine people four hours
to complete. There was enough soil left over to top off the
beds in the South Conservatory and then the summer
display was planted into the new soil. We think the results
are spectacular!
—Kathy Stevens,
Conservatory Manager
Conservatory News
Brookside Gardens Xperience • Fall/Winter 2014–2015 5
Sassafras Level
$25,000 - $49,999
Friends of Brookside Gardens
Eugene and Julia Horman
Hydrangea Level
$1,000 - $2,499
Anonymous - 1
Emily Monk Davidson
Wisteria Level $500 - $999
Leonard Friedman and Randi
Rudbeckia Level $100 - $499
Beltsville Garden Club
Nelson and Ruth Bortz
Arden Brady
Marney Bruce
Kit Gage
Jennifer Gelman
Megan Guenther
Roma Gumbs
Cathy Lonas
Norma E. Nichols
Francis Schuler
Silver Spring Garden Club
Katherine Tyner
Trillium Level $50 - $99
Anonymous - 1
David and Miriam Achenbach
Jack Baur
Rhoda and James Cutlip
Bill Johnson
Lance Kelson
Carmen Maymi
John and Patricia Miller
Dorie Newman
Joan and Peter Stogis
Nancy and Dick Traubitz
Barbara Waite-Jaques
Tulip Level Up to $49
Rosalie M. Barr
Karen L. Basinger
Peter and JoAnn Gale
Sandy and Howard Greer
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Julie
Flynn and Janice McLean
Steven and Myra Parker
Elizabeth Read
Joan O’Rourke - Gatehouse
Wisteria Level $500 - $999
Amy Rice
Rudbeckia Level $100 - $499
Susan Allen
Phoebe deReynier
Margaret S. Hughes
Alice Pau
Woodley Gardens Garden Club
Katherine Seidel
Environmental Studies School
of the National Capital Area
Garden Clubs
Sally Byrne
Jan Clark
Annie Darlington
Kathryn Grady
Joe Kraut
Janet Koles
Pamela Mason
Stephanie Oberle
Ed Squires
Garden Renovations
Friends of Brookside Gardens
Green Matters 2014
Anne Ambler
Friends of Brookside Gardens
George Washington University
Landscape Design &
Sustainable Landscapes
Park Seed Company, Inc.
Silver Spring Garden Club
Takoma Horticultural Club
University of Maryland Home
& Garden Information
Seasonal Garden Staff
Friends of Brookside Gardens
In Memory of Louise Cohen
Bella Binstock
Beth and Steve Jacober and
Roseanne and Donald Levine
and Family
Bette Steckler
In Honor of Mary Lee
Helmsen’s Birthday
Katherine Seidel
In Memory of Nicole Keffer
Kathleen Antonaccio
In Memory of Harriet Levy
Joyce E. Baxter
Friends of the Witkin/Levy
In Memory of Jeannie and
Danny Novak
Ingrid D. Barnes
In Honor of John and
Toni Reutemann
Ralph and Mary Helmsen
In Honor of Donna Thomas
Lesley Robinson
In Honor of Katherine Seidel
The Tiernan Family
In Honor of Mary Seidel’s
Katherine Seidel
In Memory of Elizabeth B.
Elizabeth Bruening
Mark D. Douglas
Elizabeth Hess
Thomas and Kathy McPherson
Elizabeth Mollica
Kurt and Tanya Volkmer
Newspaper Guild
In Memory of Walter Burkhart
Dympna I. Burkhart
In Honor of Sylvia and
Coleman Raphael
Hollis R. Weisman
In Honor of Women with HIV/
The African American Health
In Memory of Jean Hutchinson
Aaron Lloyd
Barbara Waite-Jaques
In Memory of Nina Linda
Carole & Alan Kuritzky
Richard Borgess
In Memory of Frank and
Patricia Cliffe
Martha Mervis
In Memory of Edith Meyers
Pamela and Howard Gorin
In Honor of E. A. Rosenberger,
Monte Rosenberger
In Memory of Joyce A. M.
William M. Kline
Dr. Donna T. & Jerel D.
In Memory of Jeffrey L.
Cathleen L. Civiello
Bernice L. Goldstein
James and Patricia Hancock
Barbara and Mario Lazaga
Michael A. Marti
Yehuda and Anne Neuberger
Karen Purvis
Carissa Vasiliades
In Memory of Lois
David and Barbara
Mark Mattucci
In Memory of Sydney Furash
Judy Furash and Mark Mattucci
Minna Spicehandler
The Montgomery Parks Foundation would like to thank all the generous donors to Brookside Gardens
from December 15, 2013 to June 1, 2014. Your gifts have been invaluable in providing resources,
programming and additional support to the Gardens. To learn more about making a donation to
support Brookside Gardens, please visit MontgomeryParksFoundation.org/donate-now/.
Thank You, Donors!
6 Brookside Gardens Xperience • Fall/Winter 2014–2015
& Events
ook for our special “FOBG” program pricing on many of
our adult classes for members of the Friends of Brookside
Gardens, a nonprofit organization established to support the
mission of the Gardens. For information about joining the
Friends of Brookside Gardens, visit www.brooksidegardens.
org or call 301-962-1400 to request a brochure or see page 16.
Brookside Gardens offers a variety of programs
and events focused on sustainable horticulture
throughout the year. Look for our “Green Thumbs
Up” logo to find programs with a focus on making
our gardens “greener.”
As a special note for class participants during
our construction: please allow ample time for parking
prior to the class start time. Visit our website for alternate
parking locations.
Summer Display
Saturday, April 26 –
Sunday, September 21
Saturday, October 11 –
Sunday, November 16
Winter Cheer
Saturday, December 6,
2014 – Sunday, January
11, 2015
Spring Display
Saturday, January 24 –
Sunday, April 12
Conservatory Displays
Green Matters 2015:
Protecting our Pollinators
Visit BrooksideGreen.org after
November 1 for more information.
Register early at www.ParkPASS.org
Course # 297058
Friday, February 27,
Fee: $89 before January 16;
$99 after January 16
Registration required
Visitors Center Auditorium
Due to construction, Garden of Lights has been cancelled for the winter of 2014–2015.
Brookside Gardens Xperience • Fall/Winter 2014–2015 7
Register online at www.ParkPASS.org Special Events PROGRAM GUIDE Garden Walks, Talks and Demos
Plant Shows & Sales
Fall Plant Sale
Sponsored by the Friends
of Brookside Gardens
Saturday, September 13,
Brookside Gardens Hoop House
(located on the maintenance hill)
Holiday Greens Sale
Sponsored by the Friends
of Brookside Gardens
Saturday, December 6
Brookside Gardens Conservatory
Garden Tours
Free Garden Tours
Enjoy free tours of Brookside Gardens
in Wheaton or McCrillis Gardens in
Bethesda. Brookside Gardens is an
award-winning display garden, featuring
an abundance of annual and perennial
displays throughout the season. McCrillis
Gardens is a naturalistic strolling garden,
offering shady woodland walks and
splashes of color in spring. Highly trained,
knowledgeable guides offer engaging
horticultural tours, focusing on the plants
that make each garden unique.
Brookside Gardens Saturday
Afternoon Walks
Free; registration required
Meet at the Conservatory Entrance
Course # 297049
September 27, 2:00-3:00pm
Course # 297050
October 25, 2:00-3:00pm
McCrillis Gardens Sunday
Afternoon Walks
Free; registration required
Meet at McCrillis House in Bethesda at
6910 Greentree Rd.
Course # 297053
September 21, 2:00-3:00pm
Course # 297054
October 12, 2:00-3:00pm
Private Group Horticultural Tours
Clubs and other organizations desiring
private horticultural tours may be
accommodated throughout the year.
For information and to schedule a
date, call 301-962-1407. The fee is $5
per participant, minimum $25. Fees
contribute to the gardens.
Garden Walks, Talks
and Demos
Gain an insider’s knowledge on the
seasonal happenings at Brookside Gardens
and learn more about the many areas of
horticulture. Our staff will offer you a
depth of knowledge that you won’t get
anywhere else! Dress for the weather and
wear comfortable shoes.
The New Gude Garden-Part II
Phil Normandy, Brookside Gardens Staff
Take a tour with our Plant Collections
Manager and learn the latest news
about the Gude Garden construction
project. See what has been
accomplished and what unique and
interesting plants have been added.
Course # 296699
Wednesday, September 17,
Fee: $6 FOBG: $5; registration required
Conservatory Entrance
Art Xhibits
August 9 – September 21
Baltimore Watercolor Society –
Watercolor Paintings
September 22 – November 2
Rockville Art League
Mixed Media
November 3 – December 14
Debra Halprin — Mixed Media Paintings
The Montgomery Art Association —
Mixed Media Paintings on Canvas
and Paper
December 15, 2014 – February 8, 2015
Coriolana Simon — Photography
MCPAA (Plein Air Artists) — Watercolor,
Acrylic, Oil Paintings, and Pastel
February 9 – March 23
Linda DeCamp, — Oils
Vicky Surles, Cathy Hirsh, Elizabeth
Stecher — Watercolors
Sang Gug D — Photography
Four Seasons of Deer-Resistant Bulbs
Lisa Tayerle, Brookside Gardens Staff
Tired of squirrels and deer eating your
tulips and other bulbs? Never fear
– you can go beyond daffodils! This
PowerPoint presentation will explore
the huge range of pest-resistant bulbs
that thrive in our region. For all seasons
and conditions, from sun into shade,
there are beautiful and hardy perennial
bulbs that will persist in your garden for
many years.
Course # 296700
Friday, September 19, 10-11:30am
Fee: $6; FOBG $5; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Butterfly Gardening in a
Golden Season
Kathy Stevens, Brookside Gardens Staff
Take a stroll in the last
golden sunshine before
winter to focus on the
plants that flower in fall as
nectar or pollen sources for butterflies.
Discuss methods these insect beauties
use to survive the long winter. Kathy,
our Conservatory Manager, will also
point out fall gardening practices that
may help support butterflies and other
insects, and some to avoid.
Course # 296701
Friday, October 17, 1:00-2:30pm
Fee: $6; FOBG $5; registration required
Meet at Conservatory entrance
Fall Color Exploration
Christopher Elenstar,
Brookside Gardens Staff
Join Brookside Gardens’
newest staff horticulturist
for a garden walk to explore
lesser-known plants with
good fall color. Christopher will focus
on the autumn interest of native trees,
shrubs and perennials such as black
gum, smoketree, sumac, fothergilla,
chokeberry, blue star and more.
Course # 296702
Friday, October 24, 1:00-2:30pm
Fee: $6; FOBG $5
Registration required
Meet at Conservatory entrance
Plant Whims and Oddities
Diane Lewis, Brookside Gardens Staff
Mankind has always been fascinated
by unusual traits of plants, and fall is
the season of weird witches’ brooms,
parasitics, insectivores, and other plant
mischief. This talk will feature both
familiar and unusual plants from a
different aspect; instead of focusing on
the plants’ horticultural requirements
or landscape use, we’ll explore their
oddities with our own curiosity.
Course # 296703
Friday, October 31, 10:00-11:30am
Fee: $6; FOBG $5; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Horticultural Workshops
Mixed Winter Container
Joan O’Rourke, Friends of Brookside Gardens
Create a container garden with plants
that can withstand winter’s harshest
weather. Mix dwarf evergreens with
a splash of herbaceous plants for
some late season color. Cost covers all
materials, including a 14-inch container
(or bring your own favorite container).
Course # 293167
Tuesday, October 28, 10:00-11:30am
Course # 293168
Wednesday, October 29, 10:00-11:30am
Fee: $75, FOBG: $68;
Registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Holiday Air Plant Terrarium
Laura Vogel, Brookside Gardens Staff
Tillandsias are quite the popular
houseplant these days, especially
since they require no soil! Learn more
about their tropical origin, and other
houseplants, while putting together
a tillandsia holiday hanging glass
terrarium creation to take home. Price
includes one glass terrarium and plants.
8 Brookside Gardens Xperience • Fall/Winter 2014–2015
Horticultural Workshops www.BrooksideGardens.org
Brookside Gardens Xperience • Fall/Winter 2014–2015 9
Register online at www.ParkPASS.org Horticultural Workshops
Additional supplies may be purchased
through the Marylandica Gift Shop.
Course # 296399
Thursday, December 11, 1:00-2:30pm
Fee: $30, FOBG: $27;
Registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Holiday Centerpiece
Joan O’Rourke, Friends of Brookside Gardens
Join us to make long-lasting, festive
centerpieces using fresh greens
surrounding a candle and adorned
with seasonal decorations - make
one for yourself and one for a friend.
Fee includes all materials for two
Course # 296400
Tuesday, December 16,
Course # 296401
Wednesday, December 17,
Fee: $49, FOBG: $44;
Registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Fairy Gardens
Joan O’Rourke, Friends of Brookside Gardens
With their miniature plants, tiny
accessories and miniscule maintenance
needs, fairy gardens are becoming
increasingly popular. Create a one-of-
a-kind indoor container to take home.
Additional accessories will be available
for purchase through Marylandica Gift
Course # 296449
Tuesday January 13, 10:00-11:30am
Course # 296450
Wednesday, January 14, 10:00-11:30am
Fee: $49, FOBG: $44;
Registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Terrarium Workshop
Joan O’Rourke, Friends of Brookside Gardens
Joan has collected terrarium plants
for years. Learn to combine different
foliage colors and textures to build a
low maintenance terrarium using some
of her favorite miniature plants.
Course # 296499
Tuesday, February 10, 10:00-11:30am
Course # 296500
Wednesday, February 11, 10:00-11:30am
Fee: $49, FOBG: $44;
Registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Everything you ever wanted to
know about pruning, (but were
afraid to ask!)
Jim DeRamus & Stacy Parsons,
Brookside Gardens Staff
Our staff experts will
discuss why you should
prune, how and when
to prune, and how to
determine your pruning objectives
based on structural corrections that
can be achieved. Discover how plants
respond to pruning and basically how to
get a shrub or tree to do what you want
it to – in a way that is healthy for the
plant (within reason of course!).
Course # 296549
Thursday, February 19, 10:00-11:30am
Fee: $18, FOBG: $15;
Registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Yoga in the Garden
Elizabeth Chabra
Yoga in the Japanese Tea House at
Brookside Gardens is back! Liz brings
joy and laughter, myths, stories
and music (divine chanting) in her
classroom. Blending subtle and deep
movement with breath, imagery, and
poetry, she guides students to progress
with safety and healthy alignment.
After class you will feel invigorated,
inspired, stronger, and more
comfortable in your body and more
at ease in your life. Wear comfortable
clothes such as t-shirts, shorts, tights,
or leggings. Bare feet are essential. Bring
a sticky yoga mat and a yoga blanket.
Contact the instructor in advance of
first class with any questions or to
purchase materials:
Wednesdays, September 24 and October
1, 8, 15, 22, 29
Fee: $84; Register through the
Montgomery County Recreation
Department for course #389656. Call
240-777-6840 for more information.
Gude Garden Tea House
10 Brookside Gardens Xperience • Fall/Winter 2014–2015
Cooking Demonstrations www.BrooksideGardens.org
Adrienne Cook, Garden and
Cooking Writer
Danielle Cook, Holistic Nutritionist
and Cooking Instructor
Join Brookside Gardens for this
delectable series of cooking classes,
focusing on healthful recipes with
seasonal and local fruits, vegetables,
and herbs you can grow. Enjoy
samples of the dishes, prepared
before you, using easy-to-follow
recipes that you can try at home.
Apples and Pears
These quintessential fruits of
autumn will be the focus of this
cooking class. Recipes will include
ways to use these fruits in both
savory and sweet dishes.
Course # 295399
Wednesday, September 10,
Fee: $35 FOBG: $30;
Registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Fall Market Cooking
The fall farmer’s market is a wonder
of abundance with late summer’s
beans, tomatoes, and peppers
and the first appearance of winter
squash, broccoli and late peas.
This class will incorporate many of
these seasonal vegetables and even
some fruits.
Course # 295400
Wednesday, October 22, 12:00-1:30pm
Fee: $35 FOBG: $30;
Registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Winter Greens
Hardy greens are delicious comfort
foods and one of the main ways we
get green nutrients in the dead of
winter. Join us for a class that will
feature kale, collards, mustard greens,
chard and turnip greens in soups,
sides, salads and even main courses.
Course # 295401
Wednesday, November 12,
Fee: $35 FOBG: $30;
Registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Holiday Buffet
Great ideas for the holiday buffet –
from the start of the meal to the end.
Also tips on how to stage the buffet
table, how to keep things hot and
what to avoid.
Course # 295402
Wednesday, December 10,
Fee: $35 FOBG: $30;
Registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Winter Salads
Salads aren’t just for summer – this
class will introduce you to new ways
to use raw fruits and vegetables to
boost your diet and add flavor and
texture to a sometimes bland season.
Course # 295403
Wednesday, January 21, 12:00-1:30pm
Fee: $35 FOBG: $30;
Registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Hearty Casseroles
Whether you’re eating in or bringing
a dish to a friend or neighbor’s for
dinner, this class is sure to spark
fabulous new ideas for memorable
one-dish meals and sides with an
Course # 295404
Wednesday, February 18,
Fee: $35 FOBG: $30;
Registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Cooking Demonstrations
Register online at www.ParkPASS.org Xcursions
The mid-Atlantic region has a rich horticultural tradition;
come discover it with Brookside! Visit gardens public and
private, go behind-the-scenes at nurseries, and explore the
unique plants and landscaping of our region. From short,
local trips to full day, out-of-state adventures, there is an
Xcursion just for you. Make sure to wear walking shoes
and dress for the weather.
A du Pont Family Holiday
Celebrate the holidays by visiting two time-honored du Pont family
estates. A rich family horticultural tradition (and nearly unlimited
resources!) led to the development of several grand du Pont estates
in the Brandywine Valley. Nemours Mansion & Gardens, the former
home of A.I. du Pont, recently reopened after years of gardens
and mansion restoration. Longwood Gardens, a world-renowned
horticultural display garden, celebrates the holidays like none other.
Enjoy the festive holiday displays at
Nemours, followed by a lovely dinner
and evening light display at Longwood
Gardens. Fee includes admission, tours,
dinner and coach transportation.
Course # 296099
Wednesday, December 3, 9:00am-9:30pm
Fee: $145; registration deadline
November 17
Meet at Wheaton Regional Park, 11715
Orebaugh Avenue, Wheaton, MD 20902
Champion Tree Tour
Join Joe Howard of the Montgomery County Forestry
Board and Montgomery Parks Forest Ecologist Carole
Bergmann for this popular annual tour. This year’s
featured trees are located around Silver Spring, the area
of the county most densely populated with champion
trees. We’ll visit former national champion silverbell
and blackhaw, a willow oak 18’ in circumference, an
even bigger red oak, and a mammoth sassafras, just to
name a few! Fee includes transportation and drinks.
Please wear walking shoes, bring a lunch and water.
Course # 296049
Tuesday, October 21, 9:30am-4:00pm
Fee: $45; registration required
Meet at Wheaton Regional Park, 11715 Orebaugh
Avenue, Wheaton, MD 20902
Holly Garden Hopping
Enjoy a van trip to nearby Patuxent Valley Nursery,
where Landscape Architect, Dan Turner has
utilized his home grounds to display rare and
uncommon hollies, plus other woody species. See
mature specimens tucked within an Asian inspired
garden setting. (Holly sales are arranged by later
appointment only.) Bring a bag lunch for a picnic
in Anne Brooks’ nearby “Hollywalk Garden.” This
lovely woodland garden features mature hollies
and five Montgomery County champion trees. Wear
walking shoes and dress for the weather.
Course # 296649
Wednesday, October 8, 9:30am-3:00pm
Fee: $45; registration required
Meet at Wheaton Regional Park, 11715 Orebaugh
Avenue, Wheaton, MD 20902
Lewes and Garden Lights at Red Mill Pond
This all-day, pre-
holiday trip takes us to
Lewes, Delaware, for a
walking-tour around
the historic houses
and charming gardens
of Ship’s Carpenter
Square, followed by
lunch at nearby Irish
Eyes Restaurant. Next is
a visit to popular Pepper’s Nursery to shop the large selection
of tropical and fall plants. As a final treat, we visit artist and
original designer of Brookside Gardens’ “Garden of Lights,”
Michael Zajic and his wife Buffy at Red Mill Pond. We’ll view this
delightful private garden at twilight, a bit before dark when the
winter lights present their charm. Fee includes restaurant lunch,
evening snack, and transportation.
Course # 296599
Wednesday, November 19, 9:00am-9:00pm
Fee: $85; registration required
Meet at Wheaton Regional Park, 11715 Orebaugh Avenue,
Wheaton, MD 20902
Philadelphia Flower Show
A perennial favorite, the Philadelphia International Flower Show is
always a crowd-pleaser. Bring along some popcorn or imagine you are
walking the red carpet as the 2015 Hollywood-movie themed flower
show brings to life the magic of the movies! Be inspired as you explore
acres of great gardens and learn from the world’s most celebrated
growers and florists. Fee includes coach transportation and entrance
fee. Your lunch/dinner may be purchased at the show.
Course # 296149
Tuesday, March 3, 7:00am-7:00pm
Course # 296150
Thursday, March 5, 10:30am-10:30pm
Fee: $89; registration required
Meeting location to be determined
Brookside Gardens School of Botanical Art & Illustration www.BrooksideGardens.org
12 Brookside Gardens Xperience • Fall/Winter 2014–2015
Brookside Gardens School of Botanical Art & Illustration Margaret Saul, BGSBAI Director
The pleasurable pursuit of drawing plants
from field, woods or garden opens your
eyes to see the true beauty in nature. Even
a pesky weed can charm when viewed up
close and drawn in detail. Enter the world
of the botanical artist!
Classes at varied levels are scheduled
in a logical sequence of instruction
throughout the year. Workshops
offer opportunities to expand your
experience. If you have completed the
42-hour introductory botanical drawing
course consider the introductory
botanical painting classes, Painting
Basics-P1 and Botanical Painting-P2.
Class details and registration:
Materials for September–February
Core Curriculum
Take the Core Curriculum in sequence
from Drawing Basics through Art in
Watercolor. The classes listed below
are open to anyone who has taken the
prerequisites listed for each course or
with equivalent experience.
• Botanical Painting completes the
school’s introductory core instruction
in botanical art
• Total class time for each core subjects
is 14 hours.
• Several weeks between Painting
Basics and Botanical Painting –allows
time for potential snow days and also
to complete the project for Painting
Basics before continuing on to
Botanical Painting.
• Homework tasks and practice: allow a
minimum of five hours per week.

Introductory level drawing classes
Drawing Basics- D1
Harriet Weiner
Core instruction introduces drawing
techniques and tips vital for successful
observational drawing. Learn to
observe and draw accurately through
a developing awareness of Line, Shape,
Space (2-D & 3-D) and Relationship.
Composition and perspective drawing
are introduced. A final study is
completed in well defined, pencil line,
with no shading at this stage and
includes natural and manmade objects,
some requiring use of a vanishing point.
Practice at home is essential.
Course #296749
Tuesdays, September 23, 30, October 7,
14, 10:00am-1:30pm
Fee: $245; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Botanical Drawing – D2
Joan Ducore
Core instruction continues from D1
with exercises and demonstrations
that focus on observation and how to
produce accurate drawings of plant
subject matter. Zoom in on fascinating
plant structures hidden from the view
of the casual observer and complete
a study piece featuring a freshly cut
leafy sprig completed in clearly defined
pencil (line only). Practice at home
is essential. Prerequisite: Drawing
Basics-D1 or equivalent.
Course #296750
Thursdays, October 23, 30, November 6,
13, 10:00am-1:30pm
Fee: $ 245; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Value Study – D3
Diane Berndt
Learn how to apply
values to develop a
wonderful sense of
a third dimension
on the flat drawing
page. See your
drawings come to
life through careful
observation and
rendering of light &
shade and through tonal composition,
the latter is novel instruction designed
for the school’s core curriculum,
so students learn how they can set
the tone (expression) of a botanical
through the manipulation of values.
Prerequisite: Botanical Drawing – D2
Course #296751
Saturdays, December 6, January 10,
Fee: $245; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom




Introductory level painting classes
Painting Basics – P1
Susannah Figura
Develop brush handling skills and
watercolor techniques. Color study to
include limited palette exercise sheets
to hone color observation and enable
correct selection of three pigments to
see the entire range of colors found in
a specific plant – magical! Consider
design principles and apply botanical
watercolor techniques in a final study
of a fun arrangement of plant elements.
Prerequisites: Drawing Basics- D1 to
Value Study – D3.
Course #296752
Thursdays, January 8, 15, 22, 29,
Fee: $245; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Botanical Painting – P2
Susannah Figura
Build onto brushing skills and color
mixing learned in P1 to complete a
small, botanical painting of a (potted)
plant specified by the teacher at Class
1. Picture composition is also covered.
Practice based on all the instruction
undertaken from D1 onwards provides
opportunity to have your botanical
painting selected for the annual
juried exhibition Botanica, thereby
gaining a BGSBAI Achievement Award.
Prerequisite: Painting Basics – P1.
Course #296753
Thursdays March 5, 12, 19, 26,
Fee: $245; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Advanced level drawing & painting
Observe & Compose- A1
Joan Ducore
First in the sequence of advanced core
subjects with a focus on observational
studies of a single plant subject
through accurate drawing, producing
suitable color keys and developing
the final line drawing into an effective
composition. The plant to be studied
will ideally also be the most suitable
for Art In Graphite – A2 and for
producing full color finished
art at Art In Watercolor –
A3. Prerequisites: Botanical
Painting – P2; Botany for
Artists – B1 or equivalent
knowledge and ability.
Course #296754
Thursdays, September 11, 18,
October 2, 9, 10:00am-1:30pm
Fee: $245; registration
Visitors Center Adult
Art in Graphite– A2
Diane Berndt
Produce an art piece of a
subject studied at Observe & Compose
– A1. Learn to creatively manipulate
values to produce finely detailed,
botanically accurate art suitable for
exhibition. This art piece also becomes
a vital reference for a watercolor you
will create in the next class: Art in
Watercolor - A3. Prerequisites: Observe
& Compose – A1; Botanical Painting –
P2; Botany for Artists – B1 or equivalent
knowledge and ability.
Course #296799
Saturdays, January 24, February 14,
9:00am- 4:30pm
Fee: $245; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Art in Watercolor – A3
Joan Ducore
Produce botanical art in watercolor
of a subject studied at Art in Graphite
– A2. Paint three useful color wheels
according to the school’s approach to
color mixing; learn detailing techniques
for painting and refer to the school’s
invaluable handout on how — and
when — to finish a botanical painting.
Prerequisites: Botanical Painting – P2;
Botany for Artists – B1; Observe &
Compose – A1; Art In Graphite – A2;
Botany for Artists – B1 or equivalent
knowledge and ability.
Course #296755
Tuesdays, February 24, March 10, 24,
April 7, 10:00am-1:30pm
Fee: $245; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Workshops & Short
Sketching in the Garden
Tina Thieme Brown
Relax in the garden with a journal and a
few art supplies. Hone your skills while
you soak up the beauty of early autumn.
Tina will help you create a sketch book
page that captures the natural rhythms
at Brookside Gardens.
Course #296849
Tuesday, September 16, 10:00am-1:30pm
Fee: $65; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Pointed Pen:
Copperplate Writing Review
Marta Legeckis
This one-day workshop is geared
for those who have had at least an
introductory class in pointed pen.
Through a series of exercises we will be
reviewing and concentrating on all basic
strokes. Special attention will be paid to
beginning and ending of strokes, letter
shapes, slanting and word spacing.
Participants will get the feel of getting
into a rhythm as you write, which leads
to greater consistency and enjoyment of
the art of writing.
Course #296757
Saturday, September 20,
Fee: $105; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Brookside Gardens Xperience • Fall/Winter 2014–2015 13
Brookside Gardens School of Botanical Art & Illustration
14 Brookside Gardens Xperience • Fall/Winter 2014–2015
Adult Programs by Start Date www.BrooksideGardens.org
Colored Pencil - Introduction
Merri Nelson
This versatile medium is fast and
portable for field sketching yet
capable of fine, subtle detail and bold,
rich color for finished art. Learn basic
techniques to create a range of
colors and textures for working
drawings of small botanical subjects.
Experiment with different brands of
colored pencils on a variety of white
and toned papers. Prerequisite: Value
Study – D3 or some experience with
reasonably detailed drawing and
Course #297099
Sundays, November 2, 9
Fee: $210; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Calligraphy for Botanicals:
Pointed Pen
Marta Legeckis
Add finesse to your botanicals and
nature journals with calligraphy based
on the elegant Copperplate style.
Learn the basics for using various
nibs, the oblique pen holder and
different inks. Practice pen strokes
on pre-lined paper, papers used for
botanicals and others of your choice,
as well as papers provided. Learn
layout and how to place your lettering
in order to enhance your botanical
art. Time permitting, lettering in color
will be discussed and demonstrated.
Class program sheet available with
registration. In addition, a Lettering
Kit at $55 (supplied by the instructor)
is required and must be purchased at
the first class.
Course #296756
Fridays, February 6, 13, 20, March 6,
Fee: $210; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Adult Programs by Start Date
Date Title Fee FOBG Number
10-Sep Apples and Pears $35 $30 295399
11-Sep* Observe and Compose – A1 $245 $245 296754
16-Sep Field Sketching $65 $65 296849
17-Sep New Gude Garden II $6 $5 296699
19-Sep Four Seasons of Deer-Resistant Bulbs $6 $5 296700
20-Sep Pointed Pen: Copperplate Writing Review $105 $105 296757
21-Sep** McCrillis Gardens Sunday Afternoon Walk $0 $0 297053
23-Sep* Drawing Basics – D1 $245 $245 296749
24-Sep*** Yoga in the Garden $84 $84 389656
27-Sep** Brookside Gardens Saturday Afternoon Walk $0 $0 297049
8-Oct Holly Garden Hopping $45 $45 296649
17-Oct Butterfly Gardening in a Golden Season $6 $5 269701
21-Oct Champion Tree Tour $45 $45 296049
22-Oct Fall Market Cooking $35 $30 295400
23-Oct* Botanical Drawing – D2 $245 $245 296750
24-Oct Fall Color Exploration $6 $5 296702
28-Oct** Mixed Winter Container $75 $68 293167
31-Oct Plant Whims and Oddities $6 $5 296703
2-Nov* Colored Pencil – Introduction $210 $210 297099
12-Nov Winter Greens $35 $30 295401
19-Nov Lewes and Garden Lights at Red Mill Pond $85 $85 296599
3-Dec A du Pont Family Holiday $145 $145 296099
6-Dec* Value Study – D3 $245 $245 296751
10-Dec Holiday Buffet $35 $30 295402
11-Dec Holiday Air Plant Terrarium $30 $27 296399
16-Dec** Holiday Centerpiece $49 $44 296400
8-Jan* Painting Basics – P1 $245 $245 296752
13-Jan** Fairy Gardens $49 $44 296449
21-Jan Winter Salads $35 $30 295403
24-Jan* Art in Graphite – A2 $245 $245 296799
6-Feb* Calligraphy for Botanicals: Pointed Pen $210 $210 296756
10-Feb* Terrarium Workshop $49 $44 296499
18-Feb Hearty Casseroles $35 $30 295404
19-Feb Everything you wanted to know about pruning… $18 $15 296549
24-Feb* Art in Watercolor – A3 $245 $245 296755
27-Feb Green Matters Symposium $89 $89 297058
3-Mar** Philadelphia Flower Show $89 $89 296149
5-Mar* Botanical Painting – P2 $245 $245 296753
*Multiple meeting times for this course
**Multiple course times available
***Register through Montgomery County Recreation Department (240-777-6840).
Children’s Discovery Benches
Hands-on activities, games, books
and puzzles fill the Children’s
Discovery Benches located in the
Children’s Classroom. Benches are
available depending on staff and room
Children’s Garden School’s Outside!
Kids love playing in our Children’s
Garden, “School’s Outside!” Experience
learning in fun outdoor classrooms
planted with colorful flowers, “alphabet
plants,” topiaries, and other curiosities
like a miniature library. Each classroom
has a lesson that connects the garden to
the concepts of Math, Science, Reading,
Art and Music. Even Lunch and
Recess are more fun than your average
school day!
Saturday Morning Story Time
Brookside Gardens Volunteers
Participate and listen to nature and
seasonal stories that will encourage
a child’s imagination and creativity.
Each week a different story will be read
followed by a hands-on craft.
Saturdays, October 4 – December 13,
Ages: 3-6
Fee: Free; no registration required
Visitors Center Children’s Classroom
Flower Buds
This once-a-month series will meet
the second Monday of every month. We
will feature gardening activities, stories,
crafts and garden walks for children
ages 3-5 with a parent. Siblings are
welcome but will not be able to partake
in craft making.
Course # 296252
Monday, January 12, 10:30am-12:00pm
Course # 296253
Monday, February 9, 10:30am-12:00pm
Fee: $5/child (adult free);
Registration required
Visitors Center Children’s Classroom
Brookside Gardens Xperience • Fall/Winter 2014–2015 15
Register online at www.ParkPASS.org Children’s Programs
Brookside Gardens has been certified as a 2014 Maryland Green Center
by The Maryland Association of Environmental and Outdoor Education
(MAEOE). Maryland Green Centers are part of the Maryland Green School
Program, a nationally recognized program begun in 1999 to promote
environmental literacy, sustainability and best practices. Brookside Gardens’
certification was earned through a holistic, integrated approach to incorporating
environmental education and practices with community stewardship. We promote
and support Maryland Green School Program and can assist in your green school
application process by offering student programs and professional development for
teachers. We will help you identify how your field trip to the Gardens helps to fulfill
a requirement of the Maryland Green School Application. Contact Ellen Hartranft,
301-962-1421, for more information.
Attention Teachers:
16 Brookside Gardens Xperience • Fall/Winter 2014–2015
Friends of Brookside Gardens (FOBG) was established to support the
mission of the Brookside Gardens. This includes maintaining of programs
to reveal the year-round wonders and beauty of nature and also educating
the public on how the proper care of plants can preserve the environment.
How does FOBG Membership
Support Brookside Gardens?
FOBG provides the primary non-public
financial support for Brookside Gardens.
FOBG dues are used exclusively to
support Brookside Gardens’ programs
and plantings. Only a negligible
percentage of dues goes towards
administrative costs.
Examples of FOBG Supported
• Plantings throughout the Gardens
• Donations for Brookside Gardens
Master Plan
• Children’s Day Program
• Green Matters Symposium
• Concert Series
• Lecture Series
Discount for you at Brookside
• Special FOBG discounted fees for
many Brookside programs
• 10% discount on non-sale items at
the Marylandica Shops at Brookside
• 10% discount at FOBG’s Fall Plant Sale
Discounts and special offers at
many Garden-related businesses:
Subject to change without notice. Be sure to
show your card before purchase.
• Behnke Nurseries
• Good Earth Garden Market
• Johnson’s Florist & Garden Center
• River Hill Garden Center
• Stadler Nurseries
• Sun’s Garden & Landscaping
• Surreybrooke
• Susanna Farm Nursery
• Wild Bird Centers
• Washington Gardener Magazine
• Bloomin’ Buck$ with Brent and
Becky’s Bulbs
Additional Benefits:
• Early Admission to Fall Plant Sale
• The BROOKSIDER - newsletter
• Members-only Functions
• Notice of programs at Brookside
Gardens, some with discounts for
FOBG members
For more information or to hear about volunteer opportunities, contact the Friends:
friendsofbrooksidegardens-fobg.org • 301-962-1435 • friendsofbrooksidegardens@yahoo.com
Membership Benefits
This is a gift membership from:
Membership dues and cancellations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
FOBG is a 501 (C)(3) not-for-profit group organized exclusively for charitable and
educational purposes. We do not share our membership list or any donor information
with other groups. All memberships are renewable annually in October.
Membership Fees:
Individual: $30
Family: $45
Garden Club: $45
Contributor: $50
Sponsor: $100
Patron: $250
Benefactor: $500
___Cash ___Visa ___Mastercard
Check #_____________ (payable to FOBG)
Attn: Friends of Brookside Gardens
1800 Glenallan Avenue
Wheaton, MD 20902-1369
Join the Friends Today!
Registration www.BrooksideGardens.org
Brookside Gardens Xperience • Fall/Winter 2014–2015 17
Important Registration Information
1. You must open a ParkPASS account in
order to register for any program.
2. We regret that it is not possible to
include babies or children in classes
designed for adults, unless specified.
3. All programs will run rain or shine,
unless a rain date is listed; for cancel-
lation information call 301-962-1470.
4. FOBG members should enter the dis-
counted FOBG rate in the Fee column.
For information about joining FOBG,
call 301-962-1435 or check
5. Confirmation of your registration will
be made by mail or email. If an event
is filled to capacity, your check will be
returned and your name placed on a
waiting list. You will be contacted by
phone if an opening occurs.
6. Deadline for registration is 7 days
prior to event date, unless otherwise
stated. Participants will be enrolled in
the order received.
7. Unless otherwise indicated by the
participant or a parent/guardian in
writing at the time of registration,
photographs of participants for use
in Commission publications may be
taken while participating in program
Refund Policy: If a program is cancelled
you will be notified and receive a full
refund. If you choose to cancel your reg-
istration from an event you must notify
the Registrar at least five business days
prior to the start of the class. A credit
voucher will be issued less a 20% admin-
istrative fee. The voucher will be valid for
one year from the date of issue. Use your
credit voucher for another event of your
choice. Credit for trips and workshops
will be granted only if a replacement is
available from the waiting list. A thirty-
five dollar ($35.00) fee will be charged for
all returned checks.
To register by mail, or in person:
Complete the registration form and mail with payment (or drop off registration form
and payment) to:
BROOKSIDE GARDENS, Attn. Registrar, 1800 Glenallan Avenue, Wheaton, MD 20902
Make checks payable to M-NCPPC
To Register Online: www.ParkPASS.org
Already have a ParkPASS account?
To register, just fill in the first three boxes.
Need to register a child? Fill in these three boxes.
Middle Initial (JR, SR, II, III) Birth Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Gender: M/F
Street Address
City, State, Zip Code
Primary Phone Secondary Phone
Need to open a ParkPASS account? Please fill in all the boxes.
For information on M-NCPPC’s Fee Reduction Program for Montgomery County
residents, call 301-495-2530. Applications are available at Brookside Gardens
Visitors Center Information Desk.
The Department of Park and Planning encourages and supports the involvement and
participation of individuals with disabilities in all programs/services. Register a minimum
of two weeks in advance of the program start date and call 301-962-1451 to request a
disability accommodation.
For registration information, call 301-962-1451.
Fill out a separate form for each participant. Friends of Brookside Gardens members enter the FOBG rate for each course.
Registration opens August 14 for Montgomery and Prince George’s County residents, August 15 for all others.
Course No. Date Name of Program Fee
999999 3/1 Sample Program Title 0.00
*Last Name *First Name *Barcode
*Last Name *First Name *Date of birth
Due to new PCI Compliance Standards, we can no longer accept credit card payments by
mail. To pay with a credit card, please register online at www.ParkPASS.org or by phone at
301-962-1451 between the hours of 9:00am-12:00pm Monday through Friday. We apologize
for this inconvenience.
1800 Glenallan Avenue
Wheaton, MD 20902
Course Number 297058
Fee: $89 before Jan. 16
$99 after Jan. 16
Garden of Lights show cancelled due to construction



Green Matters 2015: Protecting Our Pollinators
Friday, February 27, 8:30am–4:00pm

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