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September 28, 2009

Assignment no. 2

By: M. Zubair Nasir

I.D: 07U0680
Sec: N
Instructor: Irtifa Nasir

September 28, 2009

Facets model shows the effectiveness of ads that means the how the market gets attracted and
makes general opinion about them. It consists of six components that are Perception, Cognitive,
affective and Emotions, Association, Persuasion and Behavior.


The processes by which we receive information through our 5 sense (sensation) & assign
meaning to it i.e. exposure, selection and attention, interest and relevance, awareness and

Example (Appendix: Image no. 4)

This Warid’s ZEM add is one of the best examples to explain the concept of perception. This ad
was given on Cavalry Bridge here in Lahore which comes in my way to home from LSE. I was
charged highly by Jazz connection and wanted to switch it. Previously I heard about Warid’s
Zem but never seen anything of that sort. I was influenced by this ad because of Ahmed butt in it
doing a wonderful job of marketing of this brand by making all depth analysis. Zem have many
packages like midnight and lowest call rates and happy hour. Thus I went for Zem in no time to
get lowest call rates.

September 28, 2009

This means how consumers respond to information, learn & understand something. Thus it
facilitates in learning various features of a brand.

Example (Appendix: Image no. 1)

This ad makes the concept of cognition looks simpler as it tells the features of luxurious Liana
car in more elaborated manner. It offers a very affordable price of Liana i.e. Rs775,000, with all
luxurious facilities like power windows , power steering, MP3/tuner/cd player, immobilizer
(anti-theft device), central locking/key less entry and also available with factory fitted CNG.
Thus I went for it as it’s the best value for the money.

It means linking a brand with characteristics, qualities & lifestyles that represent its personality.

Example (Appendix: Image no. 3)

The symbol of apple with a bite in it makes brand image attractive. With the invention of apple
iPod nano, there has been increase in downloading music and decrease in music cds. It is an ideal
device which provides not only music but can hold pictures, videos and movies as well. With its
cool design, smooth looks, large screen and high quality headphones has made it brand for itself.
Being a fan of music and entertainment iPod has given everything in the palm of my hands.

September 28, 2009

It means the conscious intent on the part of the source to influence or motivate the receiver of the
message to believe or do something.

Example (Appendix: Image no. 1)

Suzuki Liana shows that it is a luxurious. It points out all its features which seems very eye-
catching with its price as Rs.775, 000. It was rational decision as it is comparatively affordable
than Honda or Toyota. Suzuki may not be a popular for making luxury cars therefore it may
make some buyers think twice. In my opinion it is an exceptional with its affordability and
luxury. In my case I had low involvement in buying this brand thus it motivated me because it
suited all my desires and met my budget.

It Mirrors our feelings about the brand.

Example (Appendix: Image no. 2)

Being a big fan of juices I particularly like minute maid pulpy orange. The pulp adds a very
flavor to it. There are no preservatives in it thus can be drunk without considering twice. More
over, besides its taste it boosts my energy after and during my work out. This juice makes me
feel fresh and healthy without worrying about any added sugar. It makes me feel light and
drowned in oranges as the advertisement shows.

September 28, 2009

A lot of advertising is designed to create action.

Example (Appendix: Image no. 5)

Out of all the in men deodorant the most popular one is undoubtedly the axe deodorant. This is
particularly because of the strong message conveyed through there advertisement. From
teenagers to middle age men use axe and try there their instinct to attract the opposite sex. There
fragrances are very unique and alluring. The message conveyed to the consumer is to make there
products as ‘irresistible and tempting’ as it suggests in the dark temptation advertisement. This
ad has enabled me to react strongly by buying axe leaving all other brands aside.

September 28, 2009

All ads were taken from Google search engine


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September 28, 2009

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September 28, 2009

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