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Those who oppose the Sufis 2- Marifah Forums

Those who oppose the Sufis 2- Marifah Forums

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Those who oppose the Sufis - Marifah Forums


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Those who oppose the Sufis faqir
Dec 8 2007, 02:28 AM

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an interesting passage I came across in 'The Basic Research' by Shaykh Ahmad Ibn `Ajiba

...May Allah have mercy upon al-Busayri who said: The eye refuses to look at the light of the sun because of its sickness The mouth denies the taste of the water because of illness. The Shaykhs of the path say, 'The one who opposes us is like the eunuch who denies the pleasure of intercourse, or the one who has a cold who denies the fragrance of musk or like the one who has a fever and denies the sweetness of sugar, and so on.' The poet said about this, How many a one who defames Layla without seeing her face, Deprivation says to him 'What has passed you is enough for you.'

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Today, 10:41 PM

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The great scholar Imam Abdul al Ghani an-NABLUSI.[d.1143 AH] has written in detail on the same issue [Abd al-Ghani an-Nabulusi, Al-hadiqat an-Nadiyya, v. I, p. 190, Istanbul, 1920.][Translated by late Huseyn Hilmi Isik] The link is below
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Today, 11:30 PM

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Also from the same source [Al-hadiqa, v. II, p. 124. ----Group: Members Posts: 19 Joined: 10-November 07 From: MALABAR.KERALA.INDIA Member No.: 486 Gender: Brother Madhhab: Shafi`i

"Those who have learned a few things in 'ilm az-zahir but know nothing of 'ilm al-batin find 'arifs' words to be unbelief or heresy-causing words when they read books of tasawwuf. They disbelieve the knowledge of marifa which they do not understand. Thus, they disapprove of the great leaders of tasawwuf (rahimahum-Allahu ta'ala) such as Muhyiddin Ibn al-'Arabi [d. Damascus, 638 A.H. (1240)], 'Umar ibn al-Farid [d. Egypt, 636 A.H. (1238)], Ibn Sab'in al-Ishbili [d. Mecca, 669 A.H. (1270)], 'Afif ad-din Sulaiman at-Talamsani [d. Damascus, 690 A.H. (1290)], 'Abd al-Qadir al-Geilani [d. Baghdad, 561 A.H. (1166)], Jalal ad-din Rumi [d. Konya, 672 A.H. (1237)], Sayyid Ahmad al-Badawi, Ahmat at-Tijani [d. Morocco, 1230 A.H. (1815)], 'Abd al-Wahhab ash-Sharani and Sharaf ad-din Muhammad al-Busayri [d. Egypt, 695 A.H. (1295)]. They disbelieve batini sciences, thus, in fact, disbelieve the inner aspects of the religion of

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2/14/2008 11:32 PM

Those who oppose the Sufis - Marifah Forums


Muhammad ('alaihi 's-salam). Such people are called ahl al-bidat or -dalala. Though they look like believers, they are like munafiqs. The hadith ash-Sharif related by al-Imam as-Suyuti and Khatib declares, "Religious knowledge has two parts: one part covers the useful knowledge in the heart. The second is the knowledge of zahir that can be expressed verbally.' Another hadith ash-Sharif, related by as-Suyuti and ad-Dailami, declares, 'The science of batin is one of Allahu ta'ala's mysteries and one of His orders. He gives it to the heart of His servant whom He wills.' Imam Malik said, 'He who possesses 'ilm az-zahir can attain 'ilm al-batin. If a person who has 'ilm az-zahir lives up to his 'ilm, Allahu ta'ala endows him with 'ilm al-batin.' Imam 'Umar al-Bulqini [Siraj ad-din al-Misri, d. 805 A.H. (1402)], who was astonished at the 'arifana (sagacious) statements of 'Ali ibn Muhammad Wafa' [d. Medina, 807 A.H. (1404)], asked him, 'Where did you learn all of these things?' 'Ali ibn Muhammad Wafa' recited the ayat al-karima of Surat al-Baqara, 'Fear Allah! Allahu ta'ala teaches those who fear Him what they do not know,' as an answer. Abu Talib Muhammad al-Makki [d. Baghdad, 386 A.H. (996)] wrote: ' 'Ilm az-zahir and 'ilm al-batin do not separate from each other but stay together like the body and the heart do. 'Ilm al-batin flows from the 'arif's heart to others' hearts. 'Ilm az-zahir is learnt through an alim's words. It reaches the ears but does not go into the heart.' A hadith ash-Sharif declares, 'The 'ulama' are the inheritors of prophets.' These 'ulama' are not those who possess only 'ilm az-zahir but those who live up to their 'ilm, possess taqwa and have attained to all the knowledge bestowed upon prophets. The light (nur) of knowledge does not enter the hearts and brains of those who possess only 'ilm az-zahir, since they have not become khalis in their resolutions and have not been rescued from the claws of shahwa (bodily desires, lust) yet. The fire of Hell will clear their hearts and brains. Al-Imam al-Munawi quoted al-Imam al-Ghazali (rahimahuma'llahu ta'ala): 'The knowledge about the other world is of two kinds. One of them is attained through kashf and is called 'ilm al-mukashafa or 'ilm al-batin. All sciences are only means or vehicles to attain this science. The second kind is called 'ilm-al-mu'amala. According to most 'arifs, there is the danger of dying in unbelief for those who have not got any share of 'ilm al-batin. The smallest share of this science is one's accepting to believe it. It does not fall to the lot of those who are men of bidat or are haughty. And those who have set their hearts on the world and follow the wishes of the nafs cannot attain anything of 'ilm al-batin even if they are very learned. 'Ilm al-batin is a light that occurs to purified hearts. Our Prophet (sall-Allahu 'alaihi wa sallam) declared, "There are those 'ilms that are very secret; only people of marifa know them." This hadith ash-Sharif indicates 'ilm al-batin. 'Ilm az-zahir, which was defined by Imam Malik as a means to attain 'ilm al-batin, was the science that was known and lived up to in his time. It is not what is studied nowadays to earn worldly wealth and fame. The knowledge called 'ilm al-hal, which is necessary for everyone in order to obey Allahu ta'ala's orders and prohibitions, can be learnt easily in a very short time, and 'ilm al-batin may occur by practicing 'ilm al-hal.' HizmetBooks © 1998 The fULL link is http://www.hizmetbooks.org/Advice_for_the_Muslim/wah-35.htm

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