To All Principals/Heads, GSSS / GHS / GMS_______, Distt. Jalandhar, HCL / GCL / AIFT. Memo No.: Co-ordinator/ICT/003/2008/ Date: Subject: Future Instructions regarding ICT Project. I 1. Regarding Loading of Typing Tutor & C Compiler in Schools As per DGSE Memo no: 2/15-ICT-08/CC/41305-324 dt: 18-11-08: It has come to our notice that many schools do not have typing tutor loaded on their computers. Loading of typing tutor is absolutely essential to give lesson to students in typing. All Principal/Head in consultation with HCL/GCL will ensure that school get the typing tutor loaded in the computers and send us the written confirmation. It has been further noted that some of the senior secondary schools which are required to teach “C” Language to 11th and 12th classes, do not have “C” Compiler loaded on their computers. All Principal/Heads in consultation with AIFT will ensure that all senior secondary schools have “C” Compiler loaded and send the written confirmation.



Regarding Specifying Class-wise Standards (Skill Sets) to be achieved in computer Education As per DGSE Memo No: 2/15-ICT-08/CC/41328-347 Dated: 18-11-08 3. All Principal/Head will issue specific instructions to Computer Teacher/Faculty to give added emphasis on typing Lesson and achieving the laid down typing speed as given : Sr No. Class Typing Speed 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. VI VII VIII IX X XI XII 10-15 WPM upto 20 WPM 20-30 WPM 25-30 WPM upto 30 WPM 35 WPM 40 WPM

All concerned Principals/Heads of the schools are required to strictly comply with the above said instructions.

District Education Officer (SE), Jalandhar

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