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Evan Cuddy Music/The Longfellow String Quartet
1179 Washington Avenue
Portland, ME

Contract of Musical Services

This music performance contract is made effective as of ____________________by and
between ________________________(herein reffered to as purchaser) and Evan


Type of event:
Event date:
Event Time:

PERFORMANCE OF SERVICES. Evan, and ensemble, shall arrive at least one half
hour before the starting time to set up and tune. Evan, and ensemble, shall perform music
to suit the right mood of the event and will prepare a substantial collection of musical
pieces based on the desires of the purchaser. Evan, and ensemble, shall perform for the
entirety during the agreed time. They shall also provide their own music, music stands
and stand lights.

PAYMENT. The purchaser will pay compensation to Evan and the string trio for the
musical services in the amount of $150.00 per musician for the ceremony, and $100.00
per musician for every additional hour including reception or cocktail hour. The total fee
shall be in cash check payable to the musicians who are performing. A gas per diem
$00.45 per mile per musician shall be applied to the final fee if the performance(s) occur
out of the greater Portland area (see invoice for total charges.) a $50.00 deposit is
required from the purchaser at the signing of this contract.

CANCELLATION POLICY. A minimum of one weeks notice will be required for
cancellation of this Contract. Any cancellation made with less than 24 hours notice prior
to the agreed upon service date will result in full payment by the purchaser. If Evan
initiates cancellation, the deposit paid to Evan from the purchaser shall be fully refunded.

TERM. The purchaser, Evan and ensemble, agree that this contract shall commence on
the above date and terminate after the performance time has ended.

CONDITIONS. The purchaser agrees to provide chairs for the ensemble to sit. Outdoor
performances are subject to the ensembles discretion according to weather conditions.
The ensemble cannot perform in temperatures below 60 degrees (no exceptions).

RELATIONSHIP OF PARTIES. It is understood by the parties that Evan and
ensemble are independent contractors with respects to the purchaser, and not employees.

By signing this document, both parties agree to that these terms are acceptable.

Evan Michael Cuddy
(Performer Signature) (Date)

(Client Signature) (Date)

(Client Signature) (Date)


Ceremony/Service $150.00(times the
amount of musicians)

Reception/party $400.00(times the
amount of musicians)

Music arrangements $75.00

Travel costs $.45 per mile of travel
(times the amount of

Grand total 1,075.00