Sarah McMahon

CP 3
Chapter 10 project 1

1. J. S. Bach - Motet "Ich lasse dich nicht, du segnest mich denn"
Something “traditional” used to teach students traditional harmonies so that they
can predict harmonies better in later years.

2. Tshotsholoza (Men Only)
Something that breaks the accepted view of a western concert by having students
enter after a caller starts the piece. The students will then have a choreographed
stepping in this song to represent the African tradition. This also teaches students to
keep beat within their bodies while singing

3. Student chosen song
The students will be asked to bring in their favorite pieces/ arrangements of pieces
(within parameters, AKA no bad language, easily singable). The students will then
vote on the song that they want to arrange or learn for the concert.

4. One Minute Madrigal By Donald Moore
This piece is a fun way to get students to understand a madrigal and what they are
comprised of through fun English lyrics.

5. Kafal Sviri (Women Only)
This piece breaks the traditional western standard of tall vowels. This Bulgarian
tune is a women’s only song to counter balance the men’s only song from earlier in
the program.

6. Danny Boy
A traditional simple folk tune that teaches legato line to students.

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