agaf ag5aw agr;siw adamand axat axatouj\oun axg axgakan axganoun axgouj\oun axniw ajo5 albom aliq a.orvak akan= aknoz akoumb a[ a[awni a[az a[al a[mouk a[=ik a[qat aman amackot ama5 ambo[= amis am;n
agah agrav agresiv adamand azat azatut‘yun azg azgakan azganun azgut‘yun azniv at‘or‘ albom aliq axorzhak akanj aknots akumb agh aghavni aghats aghal aghmuk aghjik aghqat aman amach‘kot amar‘ amboghj amis amen

greedy crow, raven aggressive diamond free, independent freedom, liberty nation relative sur name, family name nationality noble, honest chair album wave appetite ear eye-glasses club salt pigeon the milled product to mill noise girl poor plate shy, bashful summer all, whole month every


amp amprop amsagir amsajiw amour amousin amousnanal a\gi a\d a\vm a\l a\nt;[ a\o a\s a\st;[ a\s7r a\ri a\z;l;l anaknkal anapat anasoun anawart anardarouj\oun anba.t angl;r;n andam an;l anendfat animast an.;lq anka.ouj\oun ankaska6 anko[in anfamb;r anfa\t

amp amprop amsagir amsat‘iv amur amusin amusnanal aygi ayd ayzhm ayl ayntegh ayo ays aystegh aysor ayri ayts‘elel anaknkal anapat anasun anavart anardarut‘yun anbaxt angleren andam anel anëndhat animast anxelq ankaxut‘yun ankaskats ankoghin anhamber anhayt

cloud thunder magazine date tight, firm husband to marry garden that, (pl. those) now other there yes this, (pl. these) here today widow to visit unexpected, sudden desert animal, brute unfinished injury unhappy, unlucky english member to do, to make continous senseless silly, foolish freedom without doubt bed impatient unknown


anfangist anfangstanal anfa=o[ anfaskanali anfawanakan anfawasar anfat anfarmar anf;j;j anf;t anf;ta]g;li anf;taqrqir anfnarin anfog anfrav;,t anfou\s an] an]nagir an]r8 anyanac;li anya,ak anmardka\in anmatc;li anm;[ anmi=akanor;n anmi=ap;s anmo5anali ann;r;li annpatak an,arv an,ou,t anorak anoro, anpa\man ansowor

anhangist anhangstanal anhajogh anhaskanali anhavanakan anhavasar anhat anharmar anhet‘et‘ anhet anhetaz‘geli anhetaqrqir anhnarin anhog anhrazhesht anhuys anz‘ anz'nagir anz‘rev anchanach‘eli anchashak anmardkayin anmatch‘eli anmegh anmijakanoren anmijapes anmor‘anali annereli annpatak ansharzh anshusht anorak anorosh anpayman ansovor

anxious to worry unsuccessful incomprehensible incredible irregular individual uncomfortable absurd traceless urgent disinteresting impossible careless necessary hopeless person passport rain unrecognizable tasteless inhuman forbidden innocent directly immediately unforgettable unforgivable aimless immobile certainly unqualified indefinite absolutely uncommon


anspas;li anwa. anw;r= anwnas anwtang antan;li anta5 antarb;r ant;[i ant;s;l antik antramadir anzankali anzkazn;l anzq anou[[aki anou[[;li anoun anou,adir anou,afot an'or] an'o'o. an'ou\j anqa[aqawari an7gnakan an7gout a,ak;rt a,.atanq a,.atawar] a,.at;l a,.arf a,.ou\v a,tarak a,oun acq

anspaseli anvax anverj anvnas anvtanq antaneli antar‘ antarber anteghi antesel antik antramadir ants‘ankali ants‘kats‘nel ants‘q anughghaki anughgheli anun anushadir anushahot anp‘orz‘ anpopox anp‘uyt‘ anqaghaqavari ano‘gnakan ano‘gut ashakert ashxatanq ashxatavarz‘ ashxatel ashxarh ashxuyzh ashtarak ashun ach‘q

unexpected fearless endless harmless safe intolerable forest indifferent vain, useless to ignore, disregard antique in no mood undesirable spend, pass breach indirect irreparable name inattentive aromatic inexperienced invariable careless impolite helpless useless puple work earnings to work world lively, alive tower autumn eye


apa (f;to) apaga apaki apafow apafow;l aparan=an apard\oun apazou\z apazouz;l apaqinw;l apranq apr;l ap7rini a= a=akz;l a5an]in a5an]nafatouk a5a= a5a=ark;l a5a=in a5a=.a[azoum a5a=na\in a5a=nord a5asta[ a5aw;l a5aw;louj\oun a5awot a5awot\an a5ata];5n a5arka a58tour a5ij a5\ou6 a5n;l a5o[=

apa(heto) apaga apaki apahov apahovel aparanjan apardyun apats‘uyts‘ apats‘uts‘el apaqinvel apranq aprel apo‘rini aj ajakts‘el ar‘anz'in ar‘anz‘nahatuk ar‘aj ar‘ajarkel ar‘ajin ar‘ajxaghats‘um ar‘ajnayin ar‘ajnord ar‘astagh ar‘avel ar‘avelut‘yun ar‘avot ar‘avotyan ar‘ataz‘er‘n ar‘arka ar‘evtur ar‘it‘ ar‘yuts ar'nel ar‘oghj

then, afterwards future glass safe to insure bracelet (in) vain proof to prove to recover goods, bales, wares to live illegal right co-operate lone, separate particular before to suggest first progress primary, initial leader ceiling more advantage morning in the morning generous object trade, commerce occasion lion 1.to buy, 2. take healthy


a5=8 a57r\a as;l ast[ ast[aditaran astwa6 astwa6a,ounc as`alt awag awandou\j awart;l aw;li awl;l awtobous ata[]agor6 atam atamnabou\v at;l arag aragil araf;t araro[ouj\oun arb;nal arb;zo[ arg;lq arg;l;l ardarazn;l ardarouj\oun ard;n ard\oq ardouk ardouk;l ar8 ar8a6ag ar8amout

ar‘jev ar‘o‘rya asel astgh astghaditaran astvaz‘ astvaz‘ashunch‘ asfalt avag avanduyt‘ avartel aveli avlel avtobus ataghz‘agorts atam atamnabuyzh atel arag aragil arahet araroghut‘yun arbenal arbets‘ogh argelq argelel ardarats‘nel ardarutyun arden ardyoq arduk ardukel arev arevatsag arevamut

before, in front of daily, every-day to say, to tell star observatory god bible asphalt elder tradition to finish more to sweep bus carpenter tooth dentist to hate guick, fast stork path ceremony to get drunk drunkard, toper obstacle, impediment to forbid, to inhibit to justify justice already whether iron to iron sun sunrise sunset


ar8;l\an ar8mt\an ar8;lq ar8moutq arjoun arjnanal arvani arv;nal ar.iw ar6aj ar6iw arka6 ark[ arfamarf;l arf;st arf;stawor arf;stakan ar]aganq ar]akourd ar]an armat armounk ar\oun arw;st arw;stag;t artagr;l artadranq artadr;l artafa\t;l artafanoum artasafman artasowor artasw;l artaqin arzounq

arevelyan arevmtyan arevelq arevmutq art‘un art‘nanal arzhani arzhenal arxiv artsat‘ artsiv arkats arkgh arhamarhel arhest arhestavor arhestakan arz‘aganq arz‘akurd arz‘an armat armunk aryun arvest arvestaget artagrel artadranq artadrel artahaytel artahanum artasahman artasovor artasvel artaqin arts‘unq

esrtern western east west awake to wake up, to get up worthy to cost archives silver eagle adventure box to contemn profession artisan artificial echo holiday statue, figure root elbow blood art artist to copy product to produce to express export abroad extraordinary to cry, to weep external tear


a' a's; a'sosanq aqlor

ap‘ ap‘se ap‘sosanq aqlor bad bazkat‘or‘ bazmat‘iv bazmanal bazmots‘ bazmut‘yun bazhak bazhanel bazhanmunq bazhin bazhneter bal balkon baxel baxt bak baghkanal baghniq bachkon bambak babbasanq bay bayts‘ ban banali banak banakts‘el banasirut‘yun banasteghts banavech

beach, coach plate regret cock duck arm-chair many, numerous multiply, manifolding sofa crowd glass to separate section, department share, part owner cherry balcony(Russian) to knock luck, destiny, fate yard to consist (of) bath coat, jacket cotton gossip verb but, and thing, object key army negotiate philology poet polemics, controversy

bad baxkajo5 baxmajiw baxmanal baxmoz baxmouj\oun bavak bavan;l bavanmounq bavin bavn;t;r bal balkon ba.;l ba.t bak ba[kanal ba[niq baykon bambak bambasanq ba\ ba\z ban banali banak banakz;l banasirouj\oun banast;[6 banaw;y


banawor bank ban=ar;[;n banwor bant ba5 ba5aran bask;tbol bawakan bawakanaca' bawarar;l barak barba5 bard bardazn;l bar8;l bari barkanal bar] bar]r bar]rafasak bar]ounq baz bazaka bazakanc;l baza5ouj\oun bazatr;l bazar]akap;s baz;l bazi bazik bazwa6q b;[ b;m b;5

banavor bank banjareghen banvor bant bar‘ bar'aran basketbol bavakan bavakanach‘ap‘ bavararel barak barbar‘ bard bardats‘nel barevel bari barkanal barz‘ barz‘r barz‘rahasak barz‘unq bats‘ bats‘aka bats‘akanch‘el bats‘ar‘ut‘yun bats‘atrel bats‘arz‘akapes bats‘el bats‘i bats‘ik bats‘vatsq begh bem ber‘

oral, orally bank vegetables worker a jail, prison word dictionary basketball rather sufficient to satisfy thin dialect complicated to comlicate to greet kind to be angry pillow high tall height open absent to exclaim exception to explain absolutely to open except, besides postcard break, opening moustache stage load, fraight


b;5naja';l b;ran b;r;l b;rq bvi,k bv,k;l bisqwij bi`,t;qs blour bnaxd bnakan bnakanabar bnakaran bnakic bnakw;l bnaworouj\oun bnoro, bnouj\oun bolor(e) bolorowin bo[oq boz b5nak b5n;l brin] bro,\our bouv;l bouvoum bou\n bou\r bourd brd; bou`;t

ber‘nat‘ap‘el beran berel berq bzhishk bzhshkel bisqvit‘ bifshteqs blur bnazd bnakan bnakanabar bnakaran bnakich‘ bnakvel bnavorut‘yun bnorosh bnut‘yun bolor(ë) bolorovin boghoq bots br‘nak br‘nel brinz‘ broshyur buzhel buzhum buyn buyr burd brde bufet gaz

unload mouth to bring crop, harvest doctor to cure biscuit beef-steak hill instinct natural naturally apartment inhabitant to live character characteristic nature all, (the)whole quite protest, protestation flame, blaze handle to hold rice booklet to treat (for, with) treatment nest perfume, fragrance, wool woolen buffet(Russian) gas



gaxan gaxar gal ga[tni ga[tniq ga\l ga5 gawa5 gar;=our garoun gdal g;[;zik g;t g;tin g;r g;radas;l g;raxanz g;r;xman giv gi6 gin gini gi,;r gitakan git;liq git;nal gitnakan gitouj\oun gir girq gl.ark gl.azaw glou. g\ou[ g\ou[azi

gazan gazar gal gaghtni gaghtniq gayl gar‘ gavar‘ garejur garun gdal geghets‘ik get getin ger geradasel gerazants‘ gerezman gizh gits gin gini gisher gitakan giteliq gitenal gitnakan gitut‘yun gir girq glxark glxats‘av glux gyugh gyughats‘i

beast carrot to come secretly secret wolf lamb province bear spring spoon beautiful river ground, land greasy, full prefer excellent cemetery mad line price, cost wine night scientific knowledge to know scientist science writing book cap, hat head-ache head village peasant


gnal gnafat;l gnazq gndak gn;l gnord gof go[ go[anal gon; go5al goti gorg gor6 gor6axourk gor6aran gor6iq gtn;l gradaran gr;j; gr;l gric gro[ grpan gz;l gou\n gouz;

gnal gnahatel gnats‘q gndak gnel gnord goh gogh goghanal gone gor‘al goti gorg gorts gortsazurk gortsaran gortsiq gtnel gradaran gret‘e grel grich‘ grogh grpan gts‘el guyn guts‘e dahlich danak dandagh dasht dar‘nal das dasaxos

to go to estimate, to value train ball to buy buyer pleased, satisfied thief to steal, to rob if only, at least to yell, to shout, to cry belt carpet, rug affair, work unemployed, jobless factory instrument to find library almost, nearly to write pen writer pocket to throw colour perhaps hall knife slow, slowly field to become lesson lecturer

dafliy danak danda[ da,t da5nal das dasa.os


dasakan dasawand;l datark dar darak dara,r=an d;[ d;[atoun d;[in d;[] d;m d;mq d;pq d;5 d;rasan dvwar diwan dn;l dproz drakan dram dou5 doustr dours

dasakan dasavandel datark dar darak darashrjan degh deghatun deghin deghz‘ dem demq depq der‘ derasan dzhvar divan dnel dprots‘ drakan dram dur‘ dustr durs yet‘e yelak yekeghets‘i yeghanak yeghbayr yer‘al yes yet yeraz yerazhshtut‘yun

classic to teach empty century shelf age medicine, medicament chemist's shop yellow peach against face case yet actor difficult sofa to put school positive money door daughter out if strawberry church weather brother to boil I back dream music

;j; ;lak ;k;[;zi ;[anak ;[ba\r ;5al ;s ;t ;rax ;rav,touj\oun


;rb ;rb;mn ;rb;q ;rg ;rg;l ;r;.a ;r;k ;r;ko ;r;ko\an ;r;kou\j ;r;s ;r8al ;r;q,abji ;r;ral ;ritasard ;rkaj ;rkajou[i ;rkar ;rkinq ;rkir ;rkra,arv ;rkrord ;rkou,abji ;r,ik ;r=anik ;rrord 8 ;';l

yerb yerbemn yerbeq yerg yergel yerexa yerek yereko yerekoyan yerekuyt‘ yeres yereval yereqshabt‘i yereral yeritasard yerkat‘ yerkat‘ughi yerkar yerkinq yerkir yerkrasharzh yerkrord yerkushabt‘i yershik yerjanik yerrord yev yep‘el zambyugh zayranal zang zangaharel zatik zarganal

when sometimes never song to sing child yesterday evening in the evening party face to be seen tuesday to stagger young iron railway, railroad long sky earth earthquake the second monday sausage happy the third and cook basket to get angry bell to ring Easter to develop

xamb\ou[ xa\ranal xang xangafar;l xatik xarganal


xardar;l xarjn;l xarmanal xarmanali xba[;zn;l xba[mounq xbosa\gi xbosa,r=ik xbosn;l xgal xgazmounq xg;st xgou\, x;\joun x;nq xinwor xrou\z xrouz;l xougaran xou\g

zardarel zart‘nel zarmanal zarmanali zbaghets‘nel zbaghmunq zbosaygi zbosashrjik zbosnel zgal zgats‘munq zgest zguysh zeyt‘un zenq zinvor zruyts‘ zruts‘el zugaran zuyg ê ê zhan ê li êj ê qskursia ëmpeliq ëndamenë ëndarz‘ak ëndhakar‘akn ëndhanrapes ëndhanur ëndhatel ëndmisht

to decorate to wake up, to get up to be surprised ,astonished astonishing, surprising to occupy occupation park tourist to take a walk to feel sense, feeling dress, clothes careful olive arm, weapon soldier talk, conversation to talk toilet 1. pair, 2. couple is cheap again page excursion beverage, drink in all, only spacious, vast quite the opposite generally general, common interrupt forever

h hvan hli h= hqskoursia

emp;liq endam;ne endar]ak endfaka5akn endfanrap;s endfanour endfat;l endmi,t


endmi=oum endounak endoun;l enjr;l enjriq enk;r enk;rouj\oun enkn;l entaniq entr;l

ëndnijum ëndunak ëndunel ënt‘rel ënt‘riq ënker ënkerut‘yun ënknel ëntaniq ëntrel t‘ank t‘ateraxagh t‘atron t‘argmanel t‘argmanich‘ t‘arm t‘ats‘ t‘ap‘ants‘el t‘ap‘ar‘el t‘aqnvel t‘ev t‘et‘ev t‘eladrel t‘el-asegh t‘ey t'ert‘ t‘it‘er‘ t‘xvatsq t‘shnami t‘ogh t‘oghnel t‘r‘ch‘el t‘r‘ch‘un t‘val

break off clever, able, capable accept, admit to have supper supper friend friendship to fall down family to choose expensive show, performance theatre to translate, to interpret translator, interpreter fresh wet to penetrate to stroll, towander to hide, take shelter though light to dictate thread-needle tea newspaper butterfly biscuit enemy let 1.to let, 2. to leave to fly bird to seem

jank jat;ra.a[ jatron jargman;l jargmanic jarm jaz ja'anz;l ja'a5;l jaqnw;l j;8 j;j8 j;ladr;l j;l-as;[ j;\ j;rj jij;5 j.wa6q j,nami jo[ jo[n;l j5c;l j5coun jwal


joujak jou[j jou\l jou\latr;l

t‘ut‘ak t‘ught‘ t‘uyl t‘uylatrel zham zhamanak zhamanakakits zhamats‘uyts‘ zhoghov zhoghovurd zhpit zhptal izur iharke imanal inch‘ inch‘pes inch‘u inch'qan institut inqnat‘ir‘ informats‘ia iskakan iskapes ispanats‘i italats‘i ir iradarz‘ut‘yun iradrut‘yun iravaban iravunq irar iren

parrot paper weak, feeble to allow hour time modern watch meeting people smile to smile in vain, uselessly of course, certainly to know what how why how much institute plane information true really spanish italian thing event situation lawyer right, license one another,each other himself

vam vamanak vamanakakiz vamazou\z vo[ow vo[owourd vpit vptal

ixour ifark; imanal inc incp;s incou incqan institout inqnaji5 in`ormazia iskakan iskap;s ispanazi italazi ir iradar]ouj\oun iradrouj\oun irawaban irawounq irar ir;n


ir;nq irikoun

irenq irikun lamp layn lav lats‘el lezu ler‘ lich linel loghal loghaanal lr‘ut‘yun lsel lvanal lrjut‘yun lrjoren luys lusamut lusankar lusin lur lurj lqel xabel xagh xaghal xaghaliq xaghagh xaghaghut‘yun xaghogh xangarel xanut‘

themselves evening lamp wide good to weep language mountain lake to be to swim to bath silence to hear to wash seriousness seriously light window photograph the moon news serious to abandon, to leave to lie, to deceive play, game to play toy quiet, calm peace grape to disturb shop

lamp la\n law laz;l l;xou l;5 liy lin;l lo[al lo[aanal l5ouj\oun ls;l lwanal lr=ouj\oun lr=or;n lou\s lousamout lousankar lousin lour lour= lq;l

.ab;l .a[ .a[al .a[aliq .a[a[ .a[a[ouj\oun .a[o[ .angar;l .anouj


.acm;rouk .a5e .a5n;l .;loq .ist .it .[yal .mbagr;l .mbak .m;l .micq .mor;[;n .nam;l .ndr;l .n]or .n=ou\q .ox .ofanoz .ofarar .onaw .osakzouj\oun .os;l .ostanal .ot .oramank .ore .orfrdawor .orowa6 .oul .oumb .ousa';l .';l

xach‘meruk xar‘ë xar‘nel xeloq xist xit xghchal xmbagrel xmbak xmel xmich‘q xmoreghen xnamel xndrel xnz‘or xnjuyq xoz xohanots‘ xoharar xonav xosakts‘ut‘yun xosel xostanal xot xoramank xorë xorhrdavor xorovats xul xumb xusap‘el xp‘el tsaxel tsaxsel

cross-road mixed, blend 1.to mix 2. to confuse clever strict, severe thick, dense to pity to edit group, circle to drink beverages cake to nurse, to take care of to ask, to beg apple feast swine, pig kitchen cooker dampy conversation, talk to speak, to talk to promice grass cunning, sly deep mysterious fried, roast deaf group to avoid to beat, to hit to sale to spend, to waste

6a.;l 6a.s;l


6a6k;l 6a[ik 6a[kaka[amb 6a[k;l 6anoj 6anojanal 6anr 6a5 6a5a\ouj\oun 6araw 6a'afar;l 6;r 6;ranal 6ia6an 6i6a[;l 6i6;5nak 6iran 6.a.ot 6.;l 6nndawa\r 6no[ 6nw;l 6nound 6ow 6owa' 6ragir 6rar 6ou\l

tsatskel tsaghik tsaghkakaghamb tsaghkel tsanot‘ tsanot‘anal tsanr tsar‘ tsar‘ayut‘yun tsarav tsap‘aharel tser tseranal tsiatsan tsitsaghel tsitser‘nak tsiran tsxaxot tsxel tsnndavayr tsnogh tsnvel tsnund tsov tsovap‘ tsragir tsrar tsuyl ka kazmakerpel kat‘ kat‘oghikos kaxardakan kaxel

to cover flower cauliflower to bloom, to blossom familiar to be acquainted with heavy tree service thirsty to applaud old to get old rainbow to laugh swallow apricot tobacco to smoke birth-place parent be born birth sea seashore, beach program(me) envelope lazy there is to organize milk patriarch magic to hang up

ka kaxmak;rp;l kaj kajo[ikos ka.ardakan ka.;l


kafou\q ka[amb kam kam111kam3111 kamaz kamour= ka\aran ka\6ak kanac kanazi kanga5 kan.awyar kanon kanonawor kanc;l ka,w; kap kap;l kapik kapoz kapou\t ka5awarouj\oun ka5ou\z ka5ouz;l kaska6;l kawiy katak katak;l kata[i katou karag kardal kar;l kar8or kariq

kahuyq kaghanb kam kam…kam… kamats kamurj kayaran kaytsak kanach‘ kanats‘i kangar‘ kanxavchar kanon kanonavor kanch‘el kashve kap kapel kapik kapots‘ kapuyt kar‘avarut‘yun kar‘uyts‘ kar‘uts‘el kaskatsel kavich katak katakel kataghi katu karag kardal karel karevor kariq

furniture cabbage or either… or… quiet, calmly bridge station lightning green lady's, feminine stop cash payment rule regular to call (of) leathern tie to tie monkey bundle blue government building to build to doubt chalk joke to joke furious cat butter to read to sew, to stitch important necessity


kar6;l kar6iq karkandak karkout kary karyat;s karmir karmr;l karo[ karo[anal karto`il karous;l kazin k;[6 k;[6awor k;[6;l k;[t k;[tot k;naz k;ndani k;nsagrouj\oun k;ntron k;s k;s7r k;r k;rakr;l kija5 kin kinojatron kinonkar kiraki klima klor k6;l k6ou

kartsel kartsiq karkandak karkut karch karchates karmir karmrel karogh karoghanal kartofil karusel kats‘in keghts keghtsavor keghtsel keght keghtot kenats‘ kendani kensagrut‘yun kentron kes kesor ker kerakrel kit‘ar‘ kin kinot‘atron kinonkar kiraki klima klor ktsel ktsu

to suppose, to guess opinion pastry hail short short-sighted red to redden can to be able potato merry-go round(Russian) axe false, pseudo hypocrite to falsify dirt, stain dirty toast 1.animal, 2.living biography centre half midday food to nourish, to feed guitar woman, wife cinema film Sunday climate round, circular to bite, to sting sharp, piquant, spicy


k[xi k\anq kny5ot knounq k,;5q kokord ko[m koyak koyk;l kop;k kopit kow kotr;l korzn;l k5iw k5w;l ktr;l krak krj;l krjouj\oun krk;s krkin krknaki krkn;l kron kou\r

kghzi kyanq knchr‘ot knunq ksher‘q kokord koghm kochak kochkel kopek kopit kov kotrel korts‘nel kr‘iv kr‘vel ktrel krak krt‘el krt‘ut‘yun krkes krkin krknaki krknel kron kuyr hagnel hagust hazal hazar haziv halvel hakar‘ak haght‘anak

island life wrinkled christenin scales, weighting mashine throat, gullet side button, clasp to button, to clasp copeck rude, rough cow to break, to smash to lose 1. fight, battle, 2. brawl to fight to cut fire to educate education circus again double to to repeat religion blind to put ( on), to dress dress, clothes to cough thousand hardly, scarcely to melt contrary, opposite, victory, triumph

fagn;l fagoust faxal faxar faxiw falw;l faka5ak fa[janak


fa[j;l faya. fay;li fayou\q famagor6akz;l famalsaran famakranq fama]a\nw;l fama\nq famar famar]ak famb;ratar fambour;l fam;[ fam;mat;l fam;st fam;rg famenkn;l famox;l Fa\astan fa\;li fa\fo\;l fa\tararouj\oun fa\tnab;r;l fa\tni fa\r fa\r;niq fangist fangstanal fangzn;l fandip;l fan;l fankar6 fanrap;touj\oun fanzagor6ouj\oun

haght‘el hachax hacheli hachuyq hamagortsakts‘el hamalsaran hamakranq hamazaynvel hamaynq hamar hamarz‘ak hamberatar hamburel hamegh hamenatel hamest hamerq hamënknel hamozel Hayastan hayeli hayhoyel haytararut‘yun haytnaberel haytni hayr hayreniq hangist hangstanal hangts‘nel handipel hanel hankarts‘ hanrapetut‘yun hants‘agortsut‘yun

to triumph, to win often pleasant pleasure to collaborate university sympathy to agree community 1.f or, 2. number daring, courageous tolerant, patient to kiss tasty, delicious to compare modest, decent concert to coincide to persuade Armenia mirror, looking glass to curse notice, advertisement to discover famous father fatherland calm, rest, tranquil to have a rest, to repose to turn off, to switch off to meet to pull, to take (out) suddenly republic criminality


fa,w;l fa=o[ouj\oun fa=ord fasarak faskanal fasn;l fast fastat fasz; faw fawanabar fawatal fawatarim fawaq;l fat fatak fatouk farab;rouj\oun faraw farg;l far8an fark farmar far\our farsaniq farzn;l faroust faz f;6aniw f;[inak f;nz f;,t f;5a.os f;5aworouj\oun f;5ou

hashvel hajoghut‘yun hajord hasarak haskanal hasnel hast hastat hasts‘e hav havanabar havatal havatarim havaqel hat hatak hatuk haraberut‘yun harav hargel harevan hark harmar haryur harsaniq harts‘nel harust hats‘ hetsaniv heghinak hents‘ hesht her‘axos her‘avorut‘yun her‘u

to count, to calculate success following, next common, ordinary to understand to arrive, to reach thick sure, firm address hen probably to believe trusty to gather, to pick, to collect piece floor special, particular relation Suoth to respect, to estimate neighbouring floor convenient, comfortable hundred wedding to ask rich bread bicycle author just, as soon as easy telephone distance distant, far away


f;5oustat;souj\o f;t f;taqrqir f;to f;riq h f;ros f;qiaj fianali fiasja'w;l fima fimar fin fing,abji fi,;l fi,o[ouj\oun fiwand fiwandanal fiwandanoz fiwandouj\oun f[i f\ouj f\ousis f\our f\ouranoz fo[ fow fowanoz for;[ba\r fpart fra,ali fraparak fraw;rq frawir;l foulis foumor

her‘ustatesut‘yun het hetaqrqir heto heriq ê heros heqiat‘ hianali hiast‘ap‘vel hima himar hin hingshabt‘i hishel hishoghut‘yun hivand hivandanal hivandanots‘ hivandut‘yun hghi hyut‘ hyusis hyur hyuranots‘ hogh hov hovanots‘ horeghbayr hpart hrashali hraparak hraverq hravirel hulis humor

television together, with interesting after it is enough hero fairy-tale wonderful to be disappointed now fool, foolish old, ancient thursday to remember memory ill, sick to fall ill hospital sickness, illness pregnant juice north guest hotel land, ground, soil cool umbrella uncle proud wonderful square invitation to invite July humour


fou\s founis founwar

huys hunis hunvar z‘ax z‘ayn z‘aynagrel z‘anz‘rali z‘et‘ z‘er‘nark z‘er‘nots‘ z‘er‘q z‘erbakalel z‘i z‘mer‘ z‘yun z‘ri z‘u z‘uk ghoghanjel chmbar champruk chanach‘el chanaparh chanaparhordel chashel chartarapet chshmsrit chshmartut‘yun maz matsun

hope June January left voice to rercord dull oil manual glove hand to arrest horse winter snow gratis egg fish to ring, to tinkle camp suit-case to recognize road to travel to have dinner architect true truth hair yoghurt

]a. ]a\n ]a\nagr;l ]an]rali ];j ];5nark ];5noz ];5q ];rbakal;l ]i ]m;5 ]\oun ]ri ]ou ]ouk


yambar yamprouk yanac;l yanaparf yanaparford;l ya,;l yartarap;t y,marit y,martouj\oun

max ma6oun


mafanal ma\is ma\r mankouj\oun ma,k masnagitouj\oun masnakz;l matit mard marmin mart maqr;l maqour m;6 m;6afasak m;6anal m;k m;kn;l m;[;di m;[r m;=t;[ m;rv;l m;q;na mj;rq mjn;l mi miak miamit mia\n miasin mim\anz minc8 mi,t mi=anzq mi=at

mahanal mayis mayr mankut‘yun mashk masnagitut‘yun masnakts‘el matit mard marmin mart maqrel maqur mets metsahasak metsanal mek meknel meghedi meghr mejtegh merzhel meqena mt‘erq mt‘nel mi miak miamit miayn miasin mimyants‘ minch‘ev misht mijants‘q mijat

to die May mother childhood skin speciality to participate pencil man, person body March to clean clean, neat, tidy great,huge old, aged to grow old(big), to increase one to leave melody honey middle to reject car, machine foods to get dark one, a, an the only, unique naive, simple-minded only together each-other, one-another whilst, till, until always, forever corridor insect


mi=8 mis mirg mkan mkrat m\ous mnal m,akou\j mom mo5anal mot motaworap;s mot;nal moraqou\r morouq mtadrouj\oun mta6;l mt;rim mtn;l mrs;l mrzou\j mouj moutq

mijev mis mirg mkan mkrat myus mnal mshakuyt‘ mom moranal mot motavorapes motenal moraquyr moruq mtadrut‘yun mtatsel mterim mtnel mrsel mrts‘uyt‘ mut‘ mutq yot‘ yugh yuraqanch‘yur na naev nax naxagah naxadasut‘yun naxachash naxachashel

between, among meat fruit muscle scissors other to stay, to remain culture candle to forget near, close (to) approximately, about to come near, to approach aunt beard intention to think intimate to enter to catch cold competition dark entrance seven oil, butter each he, she also, too first of all president sentence breakfast to have breakfast

\oj \ou[ \ouraqanc\our

na na8 na. na.agaf na.adasouj\oun na.aya, na.aya,;l


na.an] na.an];l na.at;l na.entr;l na.ord na.qan na.7roq namak na\;l naw narin= narn=agou\n n;[ n;t;l n;r;l n;rk n;rka n;rk;l n;ro[ouj\oun n;rsoum n;rq8(oum) nifar nkat;l nkar nkaragr;l nkar;l nkaric nman nmanw;l no\;mb;r nor nora6in normal norog;l npatak

naxanz‘ naxanz‘el naxatel naxëntrel naxord naxqan naxo‘roq namak nayel nav narinj narnjaguyn negh netel nerel nerk nerka nerkel neroghut‘yun nersum nerqev(um) nihar nkatel nkar nkaragrel nkarel nkarich‘ nman nmanvel noyember nor noratsin normal norogel npatak

envy to envy to insult to prefer previous before previously, before letter to look boat, ship orange orange-coloured narrow to throw to forgive paint present to paint excuse, pardon inside under, below, down, beneath thin, lean to notice picture, drawing, painting to describe to draw, to paint painter alike, similar to look like November new, recent new born normal to repair aim, purpose


nstaran nst;l nwag;l nw;r nwir;l nou\n nou\nisk nourb

nstaran nstel nvagel nver nvirel nuyn nuynisk nurb shabat‘ shaxmat shat shatrvan sharzhel sharunakel shaqar shenq shnorhakal shnorhakalut‘yun shnorhavorel shnch‘el shshnshal shog shoghal shoshap‘el shor shtap shtapel shrjapat shrjapatel shrjvel shuka shun shut shurj(ë)

bench, seat to sit down to play music gift, present to make a present same even subtle week chess many, much, a lot of fountain to move to continue, to go on sugar building grateful, thankful thanks to congratulate to breathe, to respire to whisper, to murmer hot to shine to touch clothes, dress urgent to hurry up surroundings to surround to turn market dog quick, rapidly round, about, around

,abaj ,a.mat ,at ,atrwan ,arv;l ,arounak;l ,aqar ,;nq ,norfakal ,norfakalouj\oun ,norfawor;l ,nc;l ,,n=al ,og ,o[al ,o,a';l ,or ,tap ,tap;l ,r=apat ,r=apat;l ,r=w;l ,ouka ,oun ,out ,our=(e)


,'ojw;l ,q;[

shp‘ot‘vel shqegh voghjunel voch voch‘ voch‘inch‘ voch‘xar voch‘-oq voski vostikan vostikanut‘yun vov votq vorak vordi vorosh voroshel vorovhetev vosal vortegh vorqan ch‘agh ch‘ar ch‘ap‘ ch‘ap‘azants‘ ch‘ap‘ahas ch‘ap‘el ch‘ir ch‘nayats ch‘or ch‘oreqshabt‘i ch‘ors ch‘qanal

to be confused luxurios, magnificent to greet, to salute style no nothing sheep nobody, none gold policeman police who foot quality son some to decide because to hunt where how many, how much fat naughty, wicked, evil measure exaggerated adult to measure dried fruit in spite of dry wednesday four to vanish, to disappear

o[=oun;l oy oc ocinc oc.ar oc-oq oski ostikan ostikanouj\oun ow2 otq orak ordi oro, oro,;l orowf;t8 orsal ort;[ orqan

ca[ car ca' ca'axanz ca'afas ca';l cir cna\a6 cor cor;q,abji cors cqanal


palat pafaran paf;l pa[pa[ak pa\j;l pa\6a5 pa\man pa\managir pa\ousak pa\qar pa\qar;l panir pa,tpan;l pap pa5k;l pat patafabar patafar pataf;l patani pata5aqa[ patas.an patas.anatou patas.an;l patgam pat;raxm patv;l patiw patkan;l patk;razn;l patya5 pat,gamb pat5;l patwirakouj\oun
palat paharan pahel paghpaghak payt‘el paytsar‘ payman paymanagir payusak payqar payqarel panir pashtpanel pap par‘kel pat patahabar patahar patahel patani patar‘aqagh patasxan patasxanatu patasxanel patgam paterazm patzhel pativ patkanel petkerats‘nel patchar‘ patshgamb patr‘el patvirakut‘yun

palace cupboard to keep ice-cream to burst up, to explode bright, clear, brillant condition contract bag, suitcase struggle to struggle cheese to protect, to defend grandfather to lie wall accidentally, by chance accident to happen adolecent fork answer responsible to answer message war to punish honour, respect to belong to to imagine cause, reason balcony to tear delegation


patwir;l patrast patrast;l patoufan par;l parx paron partadir partq p;touj\oun p;tq planawor;l po[ota

patvirel patrast patrastel patuhan parel parz paron partadir partq petut‘yun petq planavorel poghota janq jermach‘ap‘ jghayin jut‘ak jur r‘adio r‘isk sa salat‘ sakayn sanr sar sarsap‘eli seghan seghmel senyak sev siralir sirel

to order ready to prepare window to dance clear, simple mister, sir obligatory debt state must to plan avenue effort thermometer nervous violin water radio risk this salad but, however comb mountain terrible, horrible table to tighten room black lovely to love

=anq =;rmaca' =[a\in +oujak =our

5adio 5isk

sa salaj saka\n sanr sar sarsa';li s;[an s;[m;l s;n\ak s8 siralir sir;l


sirt siroun s.al sks;l snound so. sowa6 sowor soworabar sowor;l sowor;zn;l soworouj\oun span;l spas;l spitak sport stanal st;l stip;l stw;r stoug;l sraf srb;l srbic sounk soury sqanc;li

sirt sirun sxal sksel snund sox sovats sovor sovorabar sovorel sovorets‘nel sovorut‘yun spanel spasel spitak sport stanal stel stipel stver stugel srah srbel srbich‘ sunk surch sqanch‘eli vazel vaxenal vaghë vaghuts‘ vachar‘el vayelel vayr

heart pretty, nice mistake to begin, to start food, aliment onion hungry used to usually to study, to learn to teach habit, custom to kill, to murder to wait, to expect white sport to receive, to get to tell a lie to insist, to force shade to verify, to control, to check hall to clean towel mushroom coffee marvellous to run to be afraid of tomorrow for a long time to sell to enjoy place

wax;l wa.;nal wa[e wa[ouz waya5;l wa\;l;l wa\r


wat ward war;l war];l warord warsawiranoz w;r8 w;r=anal w;r=ap;s w;r=;rs w;r=in w;rzn;l wjar wirafat;l wyar;l wstaf;l wtangawor wra

vat vard varel varz‘el varord varsaviranots‘ verev verjanal verjapes verjers verjin verts‘nel vt‘ar virahatel vcharel vstahel vtangavor vra tal tak tachar tanel tanz‘ tat(ik) tarber tarberel tarets tari tariq tap‘ak taq tgegh tegh teghakan

bad rose to drive to rent driver hairdressing saloon upwards, above to finish, to be over at last recently, lately last, final to take accident to operate to pay to trust dangerous on, upon, above to give under, below temple to carry, to take pear grandmother different, various to distinguish aged, old year age flat hot ugly place local

tal tak tayar tan;l tan] tat(ik) tarb;r tarb;r;l tar;z tari tariq ta'ak taq tg;[ t;[ t;[akan


t;[;kazn;l t;[;kouj\oun t;sn;l tikin t.our t[a tnt;sagitouj\oun toms ton toun tou'

teghekatsnel teghekut‘yun tesnel tikin txur tgha tntesagitut‘yun toms ton tun tup‘ rope ropeakan ts‘ankanal ts‘av ts‘erek ts‘urt ts‘uts‘ahandes uzel uzh uzhegh ugharkel ughigh ughghut‘yun unenal ush ushanal ushadir usuts‘ich‘ utel ur? urax

to inform information to see madam, mistress sad, cheerless boy economics ticket holiday, feast house, home box moment momentary to desire, to want pain, ache daytime cold exhibition to want strength, power strong to send straight direction to have late to be late attentive teacher to eat where? glad, happy

rop; rop;akan

zankanal zaw z;r;k zourt zouzafand;s

oux;l ouv ouv;[ ou[ark;l ou[i[ ou[[ouj\oun oun;nal ou, ou,anal ou,adir ousouzic out;l ou2r oura.


ourbaj our;mn ouri,

urbat‘ uremn urish p‘at‘at‘el p‘at‘et‘ p‘axch‘el p‘ak p‘akel p‘aylel p‘ayt p‘ap‘uk petrvar p‘igh p‘ntrel p‘ot‘orik p‘oxanak p‘oxel p‘ogh p‘oghots‘ p‘oshi p‘or p‘orz‘el p‘oqr qaghaq qaghaqats‘i qaghts‘r qami qaylel qan qani qaj qar qartez

friday therefore, then, afterwards other, another to wrap up, to pack up bundle, packet to escape close, locked to close, to lock to shine wood soft, delicate February elephant to look or, to search or storm, tempest instead of to change money street dust belly to try, to tempt small, little city citizen sweet wind to walk than how many brave stone map

'ajaj;l 'aj;j 'a.c;l 'ak 'ak;l 'a\l;l 'a\t 'a'ouk ';trwar 'i[ 'ntr;l 'ojorik 'o.anak 'o.;l 'o[ 'o[oz 'o,i 'or 'or];l 'oqr

qa[aq qa[aqazi qa[zr qami qa\l;l qan qani qa= qar qart;x


qartou[ar q;5i qij qic qn;l qnnouj\oun qou\r

qartughar qer‘i qit‘ qich‘ qnel qnnut‘yun quyr yev Yevropa o‘gnel o‘gostos o‘gtakar o‘d o‘z‘ o‘char‘ o‘pera o‘vkianos o‘tar o‘r o‘renq o‘rets‘o‘r orinak fabrika film firma fotonkar futbol

secretary uncle nose few, little to sleep examination sister and Europe to help August helpful air snake soap opera ocean foreign day law day by day example factory film firm photograph football

8 :wropa

7gn;l 7gostos 7gtakar 7d 7] 7ya5 7p;ra 7wkianos 7tar 7r 7r;nq 7r;z7r 7rinak

`abrika `ilm `irma `otonkar `outbol

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