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Lesson 10-1 (I'm stronger than you)

Lesson 10-1 (I'm stronger than you)

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Lesson Plan Date: Monday September 23, 2008 Period: 2 (9:50-10:30) Class: Teachers: Matthew (Native Teacher – NT) Emma (Korean Teacher

– KT) Unit: Lesson 10-1 (I’m Stronger Than You) Objectives: Materials: Students will be introduced to comparative words and expressions and be able to understand them CD-Rom, computer with the internet, powerpoint, textbooks

Introduction and Review (5-6 minutes) Do a short introduction and review to prepare the class with the previous day materials and teachers. This introduction will go as follows:  NT & KT: “Good morning students” Students (Ss) “Good morning Matthew Teacher…”  KT: “How are you today?”  Ss “I’m fine, thank you”  NT: “How’s the weather today?”  Ss “It’s ________________”  NT: “Ok, very good!” Next, the KT will do a short review with what was studied in the previous class  KT “What did we study in textbook last class?”  SS “Our vacation”  KT “Right, we studied ‘How was your vacation?” We also studied past expressions, so let me ask you ‘What did you do last night?’  Ss “I studied the piano”  KT “That sounds nice.” Ask another student “What did you do last night?”  SS: “I played computer games”  KT “That sounds like fun, I didn’t play computer games last night. I watched a movie, it was very funny”….. Introduction to New Words (5 minutes) The PowerPoint Presentation will be used to make to introduce the words and phrase

that we will be studying for this chapter. The powerpoint will show some of the new vocabulary using new words “faster, stronger, taller, older, newer, better, longer”. The powerpoint will also practice some the sentence “ <name> is better than <name>. Look and Listen (10 minutes) Start by introducing the picture to the students by asking some simple questions  NT Look at the pictures. Who are they?  Ss Kevin, Mike, Jenny and Peter  NT Good. What are they doing are they playing baseball?  Ss No  NT Are they reading a book?  Ss No  NT Do you know what they are doing? What are they doing?  Ss They are arm wrestling. Next, the children listen to the dialogue. DIALOG Kevin Wow! You’re very tall Mike I’m taller than my father Kevin Can you run fast? Mike Sure. I’m faster than you. Kevin Are you sure? Mike Sure [They race and Kevin wins the race] Friends What a surprise! [Students are in the classroom] Jenny Mike is very strong Mike Of course. I’m stronger than you. Kevin I don’t think so. [They arm wrestle and Kevin wins] Jenny You are stronger than Mike! Mike Yes. You’re really strong. After the students listen to dialog they can answer some easy questions about the dialog. • NT Who are the people in the dialog? • SS Kevin, Mike, Jenny and Peter • NT Are they playing computer games? • Ss No.

NT Are they having a race? SS Yes. NT Who won the race? SS Kevin wins the race. NT Good, Kevin is faster than Mike. SS ‘Kevin is faster than Mike’ NT Is Mike taller than Kevin? SS Yes, ‘Mike is taller than Kevin’ NT Is Mike stronger than Kevin? Ss No, ‘Mike is taller than Kevin’ After the questions, listen to the dialog one more time and then we move to listen and repeat. Listen and repeat (5 minutes) First the students listen carefully to the new dialog. 1) Kevin: Wow! You’re very tall. Mike: I’m taller than my father. 2) Jenny: Mike is very strong Mike: I’m stronger than you. Kevin: I don’t think so. Now, with the teacher’s help, the student’s practice the listen and repeat. After one time, the student’s can be split up into groups (maybe boys and girls, or row-by-row). Then after that, we can have two or three students attempt the dialog. Let’s Practice (5 minutes) Using examples in the classroom, the teachers can practice some new sentences. • KT Ok, students, this pencil is longer than your pencil. Students repeat. • SS ‘This pencil is longer than your pencil. • NT Now students, “I am taller than Jack student”. Can you say that? • SS “Matthew teacher is taller than Jack student” • KT Good, can you think any examples • S1 ‘This book is bigger than that book’ • NT Ok that’s good, Can you students repeat that • SS ‘This book is bigger than that book’  We can use the powerpoint from earlier in the class for the teacher and students to make their own sentences.

• • • • • • • • • •

We can make a new powerpoint to use to make a new sentences.

Faster, Better, Stronger Song (4 minutes) This song on youtube by Daft Punk use the words and children will enjoy watching the way the artist uses the words they have just learned. http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=K2cYWfq--Nw Wrap-Up Time to finish the class  NT “Ok, children we are finished English Class today.”  KT “Did you have fun today?”  Ss “Yes!!!!”  KT “Ok, goodbye students, say goodbye to Matthew Teacher”  Ss “Goodbye, goodbye Matthew Teacher NT “Goodbye, see you next time.”

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