Lesson Plan Date: Time: Class: Teachers: Unit: Objectives: Materials: Monday November 3, 2008 2 (9:50-10:30) 6-3 Matthew (Native Teacher

– NT) Emma (Korean Teacher – KT) Lesson 12-3 (Will You Help Me Please) Students begin to understand the expressions that are used for asking and responding to help. Textbook, CD-Rom, powerpoint

Introduction and Review (10-15 minutes) Do a short introduction and review to prepare the class with the previous day materials and teachers. This introduction will go as follows:  NT & KT: “Good morning students” Students (Ss) “Good morning Matthew Teacher…”  KT: “How are you today?”  Ss “I’m fine, thank you”  NT: “How’s the weather today?”  Ss “It’s ________________”  NT: “Ok, very good!” KT & NT can do next do a review using the powerpoint presentation for the material. The powerpoint will go over the basic question “Will you help me please?” “Sure” “Of course” “No problem” “I’m sorry, I can’t” Let’s Sing (5 minutes) First, the children have to listen to the chant and try and recognize the rhythm. After the students have listened to the chant, they can begin to put the chant together. After the students have done the chant together, we can split the chant into different sections (row by row, boys & girls) and they can practice the chant together. Let’s Writing (5 minutes) The students look at the pictures on page 100. First they should try and read the sentences out-loud and fill in the blanks. If there is any difficulty they can read together

with the teacher. Next the students should watch the computer screen. After the play is finish, the teachers can ask the students some questions about the dialog. After part 1 is finished, the teachers should introduce part 2. They introduce the pictures and then ask the students to fill in the answers on their own. After the students have filled in the answers, the teachers can go over the answers by checking the CD-Rom. Powerpoint Game (10-15 minutes) Students will be the ‘baam’ type game using powerpoint. They will get in groups of 3, chose a number, then answer the question. Wrap-Up Time to finish the class  NT “Ok, children we are finished English Class today.”  KT “Did you have fun today?”  Ss “Yes!!!!”  KT “Ok, goodbye students, say goodbye to Matthew Teacher”  Ss “Goodbye, goodbye Matthew Teacher  NT “Goodbye, see you next time.”

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