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Univerity of Luzon

(College of Nursing)

Name: Zhyrra R. Garcia Date: July 31, 2014
Course/Year: BSN II Instructor: Mrs.Amelia

A case reading for C-section

Giving birth is one of the most astonishing moment a woman could go through.
But due to some reasons, normal delivery of the baby is not possible, and the mother has to go under

Upon reading a case study of Caesarean section, I was actually amazed with all the new learnings
that i got to know and made me look for more articles about it.
Never did it came to my mind that there are many cases why C-Section is being performed.
Because way back then, all I thought was, women prefer
C-section for the reason that they can afford it and they are probably just trying to keep away from the
excruciating experience of vaginal delivery.

Both options has pros and cons, either way, it's up to the mother to choose which option she prefer
But for me,I personally think that behind the increasing rate of mothers opting for C-seaction, the
vaginal birth is still the best way to welcome a child into this beautiful world. It is less invasive, with
shorter recovery period, allows baby to develope fully and and be delivered naturally by the normal
process of labor.