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Directions: Write the English word in the blank.
30 Questions/1 point each
Harry and the Lady Next Door
1. _________________________
2. _________________________
3. _______________________________
4. ~ _________________________________
5. __________________________________
6. _________________________________
7. ___________________________________
8. _______________________________
9. __________________________________
10. _________________________________


1. / _________________________
2. ____________________________
3. _____________________________
4. ________________________________
5. ___________________________________
6. _______________________________________
7. / ___________________________________
8. ________________________________
9. ______________________________________
10. ________________________________________

15 Questions/2 points each

Harry and the Lady Next Door

1. Who lives next door to Harry?
a. A teacher

b. An opera singer
c. A cat.
d. A Korean family
2. What kind of neighbor is the lady?
a. She sings too loud.
b. She is mean.
c. She makes cookies for Harry.
d. She is never home.
3. Who runs after Harry?
a. The band.
b. Bees
c. The school teachers
d. A group of dogs
4. Where does Harry sleep?
a. In the swimming pool.
b. In the house and in the dog house
c. In a castle.
d. In his foodbowl.
5. At the end of the book, where does the lady next door go?
a. She travels to Asia.
b. She travels to Europe.
c. She travels to New York.
d. She travels to India.


1. How much money does Della have?
a. 5000 won
b. One dollar and eighty seven cents.
c. One dollar and four cents.
d. Five dollars and two cents.
2. What does Della want to buy Jim?
a. a wig
b. a wallet
c. a chain for his watch
d. a new car
3. How does Della pay for Jims present?

a. She sells apples.

b. She works at the hair salon.
c. She works at the pawn shop.
d. She cuts her hair and sells it.
4. What does Jim want to buy Della?
a. a hairpin
b. a new dress
c. apples
d. a house
5. What does Jim sell to get money?
a. his watch
b. his clothes
c. some candy
d. his shoes

5 Questions/10 points
Fill in the blank.
1. When Harry is a good dog, he sleeps inside. When he is a bad dog, he sleeps _____________________.
2. Harry hears the ________________________ and thinks they make a beautiful sound.
3. Della and Jim ______________ each other very much.
4. Della wants to buy apples, but the _____________________________ steals all of Dellas money.
5. Christmas is a magical time. Della and Jim believe in Christmas ________________________________.

30 Points