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Canadian ZOG Covers Up Vicious Anti-

White Hate Crime
Teens charged in New Years Day LRT attack
City cops have charged two teens in connection with a New Years Day LRT attack
conceding it was fuelled less by race and more by booze that left five teens hurt.
Cops initially said the assault against four white teen girls and a 19-year-old male was
racially motivated, but investigators now believe the fight was triggered by booze and a
rowdy group mentality of up to 30 native youths.
A racist comment may have been made by someone in the attacking group, but police
couldnt find enough information to attribute that to any particular person in that
group, said Edmonton police spokesman Wes Bellmore. An anonymous comment from
someone in a large alcohol-fuelled crowd doesnt constitute a bias crime or a hate
On Jan. 1 around 12:30 a.m., police say a group of youths boarded the train at
Churchill station. As the train headed north, five people in the group allegedly punched
and kicked four teen girls and a male who were travelling together. The male suffered
severe bruising, while the girls suffered bumps and bruises, say police.
More charges may be still be laid, say cops. So far, 15 people in the group have been
IDd. Investigators said many of the alleged attackers had just met that night and
theres no evidence of any gang affiliations.
Mayor Bill Smith said yesterday hes pleased the investigation determined that there
was no racial remarks made that they could tell.
Lars Wallace Bird, 18, of Edmonton, and a 16-year-old male have each been charged
with assault causing bodily harm and four counts of assault.