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Speaking Practice

Instructions: Ask and answer the following questions about you.Work in

Q:Whats thisWhat is this!
A:Its aan """"""".
Q:What color is this"""""""!
A: Its """"""""".
Q:What color is that"""""!
A: #hats """""""".
Q:What color are those """"""!
A: #hey are""""""""""""".
Q:What color are these """""!
A:#hey are#hese are"""""""".
Q:What are you wearing!
A:I$ wearing """"""""".
Q:What is she wearing!
A:Shes wearing """""""".
Q:What are they wearing!
A:#hey are wearing """"""""".
Q:What are we wearing!
A: We are wearing """"""""""".
Q:What isWhats your fa%orite shoes color!
A: &y fa%orite """"""" is """""""""""".