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Courses for BSEE for the Communication track.

The following courses will be helpful to the students who want to study the communication track in
the final year.
Digital Communication
Pre-requisite: Signal Processing
Introduction; Signal properties and classification
Frequency domain representation of signals; LTI systems; transfer function and impulse response
Fundamentals of signal spaces; signals as vectors; Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization
Vectorial representation of digital communications signals; pulse amplitude modulation (PAM)
Higher dimensional signals; quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM); carrier modulation
Preview to optimum demodulators; Nyquist pulse-shaping
Probability; random variables; random processes
Correlation demodulator; matched filter demodulator
AWGN vector signal model; maximum likelihood and maximum a posteriori detection
BER computation
Linear filter channels and equalization
Recommended books
1) Fundamentals of Digital Communications by Bernard Sklar