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Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad

Department of Liberal Arts

Assignment for Mid Semester 2014

Total Marks - 20

Assignment 1 10 Marks

a) Create an illustrated Introduction of Elements of Art. eg. Line, Shape, Form, Value,
Space, Texture etc. With definition and drawings.
b) Define and Differentiate study of manmade objects and natural objects with drawings.
c) Define Still life with a few illustrated examples.

Assignment 2 10 Marks

a) Define Color theory.
b) Explain Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colors with illustration.
c) Explain Monochromatic, Analogous and Complimentary colors with illustration.
d) Make a Creative color wheel.


Both the assignment should be made separately.
Cover page should be made creatively, e.g. there can be a drawing, painting, collage
work or decoration of your choice on cover.
Do not use digital print or photo print.
Assignments should be made completely manually.
Only black pen should be used for writing.
Maintain neatness in handwriting, Illustrations and layouts.
Mention reading reference for written content in the last page. Each assignment should
comprise, at least 10 pages or more. Use only one side of the paper; it should not be
back to back.
Mention your Name, Roll no., Date and Topic on the last page.
Assignment layout could be Portrait or Landscape format.
Keep in mind that the assignments may be kept on display for one day for LA and other