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Nuestro, Clarisse Jade R.
Tonido, Kimberly L.
Ong, Prince Ericko M.

Mauaque Resettlement High Schoo
S.Y. 2013 - 2014


The Philippines is looming with garbage problems despite the passage of the Ecological
Solid Waste Management Act or the Republic Act (RA) 9003. Waste disposal is one of the main
problems that individuals are encountering in this present days. Every people produce waste every
day, especially when we are at home, school, office or even in market. Eating fruits is needed for
us to be healthy and one of this fruits is orange. Many of us eat orange as part of our daily meal,
but we only eat the flesh and we just threw the peel away.

According to our research, orange peel has more vitamins than its flesh and it is good for
whitening our skin and it has ingredient that can clean our skin.

We came up to this topic that we will make orange peel as pimple remover. Orange peel
because it is rich in vitamins and good for cleaning our skin and pimple remover because having
pimple is one of the problem that are being faced by the teenagers nowadays. Because of that,
many of us applied different creams to prevent pimples but instead it damages our skin.

This research was conducted by the researcher to somehow decrease the waste that are being
produced everyday by using orange peel and to help teenagers to prevent having pimples.

Nowadays, one of the major problems of many
people particularly of the teenagers is skin problems
(Pimple). Because of this problem, the researchers
conduct a research to somehow help to prevent or
avoid having pimples. And at the same time to
lessen the waste disposal by recycling this material to
conduct useful things