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Order in the matter of M/s GreenTouch Projects Limited
Shri S Raman, Whole Time Member, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), has passed an order dated
August 07, 2014 in the matter of GreenTouch Projects Limited, inter-alia directing that the company shall not
mobilize funds from investors. Further, the company and its directors (Shri Shyam Sundar Dey, Shri Snehasish
Sarkar, Shri Sujoy Sahaand Shri Sumon Sarkar) are prohibited from issuing prospectus or any offer document or
issue advertisement for soliciting money from the public for the issue of securities, in any manner whatsoever, either
directly or indirectly, till further orders.
The Company, its directors have further been directed not to dispose off any of the properties or alienate or
encumber any of the assets of the Company without prior permission from SEBI and not to divert any funds raised
from public at large through the Offer of Non-Convertible Debentures, which are kept in bank account(s) and/or in
the custody of the company.
GreenTouch Projects Debenture Trust (represented by its Trustee, viz. Swagata Kumar Maiti) is prohibited from
continuing with its present assignment as a debenture trustee in respect of the Offer of NCDs of the company and
also from taking up any new assignment or involvement in any new issue of debentures, etc. in a similar capacity,
from the date of this order till further directions.
The company and its above mentioned Directors, are restrained from accessing the securities market and further
prohibited from buying, selling or otherwise dealing in the securities market, either directly or indirectly, till further
The company was engaged in fund mobilizing activity through issue of Secured Redeemable Debentures to more
than 49 person without complying with the relevant provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 and provisions of the
SEBI (issue and Listing of Debt Securities) Regulations, 2008
The full text of the order is available on the website:
August 08, 2014
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