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Contingency Plan

In the event of a declaration of war upon Jackal Corporation

by the USCPF and/or branches and the Sandsharks and/or
branches, the Integrated r!ed Services will carry out the
Phantom Project
#erchants, products, and supplies will be guarded by
operatives of rank Sergeant or above" #e!bers of the
Special $actic Unit will dress in plainclothes and re!ain
hidden in the vicinity" S$U operatives will deny any
association with Jackal Corporation until told otherwise by a
%ice &epart!ental '(cer or above" )hilst in plainclothes,
S$U operatives will be re*uired to use non+Jackal issued
gear, to reduce the chances of identi,cation"
!ini!u! of three operatives of rank Inspector or above
will be deployed to assassinate persons who hold high
ranking in opposing factions" #ethods of assassination
include bladed weapons, pistols, and close range ri-es"
Poison and long range weaponry hold too high a risk"
Key Targets.
/oth SandShark leaders"
0/lit10 2'nly if CaveSharks declare war, independant fro!
USCPF Co!!ander of Forces
USCPF Second Co!!ander
USCPF First Co!!ander
Special Allies.
In the event of a co!bined attack upon Jackal Corporation,
seperate divisions or speci,c persons !ay assist Jackal
$he Inner S*uare
4epublic 4angers
)asteland Insurrection 2$entative3
$he 4ed+5ine
&aryl #enno6
$yler )inters
$he Contingency Plan is still being worked on, and this is the
,rst draft"