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Stuck, little place

Hell deprived, heaven less

Eyes imbued with heaviness
No pacifist or rabiator
Life winding by, Blas Theater
Or beautiful tragedy
Whatever diamond orbs choose to see
We play together and destroy each other
I stoop down, and an unemotional flower
Breathes blush to cheek
Dost thou know Im weak?
An angel racked with thought alit
Upon my ground, touching sword to shoulder
raisonn matrix, mind beneath boulder
A wonder by which the face doth smolder
There is molten blood flowing on my right
Bricks by my left; on back I heft
Tempting, but vulnerability never loses
Tempest, a path one chooseth
Ramify orderly complexity
Not knowing what to be
I am a sweet lullaby, a mourning cry
Morning rise, cast midst the night
Sleep soon, sleep well through the moon
Many, rapine, and plundering
They leave a lonesome soul
Dazed and wondering
Maybe you were a rose
So poorly tended to
My intention to make light of this
Not a mistake, or a person knew
I am a rapparee, there is nowhere to be
I may bear tattered leaves
Here I stand free
Rapprochement seems impossible
But I leave you, an iron will
Say unto me, your fill
No longer acting as a shill
No need to be a shell of yourself
I shant misplace you on a shelf
Can you behold an egress?
Or have I displaced the time
No need to run to a rauwolfia
You can rest, by my shoulder
Peace my hand by your crown
Not a pest for a moment
Not sick or declining
Only working, refining
All you know to be
Judgment divine and unjustly
You may pause a bit
Just one more in a garden
Many have been as you have been
Not wrong, or right
None have lived as you have seen
Fear may stand, youre packed in dense soil
Likeness unplanned, perhaps tense and roiled
You blossom, just as any might
A hyacinth.
Who views azure skies, and comforting clouds