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By : Trang Wisesa Wardhani

Name : Trang Wisesa Wardhani

S1- STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta

Using Mikrotik since ecem!er "#1"

$erti%icate : not yet &

Backgro'nd :
(B )*# +
(B 11## A,
(B )-- UA,
(B )11 UA,
And Many More&
(B .*1U-",n
User Manager
User manager is a management system that can !e 'sed %or:

,ots/ot 'sers

000 100t02000o34 'sers

,$0 Users

Wire5ess Users

(o'terOS Users

User Manager is a(AIUSser7era//5ication8

In(o'terOS7ersion ) User Manager test /ackage 9as introd'ced:
ha7ing ma;or %'nctiona5ity and inter%acechanges8
So'rce : htt/:229iki8mikrotik8com2
User Manager