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Water Structurizers

The Rainmaker:!

Clayton Nolte:
Structured Water Unit:

Following Clayton Noltes design, I made my own units.

This one has Shungite Spheres I ordered online.
About 1.18 inch spheres. I got a cast acrylic tube. 3 inch outer
diameter. 2.5 inch inner diameter. inch sidewall.
The unit I originally got from Clayton cracked open As seen here:
A Look Inside Clayton's Unit:
The broken parts of Claytons unit fit perfectly in the acrylic tube! So
I used them as end caps since they already had the threaded holes.
I cut off about 3 on both sides so it wouldnt be as tall seen here.

I combined Dan Winters magnet arrangement with Claytons sphere

design. So, in this unit, I have magnets forced together even though
they want to repel oriented on either side of the tube.
And then alternating position 90 degrees just like Claytons spheres.
(More about Dan Winter in the next part)

Then I put |____| shaped metal brackets touching the magnets on

either side. If iron or steel touches 1 side of a magnet, the field lines
from that side will be sucked into the metal and circulate in the
metal. Leaving the other pole extending out as normal. This is good
because we only want 1 pole to be exposed to the water. The metal
bracket sucks the field lines up so the water gets mainly the 1 pole
you want. South Pole (Positive) for plants. North Pole (Negative) to
drink or cook with, or give it to your pets.

Fluid Forming Dual Vortex around a Sphere:

Make Your own with Marbles:
Water Enhancer System:
The unit with spheres seen here

is best oriented vertically, not

Update 1:
Update 2:
Update 3:
Update 4:
End Pieces:

Cavitation - Sonoluminescence - Hexagons
Magnetic Plant Growth
CeraMetrix Filter (Aqua Cera):

Dan Winter's Imploder:



After seeing their video, I duplicated their unit myself and modified it a bit.
Then combined it with Clayton Noltes Spheres and Dan Winters magnets.
(Also look into Dr. Shima and Terrahertz Waves)

3/8 16 stainless steel hex nuts . 171 per unit.

Thats 19 Hex Nuts forming a hexagon per layer. With 9 stacked layers. Each
layer is stacked off-set by 45 degrees to form small channels in an even matrix for
which water is guided.

The design is mimicking graphene layers stacked in a Bernal Pattern of ABA.

I tried experimenting with the ABC Bernal Stacking pattern, but it rose to a point
and wasnt even in the tube. Would have needed to grind down over half the hex
nuts to make them fit properly. But there are LOTS of combinations to explore
and try out.

For the unit here, I used 3/8 -16 hex nuts in a 3.25 O.D. x 2.75 I.D. clear cast
acrylic tube. (1/4 sidewall) standing 3 inches tall.

Because larger hex nuts were used the resulting stack ended up being 2.85 wide.
But the opening of the tube is 2.75 wide. So, 3 to 4 hex nuts per layer had to be
grinded down with an angle grinder in a vice.

That allowed for hexagonal array to fit snugly in the tube without much play.

For this particular unit, steel screens keep the hex nuts in place once the end caps
are press fit on the 3 inch clear cast acrylic tube.

The end caps are 3 to 1.5 reducers. (They are labeled 3 but really they are
3.25.) Then a 1.5 inch to reducer to connect to PVC irrigation connected
with the blue PVC cement to seal it.

Unit will handle standard water pressure.

For use in the garden or agriculture. If used for a house, it needs to be
installed in conjunction with a water filter. Water should flow through the
unit first and then through a filter. If just using it for the garden, commercial
cleaning, etc, no filter is necessary.
Improves oxygenation and hydrogen of the water, softens the water and
allows for plants to absorb nutrients more effectively, thereby, improving
root growth, quality and yield.
Weight of the unit is 4 pounds.

(Scale says 3 pounds 15.6 ounces)

(I think the original VG7 unit uses small M6 stainless steel hex nuts)

$173.77 for 3/8-16 hex nuts (including the tax and $25 shipping.)
$15 for an additional set of 19 hex nuts with nylon inserts for dielectric.
$40 for 12 cast acrylic tube. (will call)
$18 per cut for the plastic place to cut off a 3 inch section.
$7.50 per 3.25 x 1.5 PVC reducer end cap. (2 caps) = $25 with shipping.
$2 per 1.5 x PVC reducer. (2 reducers) Will Call
$15 for 1 foot x 5 foot Roll of screen.
$15 for sheers to cut the screen.
$5 for Blue PVC glue/ cement
My labor is worth $45 per hour totaling 6 hours to make = $270
But Ill cut that back to $30/ hr totaling 6 hours to make = $180
At those numbers, this particular unit cost $480 to make.
(Not including the weeks of research, experimenting, tests, driving around
for parts, trials/ errors, etc)







A1 is a cast acrylic tube. 3.25 outer

diameter/ 3 inner diameter.

A2 is a cast acrylic tube. 3 outer diameter/
2.75 inner diameter.

C1 is a thin copper foil/sheet rolled up to
line the inside of A1. C1 is the Positive (+)

C2 is a thin copper foil/ sheet rolled up to
line the inside of A2. C2 is the Negative ()

Goal is to connect high voltage to the sheets
so a Negative Coronal Discharge is generated
by C2. Water passes through C2.

Top of C1 is connected to Positive terminal.
Bottom of C2 is connected to Negative

Direction of water flow should be same
direction of electric current flow. (From top
to bottom) Even though the electric field will
be radial.

Then I started mixing more ideas and experimenting with them.

I think 245 nm LEDs would be good to use for UV disinfecting.
But the only 245nm LEDs are available though high scientific sources
and cost about $350 per LED. Yikes. It would work though.

Structurizers.. Connect um All:

Pillar Of Light Dual Vortex

Dr. Willard's Wonder Water
Willard's Site:

Marcel Vogel's work:

Marcel Vogel's Crystals:

Viktor Schauberger PDFs:

Repulsine Remake:

Comprehend and Copy Nature:

ElectroCulturing and Magnaculturing


Albert Roy Davis & Walter Rawls Jr:


Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System

The Magnetic Blueprint of Life

Electrically Structured Water:
Dr. Pollak at Ted X:

Cosmic Dehydration Unit by Wilhelm Mohorn:

Wilhelm Mohorn at Global BEM Conference:

Dynamic Flow Forms:

Micarox for Fukashima Remediation:

Video going over Dan Nelson's Wayback Water, Bionaid and Doc
Willard's Water:
Wayback Water:

Atmospheric Water Generator:

Thinking about how to combine an Atmospheric Water Generator with

a Trompe and Nitinol and/ or Tesla Turbines.
An atmospheric water generator needs solar panels or a power
source to run the air compressors. It extracts water vapor from the
atmosphere, condenses it, filters it and purifies it with UV light (245
nm) and/ or ionizing or ozonating water. The industrial AWGs are loud
because of the air compressors. And the compressed system of the
AWG is adiabatic.
A trompe isothermally compresses air. So when you use it, the air is
freezing. A trompe requires a source of running water. So if you use a
trompe to power an industrial sized Atmospheric Water Generator,
you solve the noise issue, can get rid of the adiabatic air compressors
altogether, get rid of the solar panel, and the unit wouldn't ever get
hot. Might have to have a heater actually to warm up the water since
the compressed air from the trompe running the AWG might freeze
the pipes. And you also might not need a natural source of water!
Can use the water collected by the AWG to power the trompe.
You could then combine a Nitinol Heat engine in the set up. Bubble
the isothermically compressed air through a vat of water. It will keep
the water very close to freezing. Then have an electric generator run
by the compressed air which powers a heater. Then you have 2 vats
of water. 1 cold, 1 heated. Put the Nitinol Heat engine in the varying
temperature water and vwalla... you have a sustaining energy source
from a trompe, AWG and Nitinol.
You could also use 2 Tesla Turbines with this set up. One turbine in
forward mode used as a generator in place of the Nitinol. And the
other used in reverse as a water pump to feed back the reservoir.
I'd need one hell of a kickstarter campaign. Lol
Ecolo Blue Industrial AWGs:

PAX / Lily Impeller:

Georges Lakhovsky:
Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator with Thomas Joseph Brown:

Lakhovsky Coils Page:

The Man Who Speaks to Plants:

Dr. Dan Carlsons Sonic Bloom:

"His first success was with a Purple Passion house plant that
normally grows only about 18 inches. Under the influence of Sonic
Bloom, the plant eventually grew over 1,200 feet, and earned itself a
place in the Guinness Book of World Records."
Arrived in the Mail:
The growth of plants can be stimulated by sound alone. The effect
continues up to 50 KHz. Frequencies of 4-5 KHz are particularly
effective for increasing germination, enzyme activity, and respiration.
Normally, the streaming movement of protoplasm in plant cells slows
down in the early morning and evening, but this streaming can be
accelerated by an audio frequency generator used for 30 minutes at a
distance of about 5 feet from the plants. As a result, the amount and
rate of growth increases. Plants should not be treated thus for more
than 3 hours daily, or the plants are likely to die within a month or
two, depending on the quality of the sound and its intensity. Very
loud, high frequency sound causes cellular disruption and death.
Some rock'n roll music also does so.
A revolutionary process called "Sonic Bloom", invented by Dan
Carlson, uses a 3 KHz tone (modulated to produce birdlike chirps and
whistles) and a foliar spray (55 trace minerals, seaweed, gibberillin
and amino acids) to produce "indeterminate growth in plants". His first
success was with a Purple Passion house plant that normally grows
only about 18 inches. Under the influence of Sonic Bloom, the plant
eventually grew over 1,200 feet, and earned itself a place in the
Guinness Book of World Records. (29)
Growers using Sonic Bloom report dramatic increases in yield, better
tasting vegetables and fruits, and more brilliant flowers. Cultivators
can expect increased production and early maturity. Alfalfa sprouts
will increase in weight by 1,200% within 3 days. The sprouts will have
a much longer shelf life (2-3 weeks) than usual (3-4 days).
Experiments with Sonic Bloom in Africa produced plants which

survived extremely hot weather and flooding. Sonic Bloom also will
produce fruit on first year trees. Apple farmers have reported triplesized yields, 8-month shelf life, and a huge increase in nutrient
values: 126% more potassium, 326% more chromium, 400% more
iron, and 1,750% more zinc. Losses to diseases and pests have been
reduced more than 80%.
The possibilities are unlimited. For example, Carlson says:
"One of our greatest breakthroughs to make everyone understand
how easy it is to feed large amounts of people, involved a sucker on a
tomato. A sucker is normally a sterile branch which appears in
between a side shoot and the main branch. Our tomato plants grow 2
inches a day so if we allow a sucker to grow for seven days, it's about
14 inches long. If we then cut it off, put it in the shade and spray it
once a day with a 1/4 ounce per gallon solution of Sonic Bloom, in 1014 days it becomes fully rooted and starts to grow 2 inches per day.
Fifty-five days later, it is 7-9 feet tall. Now, normal production on
tomatoes is 90 days. We're doing this in less than 55, plus we're
producing at least twice as much fruit in almost half the time.
Water is added to the concentrated Sonic Bloom formula. The
cassette (containing a 3 KHz signal and nature sounds) is played at
high volume with high treble and medium bass for 10 minutes before
spraying the plants. The plants are then sprayed while the cassette is
playing, and the sound is continued for another 20 minutes after
spraying. Both sides of the leaves should be saturated. Treatment is
best performed early in the morning (before 9 am), preferably in foggy
weather. On cold mornings, spraying should be delayed until late
afternoon. Do not spray plants when the temperature falls below 50o
F. The formula also can be administered in the regular weather
supply, by drip-feeding, hydroponics, etc.. The nutrient solution
should be applied once a month for the first month, then twice weekly
thereafter. Seeds should be soaked in dilute nutrient solution for 8
hours or overnight while the sound tape is played continuously on a
cassette deck with auto-reverse capability. Plant the seeds
immediately. The tape ought to be played daily for at least 30 minutes
during daylight hours.

Music For Your Plants:
Proper Nutrients:

Dr. Bob Beck Lecture:
Bob Beck Protocol:
Beck Paper:

Pier Luigi Ighina's Cosmic Inventions:
Pier Luigi Ighina:
Ighina Info Page:

Grander Water:
Top Secret Water:
Water - The Great Mystery:
Extraordinary Nature of Water:
Explanation of Toxic Fluoride in Water:
Dr. Cassar - DIY Magnetic Blender:
Radio Wave Treated Water Prof. Austin Darragh & Dr JJ Leahy
Gary Greenfield's Resonator:

Vorsong Water:

Back to Eden Film:
Back to Eden Tour:
Permaculture Sheet Mulching & Micronized Rock Dust:

Thomas Galen Heironymous:

About 1930, I decided to try an experiment of conducting

Chlorophyll Energy over wires. I had been conducting Eloptic
Energy over long distance via wire.
A wood platform was installed on the south side of the house about
six feet above the ground in order to get the desired potential of
energy which increases with distance above the ground.
Having some wooden cigar boxes available, I cut boxes apart and
cut pieces and made eight boxes that were 2" X 2" X 4" although
any size boxes will work.
Aluminum foil was placed on the bottom of seven boxes inside so as
to be in contact with the soil.
Similar pieces of foil were placed on the underside of the lid of each
Wires were connected to each piece of foil, the wires from the lids
were extended to the sun plates, the wires from the bottom foils were
connected to the water pipe and thus grounded.
Refer to Figure #1 which shows a 'side' view of the installation.
See Figure #2 for details of the box construction.

Seven plates were placed on the platform so as to pick up energy

from the sun and a wire was connected to each plate and extended
down into the basement, each box having the top foil plate
connected via wire to a plate out on the platform in the sunlight. The
eighth box had no connection to the outside, it being the 'control'.
The plates on the platform were all different in size. The smallest was
2" X 4", the next 4" X 8", the largest was about 8" X 10" and one
plate was copper screen wire.
Some dirt was screened and 1/2 inch of dirt placed in each box. Oat
seeds were selected, all of uniform size and planted in two rows of 5
seeds spaced in each row, the 1/2" of dirt was placed on top in the
box. The same amount of water was added to each box as needed
from day to day.
All of the seeds sprouted about the same time. Then we noticed that
there was no chlorophyll in the 10 plants in the control box. All of the
boxes connected to outside plates had plants with much chlorophyll.
We were quite surprised to note that the plants in boxes with large
outside plates seemed to look as if they had been subjected to heat.
Apparently the large outside plates were bringing in an excess of
energy compared with the effect of the small size outside plates.
Very soon, the plants grew too tall for the small amount of 'head
room' in the boxes so each box was equipped with a spacer to raise
the top of each lid up about 3/4".
The boxes were placed on a shelf in the end of the basement where
there was little light, with no windows at that end. Also, the shelf was
kept dark by a board placed in front and another on top to exclude
all light. The plants were dark all of the time except when they were
examined by a flashlight.

A friend tried to duplicate the experiment, but did not follow all
instructions. Their basement was only about 3 feet from the
basement floor to the ground level outside.
Instead of placing the outside plates above ground 6 feet, they laid
on the ground, thus they did not have the potential differences
between outside collector and inside boxes and the experiment was
a failure. Also, there was a window near that let much light into
where the boxes were placed.
Anyone who expects to duplicate an experiment should be sure they
know all the factors and that they follow the instructions exactly
without any substitution or change. And as to changes, if you are
trying to get a special result and are trying out several methods or
ideas, one of the cardinal points to doing good work is to make just
one change at a time.
Then you know just what the results are. If you make two changes
and the result is a failure, you do not know but that one of the
changes and the results is a failure, you do not know but that one of
the changes may have been alright.
Radiations from each of the known elements of matter produce some
form of energy, probably electrons which can be made to flow along
electrical conductors, The flow from each of the elements having
characteristics different from the others. Conversely, the flow of
electrons along a conductor produces a radiation having
characteristics of the radiation from each respective element.
Such of the known elements as are required to feed growing plants
have been transmitted to the plants through metallic conductors as
the plants were entirely isolated from the elements upon which they
were fed. More precisely, seeds were planted in boxes in a darkened
basement room. One of the boxes of plants containing some of the
seeds was used as a control and no apparatus for transmitted
element radiation thereto provided. The remaining boxes of plants
had electrodes or plates of conducting material mounted or
otherwise disposed adjacent thereto, and each box of plants was
separately attached to a conductor extending to a point outside the

building where electrodes or plates were attached to the conductors

and allowed to remain exposed to the light.
Such of the known elements as required to impart normal
characteristics to the plants were apparently fed thereto by having
the radiations of the elements from the light conducted to the plants
through the wires and associated electrodes.
The treated plants were relatively healthy but the control plant
assumed the characteristics of growing vegetation which has been
deprived of the elements in natural light. Particularly was the control
plant devoid of chlorophyll while the remaining plants were green.

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