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HB Course Outline

HB Course Outline

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Mindanao Sanitarium and Hospital College Tibanga, Iligan City

Department of Nursing Course Outline on the Concept Human Behavior First Semester A.Y. 2009-2010


Introduction on Human Behavior: Self Concept 1. Definition of Self and Behavior 2. Components of Self 2.1Identity 2.2Body Image 2.3Self Esteem 2.4Role Performance

II. Neurobiological Theories in Human Behavior 1. Parts of the Brain 2. Neurotransmitters

III. Theoretical Models on Personality and Behavior 1. Psychoanalytic Theory

1.1 Sigmund Freud (Personality Components and Psychosexual Development) 2. Developmental Theory 2.1 Erik Erikson (Psychosocial Stages) 2.2 Jean Piaget (Stages of Development-Cognitive) 3. Interpersonal Theory 3.1 Harry Stack Sullivan (Five Life Stages) 4. Humanistic Theory 4.1 Abraham Maslow (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs) 5. Behavioral Theory 5.1 Ivan Pavlov (Classical Conditioning) 5.2 B.F. Skinner (Operant Conditioning) 6. Existential Theory

IV. Basic Concept of Stress, Anxiety and Crises as Behavior 1. Stress

1.1Levels of Stress 1.2Physiologic Response to Stress 1.3Manifestations of Stress 2. Anxiety (Levels of Anxiety) 3. Crises ( Types of Crises ) 4. Grief and Loss

V. Defense Mechanisms in Focus

VI. Therapeutic Communication


Human Sexuality 1. Human Sexual Development 2. Human Sexual Response


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