There is so much integrity around us.

From atoms, to Queen
Ann’s Lace, to people, to galaxies.
How is this, when a much more likely, more probable state of
affairs is chaos?
Any person does not have to say anything about this. One
need not have words for this.
Much more important is that we act to build the integrity, not to
destroy it--in so far as possible.
But thinking that all of this integrity is just happenstance,
some kind of cosmic accident, is just senseless. There is
something else in it.
Many do have words to speak about how it is that integrity
The miracle of God’s love;
The wonder of nature;
The Great Mystery;
Natural Harmony;
The perfect balance of this moment;
The Universe’s Love;
The Great Spirit.
There are many other words that can be used to refer to the
light, the numinosity, the heart.

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