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Piedmont CASA Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, June 6, 2014, Winder, Georgia
Minutes of Board Meeting
Board members attending: Joe Vogt, Bob Derrick, Charm McCall, Tom Murphy, Stacey Doughty, Amber Wall,
and Tabitha Gooch
Members absent: Jennifer Losquadro, Liz Elegreet, Mark Owen, Barbara Wilson, David Gussio and Faye Spicer

1. Call to Order: 3:30 p.m. by Chairman Charm McCall who announced a quorum present.
Welcome by Chairman Charm McCall.

2. Introductions: Charm stated that there were no visitors attending.

3. Consent Agenda Charm asked if there should be any items removed from the consent agenda. Hearing
none, she called for a motion to approve the consent agenda as follows:
a. Minutes from Board of Directors Meeting on 4/22/14
b. Executive Directors Report: attached
Motion was made by Bob Derrick, seconded by Joe Vogt to approve the Consent Agenda as distributed.
None opposed. Motion carried.

4. Treasurers report- Joe explained that a column had been added for a reserve account, and that $2,000
had been entered into that account. This was a clerical entry, and no physical account had been generated.
Joe further stated that all changes that occur with the accounts are the result of collaboration
and communication with Annette, with copies going to Charm.

5. Old business: none.
6. New business
a. Approve Annual Plan: Changes discussed were date correction for HFC, the 5K event, and creation of
a Succession Committee for the Directors Position. Annette stated that the goals for staff had been
discussed with staff.
Motion was made by Joe Vogt, seconded by Tom Murphy to approve the Annual Plan with changes.
None opposed. Motion carried.

b. Discussion of proposed by-law changes: The Executive Committee had discussed possible changes to the
by-laws: a board member can reapply for appointment to the board after their last 3 year term has expired.
There must be a new written application for consideration to the nominating committee, and the nominating
committee must re-nominate the board member. Also discussed was a possible new officer position, past
chair. Notice of these changes will go out by email before the August meeting.

c. Approve Strategic Plan: Annette mentioned the small changes that had been made to the plan by the
board at the April strategic planning meeting. Charm stated the new plan would be from 2014-2017.
Motion was made by Bob Derrick, seconded by Stacey Doughty to approve the proposed changes.
None opposed. Motion carried.

d. Approve budget for 2014-15: Board members had a few questions about salaries, amount projected as an
overage for the next year. Contributions and fundraising projections were also briefly discussed.
Motion was made by Bob Derrick, seconded by Amber wall to approve the Strategic Plan.
None opposed. Motion carried.

e. Elect new Officers: Charm said that Faye Spicer would be unable to assume the duties of chair in 2015-16.
She stated that the Executive Committee discussed nominating Tabitha Gooch as Vice Chair. Tabitha Gooch
was nominated to the position of Vice Chair by Joe Vogt, seconded by Tom Murphy. Charm announced that
Frank Llorens would be coming off of the board and would be asked to keep CASA in his future plans should
his work load permit.
Officers were voted in by all board members present with no opposition.

f. Appoint new Volunteer Committee and Nominating Committee Chairs : Charm stated that the Volunteer
Committee would appoint its own chair. She said that she had contacted Mark Owen and that he was willing
to serve as chair of the Nominating Committee, which appointment she made. Charm also discussed the
Succession Committee, which has been created to allow for a smooth transition in Executive Director at the
end of 2015.

g. Re-appoint remaining Committee Chairs: A detailed list of the Committee Chairs is available on the board
website and attached to these minutes.

7. Committee Reports:

a. HeART for Chocolate, Heart for Children, Feb. 7, 2015, Braselton-Stover House, Braselton, GA.
Amber Wall, co-chair, announced that the date and venue have been secured, and that Theresa Kennerly has
agreed to be MC for the event. Inquiry has been made for the band and auctioneer. Amber will set a meeting
for this committee.

b. Super Hero Run: Stacey Doughty announced that current sponsor donations of $3,750 should cover all of
the expenses. More sponsors are needed. The board can contact any sponsors and ask for their participation
in both this event and the Heart for Children event. The flyer for the event was distributed.
c. Development Committee: Tom Murphy mentioned that the recent annual campaign mailing had
generated income of $230.00 at this point, and there were hopes to cover the $500.00 expense of the mailing.
Tom thanked all who had helped with the mailing, and mentioned that new information would help develop a
different approach to the campaign in the future.

CASAs participation in the The Freedom Festival set for June 28
in downtown Jefferson Square was
discussed. Annette will send out an email with details and request for volunteers. The Festival will coincide
with the first Jackson County Heritage GeoTrail.

Tabitha talked about her husbands organizing a fall basketball tournament to benefit CASA.

8. Next Meeting Date First Week in August- to be determined, 3:30 pm at CB&T in Jefferson

9. Motion to Adjourn:
Motion made by Bob Derrick and seconded by Tom Murphy to adjourn the meeting.
All in favor, none opposed, motion carried.


Bob Derrick, Secretary