Highway of Heroes - Canada

Lest we forget!

People await the arrival of the plane transporting the bodies of Canadian soldiers

Arrival of the plane

Arrival of a first soldier

Departure of the procession from the military base in Trenton towards Toronto

Notice the number of Citizens wearing Red T-Shirts

All along the course, the firemen with their hands on their hearts greet the procession

Police officers salute the passage of the soldiers who died in the line of duty

Between Trenton and Toronto, there are 50 bridges, all are occupied by police officers, ambulance men, firemen and especially, ordinary people

The population moves to greet these heroes

The Citizens of Oshawa pack the over passes in Salute to the Heroes!

A Honour Guard of Durham Regional Police Salute Canada’s Heroes

A contingent of Ajax Fire & Emergency Services and local population Salute the Heroes

Capt. Mark Bossi, who served in Afghanistan, fought back tears as he rode along.

As the evening shadows grow, the people mass to pay homage to our Heroes

Downtown Toronto, nearing the offices of the Chief Coroner of Ontario

A final Salute, given by the Members of the Toronto Fire Dept.

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