03 Module One Quiz

1.- Splott added the four instead of subtracting it, on the 4th step.Frizzle he added the
five instead dividing it on the 6th step. If they instead do the operations given they
should end with the answer of two for x.

2.- I tried to explain the Martians about the functions by going into an ice-cream shop.
The price for the cups varied with their sizes so I a gave the Martians three pennies and
told them they are going to pay in the same check because there were a lot of people
and we didn´t want to waste time. To be equal they had to have the same size of cup.So
I wrote an equation to find the total cost of the order.
It was : f(x)= 2x - 3
I explain that the x represented the cost per cup, the two represented the two cups and
the three represented the money I lend them.

3.- They ask me if my function was a legitimate function, I answered them that as long
as the total cost of ice-cream is never the same for the different cup sizes, I will always
have a function.

4.- The medium cup was 3 pennies, so i told them to plug the 3 pennies in the x and
solve the equation:
f(x)=2(3)-3 multiply the two with the three and then subtract the answer by three
the total cost gave us three pennies.

5.- They challenge me and told me to find a function when the total cost was the
opposite to the equation I wrote. So I told them to switch the y with the x and then leave
the y alone by adding the 3 in both sides and dividing the 2 in both sides:
y= 2 x - 3
(x+3)/2 = x

6.- As the global warming was an issue the “tax of cooling” per person.
The tax was 4 pennies.
And there were two persons
h(x)= 4x

Then they ask me whether f(h(x)) and h(f(x)) will always result in the same number.
f(h(x))= 2(4x) - 3
h(f(x))= 2(2x - 3)
I told them that because we where modifying the behavior of the final equation the result
had to be different.

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