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Weekly Writing Homework

Each week your child will be given a writing prompt for homework on a
paper attached to his or her homework. The lined paper, (provided with
the homework), is where the students BEST copy should be written and
this is what should be returned to school.

A highly encouraged practice is to write a rough draft, have another
person edit the writing, and then rewrite a final or best copy.
Expectations and a writing checklist are outlined below. At a minimum,
students are expected to write a Five Finger Paragraph using the
writing prompt. Breaking up the writing process during the week should
make this an enjoyable experience.

For example, first daybrainstorm and write a rough draft. Second dayparent edit the paragraph
and talk about corrections. Third daystudent rewrites paragraph doing their best work. Fourth day-
student reviews the writing checklist to make sure they have included everything.

Five Finger Paragraph Outline

1. A topic sentence that will guide the rest of the paragraph.
2. One complete sentence that provides a supporting detail .
3. Another complete sentence with a different supporting detail.
4. Another complete sentence with a third supporting detail.
5. A concluding statement that restates the topic sentence and wraps it all up.

Weekly Writing Checklist

My name is on my paper.
I have a title at the top of my paper.
I started all my sentences with a capital letter.
I ended all my sentences with proper punctuation.
I put spaces between each word.
I checked my spelling.
My writing makes sense.
I used some WOW words!

*Please keep a copy of the checklist or access it on our class website*