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I am Saidatul Atikah Binti Zabidi (910613-02-5036) will be joining the practicum
phase one as a pre-service teacher for one month starting from 31st March 2013 until
25th April 2013. During this practicum, I have to teach the English Subject for real. I will
be observed by the lecturer twice within this one month and thrice by the guidance
teacher. I have to apply all the knowledge and principles that I learnt previously. I also
need to practice the communication skill and social skill that I learnt in the class.
Practicum is compulsory to each of pre-service teacher starting from semester
five. It gives us chances to face the reality of teaching and gives us chances to apply
our knowledge in real situation. Practicum phase one is the first practicum that I am
going to face. It was an introduction to us about classroom and school.
The purpose of this practicum is to gives exposure to pre service teacher about
life in school based on teacher`s perspective. In the campus, we were given the
pedagogy of teaching and we already conducted our microteaching. These knowledge
and theory could be applied in the practicum so that we get to know the reality. So,
practicum is one of the best manners to produce a good quality of teacher that have
knowledge and experiences in teaching field. It also gives chances to pre service
teacher to increase educational knowledge and experiences.
For this practicum, I was placed at Sekolah Kebangsaan Telaga, Kuala Berang. I
was given chances to teach the class same like other teacher. I hope that I can manage
the class well, deliver the lesson well and contributes something precious to the school
as well as the pupils. I also hope that everybody like teachers, staff and pupils would
give me their cooperation. I also hope that I can use my knowledge and gain new
knowledge and experiences so that I would have better understanding about teaching
profession. I will take this chance to learn as much as I can from the teachers and

Saidatul Atikah Binti Zabidi.
Check by:
Madam Norazlina Bt Kefli
Check by:
Mr Jamaludin bin Alias