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Why Eastern Congo Is One Of The Most Dangerous Places In The World

Why Eastern Congo Is One Of The Most Dangerous Places In The World

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Published by eatablerational76

By: Stephen Reeves

Report Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Stephen h

By: Stephen Reeves

Report Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Stephen h

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Published by: eatablerational76 on Aug 11, 2014
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Why Eastern Congo Is One Of The Most Dangerous Places In

The World
By: Stephen Reeves
Report Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com
Stephen has been writing articles for practically 3 years. All sides are responsible. The Bukavu area
is lawless and is only safe to travel throughout the day, but there are nevertheless brave individuals
who attempt to record everyday occurrences there. This wall of torture is a war against girls, to
destroy girls. 800,000 men and women died in the Rawandan genocide primarily from the Tutsi tribe
murdered by extremist Tutus. It is a secure haven for raped women, constructed by girls for females.
Radio journalists brave the dangers and go to villages to make radio reports in an try to bring a
record of what is happening there to the world.
The tragedy of the circumstance is that the rape of girls in eastern Congo has turn into an daily
The Congo has been described as the heart of Africa. The stigma of rape indicates that several
females are rejected by males, by the community and even by their personal loved ones. As many as
45,000 people die every single month in this region due to the fact of the conflict.
In this area there is also yet another forgotten war raging. Some girls cannot make it to the village
hospitals and other individuals want to hold their rape hidden. Some men and women believe that a
woman should be controlled, no matter what age she is, she have to constantly be controlled.
With violence all about, young children have become ensnared in the conflict and are also victims of
rape, some as young as six months old. They are taken into the forest by the rebels. Come and pay a
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. The cause for the fighting is for the control of minerals from the earth crucial in the manufacture of
electronic components, computer chips and mobile phones.
The capital of the Democratic Republic Of Congo (DR Congo) is Kinshassa. What will happen with
these kids? Is there a opportunity that these youngsters will grow up into evil rapists like their
Why has rape continued to be a difficulty in this region in recent years?
Society dictates that young single ladies must reside with their household. There is a glimmer of
hope even though in a place right here identified as ''The City of Joy''. Here the 1 weapon that is
getting used to devastating effect is RAPE.
Generally exactly where there are military operations there is rape and this has remained a
dominant function of the ongoing conflict in eastern DR Congo with a lot more than 8000 women
reported raped in the course of fighting in 2009. What of the survivors of rape? CEPAC
(Neighborhood of Pentecostal Churches in Central Africa) hospitals are full of women who are
survivors of rape and who have nowhere else to go. Its target is girls who are being systematically
attacked on an unimaginable scale. If they have been to live by themselves they would be deemed
some sort of prostitute. The town may seem tranquil but danger is in no way far away. It is not only
the rebels but members of the Congolese army who are guilty of this crime. It has produced the
Bukavu region one particular of the most unsafe places in the planet, particularly if you are a lady.
With handful of roads and restricted electricity, radio is the only way individuals can get any sort of
dependable news. The rebels and members of the custom tutus Congolese army are guilty but few
males are ever prosecuted and authorities estimate at least 200 000 men and women have been
raped in the eastern Congo because fighting began.
It need to be remembered that not all instances of rape are reported or recorded. There is also a
concern for those females who fall pregnant as a result of rape. Here, girls are raped in vast
numbers. Over eight million of these people reside on significantly less than two dollars a day.
In 1994 Rawanda was devastated by mass killings. It is a weapon of war. At the time this was tough
to think about as they had been living with each other at the time. It is the size of Western Europe
and exhibits a lovely landscape but inside there is suffering and pain. These girls can not run away
from this but must remain and reside with the consequences each and every day. Bukavu has been
on the front line of this vicious war for over a decade. Several have become incontinent and many
have severe internal injuries as a outcome of rape.
This puts in viewpoint the issues that we all have in our civilized communities. Several girls and
youngsters are refugees in their own country, displaced by fighting and rejected by their
The word rape is not adequate. Males abandon their wives who have no handle more than what has
happened to them. It is not a patch on what these individuals go via every single single day. They
brought brutality and violence to the area that continues to this day.
In the Kivu region there is a military campaign backed by the United Nations against Riwandan Hutu
rebels where tens of thousands of men and women have been forced to flee. Rape right here is not
not just males fulfilling a need but rather a systematic raping and brutalizing and in some case
mutilating girls to destroy them. By destroying the women you destroy the whole community. This
city has a population of over ten million individuals. It is a location where for over a decade a brutal
war has raged killing millions of men and women. The murderers fled with more than one particular
million refugees heading for eastern Congo. Custom portrays that when a woman is on her own it is
stated that no one is in handle of custom tutus her. The Congolese army are camped there prepared
to fight the Rawandan Hutu rebels

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