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Maternal and Child Health Problems

Maternal and Child Health Problems

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Published by: mOHAN.S on Dec 04, 2009
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The health of an individual has direct relationship to the lifestyle. It is nothing but just a
way of living. A person who has healthy practices of day to day living will remain
healthy. Those people who follow the healthy life styles are much healthier than those
who follow injurious life styles. The way of life of people in a community and their
individual life style also has a significant impact on health.

Health is related deeply to life- style which includes ways of living, personal hygiene,
habits and behaviour. A healthy lifestyle helps to promote health and poor lifestyle has
ill effects on health. Lifestyles are the most critical modifiable factor influencing the
health today. Life style refers to a person’s general way of living, including living
conditions and individual patterns of behaviour that are influenced by sociocultural
factors and personal characteristics.

Life styles choices may have positive or negative effects on health. Practices that have
potentially negative effects on health are often referred to as risk factors.
E.g. over eating
Getting insufficient exercise

Being over viewing are closely related to the incidence of heart disease, diabetes and
hypertension. Excessive use of tobacco is clearly implicated in lung cancer,
emphysema and cardiovascular diseases. These lifestyle risk factors have gained
increased attention because it is known that many of the leading causes of death. This
also represents a huge impact on the economics of the health care system. Therefore it
is important to understand the impact of lifestyle behaviours on health status. Nurses
can educate their clients and the public on wellness- promoting lifestyle behaviours.

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