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Cruising when the sun goes down

Across the sea
Searching for
Something inside of me
I will find all the lost pieces
Heart will feel
Deep and realI was blind but now i see
*Yeah…You`re the one [2x]
Yeah…I can`t live without u
Take me to your place
Where our hearts belong together
I will follow you
Cause you`re the reason that i breathe
I`ll come running to you
Feel me with your love forever
Promise you one thing
I will never let you go
Cause you are my everything
You're the one, you're my inspiration
You're the one,oh yes you're the one
you're the light that would keep me safe and warm
You’re the one, yess, you’re the one
Like the sun goes down
coming from above all
to the deepest ocean and highest mountain
deep and real deep i can see now
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