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Height: 58

Weight: 135 lbs

Our Town Stage Manager Keck Auditorium
Little Shop of Horrors Audrey Keck Auditorium
Legally Blonde The Musical Elle Woods Keck Auditorium
Once Upon a Mattress Queen Aggravain Keck Auditorium
Lend Me a Tenor Maria Morelli Keck Auditorium
Museum Elizabeth Sorrow/Tink Solheim Keck Auditorium
The Actors Nightmare Meg Keck Auditorium
Wesleyan University, Class of 2017
Robert Louis Stevenson School, Class of 2013, Cum Laude, High Honors
University of California Los Angeles " Summer Musical Theatre Conservatory
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Warner Loughlin Studios #2014"present$
Anne Swedberg #2013$
Kay Cole, Karen Morrow #2012$
Split Supporting Shining Light Pictures
Hello x2 Principal University of Southern California
Snuggles Featured Quinnipiac University
The Man Who Had Too Much Empathy Featured Wesleyan University
Special Skills
Accents: English, Italian, Southern, lisp, Singer: Voice Range E3"D6, Instruments: basic piano, guitar,
ukulele, and drums, Dance: basic ballet, jazz, and modern dance, Circus: unicycle riding, hula hoop
dancing, Languages: English, Spanish, Sports: volleyball, soccer, skiing, horse riding #bareback, dressage,
english, western$,
Miscellaneous: radio disc jockey, whistling, drivers license, valid US passport

Web Series
The Andy and Robby Show Recurring A Salt WDW Productions