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DCS Power Problem Report

CAT-3412 Genset tripped on High frequency on Tuesday night at 23:13 HRS on November 5,
2013. Frequency variation observed before tripping. ESD-0 operated i.e non-essential load cut off. Diesel
Genset started and put on load.
1. Rapid frequency variation beyond Low and High limits.
Remedial Action:
1. Governor tuning carried out using Deep-sea software.
2. Engine speed adjustment and tuning through Electronic Governor from Genset panel.
3. Fuel adjustments through Gas regulator
4. F051000056 spares for CAT-3412 Governor module and Actuator to meet emergency spare
requirement, may be received today in the evening.

 No plant or power shutdown occurred.
 Genset started and put on load within an hour.

CAT-3412 is running normal since 06/11/2013 at 01:00 HRS.