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On 30

July 2014, at 12pm, we attended a court hearing being carried out in the magistrate
courts involving criminal law. The name of the accused was Regine, a 20 year old student of
Temasek Polytechnic and judge on duty was Mr Lim Keng Yeow.
In early 2010, Regine had been sentenced to probation due to her first offence of drug
trafficking and had to serve a period of 24 months at the Girls’ Home. After being released,
she was charged with theft in dwelling, a section 380 offence which is a more serious
property offence and carries mandatory jail sentence even for first offenders. After serving 9
months in prison, she faced numerous other charges; 12 to be precise, upon bail and had 3
separate arrests. Recently last year, on 23
April 2013, she was charged with harassment of
Regine pleaded guilty and the RTC report approval is yet to be confirmed since she is below
21 years of age. If it is not approved, she would have to face minimum charges of 2 years
imprisonment. Final sentencing is to be held on the 20
August 2014, 9.30a.m.