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By Nicholas Fisk

Character & Characteristics

Trish is ______ years old. She is a ________ girl because
she is the only _____ in the space ship. Despite being
alone, she filled in her time and days by ____________
and playing her favourite game, Pop Star with
___________. Trish is _______ person. Trish is an
__________ and ___________ girl because she was able
to learn about cloning from VP. She is also very
________ by getting supplies for CLO from the store of
the space ship. Besides, she is an __________ person
because she knew dad is a busy man and dad tried his
best to make her happy despite being busy.
Characters & Characteristics
However, Trish miscalculated her moves as her idea of
cloning backfired. She is also someone who is ___________
because she decided to ______________ of Clo when she
was tired of CLO. She could not __________ CLO’s
irritating habits. Trish was not able to see her own
__________ because she could not accept that she has the
same habits as CLO.
Character & characteristics
CLO is Trish’s clone, so she is _____________ to
Trish. She has the same __________ and same
__________ as Trish. She is the ________ side of
Trish, which Trish refuse to accept. However, she is
________ than Trish because she managed to get
rid of Trish __________ Trish could
get rid of her. She lived a life of _____
because people around her believes
she is Trish, not CLO.

Character & characteristics
 Dad is an important man in space
ship because he is the ____________
_________ of the ship. Due to that,
he is a _________ man. However, he
is a ________ and ________ father,
because he tried his best to spend
time with Trish. He is a
_____________ man because even
when he talks to Trish, he still thinks
of his work at the back of his mind.
 From the story One is One and All Alone, who is the
character you like the most. Give reasons and support
your answer with evidence from the story. Write in not
more than 60 words.