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All Chemistiy stuuents must sign up foi Quest in oiuei to complete the majoiity of
the homewoik foi this class.

1. uo to https:quest.cns.utexas.euu
2. Click "Log In to Quest".
S. 0nueineath the "Log In" button click on "I neeu a 0T EIB."
4. Click "continue".
S. Choose "no" foi all of the questions anu click "continue."
6. Fill in youi Fiist Name, Last Name anu Bate of Biith. All othei infoimation is
optional. You N0ST fill in youi fiist name even though it uoes not have a *
next to it. Without youi fiist name I will not be able to assign you a scoie foi
youi homewoik assignments. Click "continue".
7. Choose the secuiity questions anu pioviue an answei foi each. It is impoitant
you answei honestly as this is the only way foi you to iecovei youi passwoiu
in the event that you foiget it. Click "continue."
8. Cieate a passwoiu that you will iemembei. Then fill out a passwoiu hint to
help ieminu you of the passwoiu shoulu you foiget it. Click "continue."
9. Review youi infoimation foi accuiacy. Nake suie you incluueu both youi
fiist anu last name.
1u. Click "Cieate Ny 0T EIB."
11. Youi 0T EIB will be given to you on the top left-hanu coinei of the page. This
will be youi 0T EIB foi the school yeai. It is uifficult to memoiize so you
shoulu wiite it uown.
12. Retuin to anu click on the Bomewoik tab.
1S. Click on the "0T Q0EST" button.
14. Fill in youi 0T EIB anu Passwoiu anu click "Log In."
1S. Click on the "I Agiee" button.
16. Click on "Enioll in New Couise".
17. Entei 0nique #: uuuu1 anu click "Lookup couise info."
18. You shoulu see my couise "CBN 21S (uuuu1) Chemistiy 2u1S" available.
Click on "Request Eniollment."
19. You shoulu see a notification that ieaus, "Youi instiuctoi will piocess the
eniollment iequest." If you uo, you have successfully eniolleu in the 0T
Q0EST system.
2u. 0nce I enioll you, you will be able to see available homewoik assignments foi
the entiie yeai.