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Copy of Karaoke Quiz Blank

Copy of Karaoke Quiz Blank

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Published by Joseph Darwin Zion
Copy of Karaoke Quiz Blank
Copy of Karaoke Quiz Blank

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Published by: Joseph Darwin Zion on Aug 11, 2014
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If you can get the 100 titles of these songs then you are really the KARAOKE King

No Lyric Title Result Score
1 You may say I'm a dreamer imagine Correct 1
2 It seems to me you lived your life candle in the wind Correct 1
3 Strumming my pain with his fingers killing me softly Correct 1
4 Oceans apart day after day right here waiting Correct 1
5 How many roads must a man walk down blowing in the wind Correct 1
6 It's not time to make a change father and son Correct 1
7 It's late in the evening wonderful tonight Correct 1
8 Share my innermost thoughts Beh! 0
9 You just call out my name Beh! 0
10 I've hungered for your touch unchained melody Correct 1
11 Lying beside you here in the dark Beh! 0
12 Why don't you come to your senses Beh! 0
13 Would you know my name tears in heaven Correct 1
14 Are beautiful like a rainbow Beh! 0
15 Mama just killed a man Beh! 0
16 You really know where to start Beh! 0
17 Paint your palette blue and gray Beh! 0
18 Love can't you see I'm alone Beh! 0
19 So take a look at me now against all odds Correct 1
20 We gotta hold on to what we've got livin' on a prayer Beh! 0
21 I don't even have my own car the actor Correct 1
22 You have no right to ask me how I feel Beh! 0
23 Knowing that she's inches from me Beh! 0
24 I'm so young and you're so old Beh! 0
25 All over the world tonight Beh! 0
26 I close my eyes only for a moment dust in the wind Correct 1
27 Play a whisper on my pillow Beh! 0
28 On a dark desert highway hotel california Correct 1
29 At first I was afraid, I was petrified Beh! 0
30 When all of my dreams are heartbeat away Beh! 0
31 I feel it in my fingers love is all around Correct 1
32 You and I must make a path Beh! 0
33 When you're weary feeling small bridge over troubled water Correct 1
34 And I don't want the world to see me iris Correct 1
35 Baby you're all that I want Beh! 0
36 Close your eyes give me your hands Beh! 0
37 You know our love was meant to be you're the inspiration Beh! 0
38 Smile an everlasting smile words Correct 1
39 It's been seven hours and fifteen days Beh! 0
40 Touched for the very first time like a virgin Correct 1
41 Only fools rush in cant help falling in love Beh! 0
42 I'm lying alone with my head on the phone all out of love Correct 1
43 And I will take you in my arms Beh! 0
44 Lie la lie lie la lie la lie la lie the boxer Correct 1
45 We have the right love at the wrong time Beh! 0
46 Guess I'm on my way stuck on you Correct 1
47 It's all because of you, I'm feeling sad and blue Beh! 0
48 Oh mama take these guns away Beh! 0
49 Goodbye to you my trusted friend seasons in the sun Correct 1
50 Looking in your eyes I see a paradise Beh! 0
51 Then why can't I paint you Beh! 0
52 Cause I am your lady and you are my man Beh! 0
53 She's always on my mind heaven knows Correct 1
54 That's where we wanna go Beh! 0
55 Tonight it's very clear Beh! 0
56 And we'll keep on fighting till the end Beh! 0
57 A long long time ago I can still remember american pie Correct 1
58 Such a feeling coming over me top of the world Correct 1
59 Step by step heart to heart Beh! 0
60 Hello darkness my old friend sound of silence Correct 1
61 When I was young I'd listen to the radio yesterday once more Correct 1
62 The only girl I care about has gone away listen to the rhythm of the fallin rain Beh! 0
63 There's a light a certain kind of light Beh! 0
64 I cried a tear you wiped it dry you needed me Correct 1
65 And I can't help myself Beh! 0
66 But I guess my best wasn't good enough Beh! 0
67 He can make you laugh he can make you cry Beh! 0
68 I'm never gonna dance again careless whisper Correct 1
69 Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme Beh! 0
70 Tale as old as time Beh! 0
71 You are my fire the one desire I want it that way Correct 1
72 Would you dance if I ask you to dance hero Correct 1
73 Every time I see you falling Beh! 0
74 Why do birds suddenly appear Beh! 0
75 You fill up my senses annie's song Correct 1
76 There's a song that’s inside of my head Beh! 0
77 It's something I think is worthwhile Beh! 0
78 We've been together for so very long Beh! 0
79 Is it me you're looking for? hello Correct 1
80 A not so very ordinary girl or name Beh! 0
81 Why does the sun go on shining end of the world Correct 1
82 Oh can't you see you belong to me every breath you take Correct 1
83 I wish I was special, so very special creep Correct 1
84 Still feels like our first time together please forgive me Correct 1
85 You were searching for a place to hide love will keep us alive Correct 1
86 We are the ones who make a brighter day Beh! 0
87 I believe the children are our future Beh! 0
88 Everybody needs a little time away hard to say I'm sorry Correct 1
89 When you get caught between the moon Beh! 0
90 One day in the year of the fox temple of the king Correct 1
91 Rising up back on the streets eye of the tiger Correct 1
92 When I was small and Christmas tress were tall Beh! 0
93 Midnight not a sound from the pavement Beh! 0
94 Just like every night has its dawn Beh! 0
95 Don't lose your way with each passing day Beh! 0
96 Nang isilang ka sa mundong ito Beh! 0
97 On the first part of the journey horse with no name Beh! 0
98 You don't have to be beautiful Beh! 0
99 Alright stop collaborate and listen Beh! 0
100 Oh baby baby baby my baby baby Beh! 0
Total Score 41

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