Tito Villaluna

John Reantaso
Jepp Ilagan
Darryl Lam
Existing Components

 The evaporator coils are installed inside the water tank
wherein the water is then cooled by the refrigerant
passing in the coil.

The commercially available length is 50’, 100’ and 150’

The ideal O.D. (Outside diameter) for a cooling coil of
chilled water tank is ½”.
 The fins are made of aluminum. The standard
thickness of aluminum fins 0.0075”. We can use
0.0095” for higher quality. However, it is also possible
to use 0.006” for less cost.

 The casing of a evaporator is usually galvanized steel.
However, for chilled water coils, it is usually stainless
 Coatings is usually made if its 3-5 miles of the ocean
where corrosion might be a factor.

 The specification of the compressor:

 230V – 60Hz
 BTU capacity: 5400
 Phase : 1

Maximum operating condition:
Suction pressure: 114psig
Discharge temperature: 240 F
Discharge pressure: 377psig
Return gas pressure: 95 F
Motor winding temperature: 265

Tube Specifications

- 5/8" O.D. x .020" wall thickness standard
with optional wall thickness of (.025) (.035)
and (.049).

Fin Specifications

-5/8" tubes comes standard with
aluminum fin .008" thick with
optional (.010).

Condenser Fan Specification

RPM-950, Capacitor-7.5uFC/400V AC
Current: 1.21A
Insulation-Class B
Voltage -230V
Frequency -60Hz
Horsepower: 1HP
Poles: 6
Phase: Single (1)
Inside look
From the
Condenser fan blower
Ammeter and voltmeter
Low and high pressure gauge

Flow meter

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