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Powell Grading Policy

Grades will be updated each week. Parents and students will have access to grades online in the Power
School program. In accordance with school policy, 90% of a students quarterly grade will be Summative
Assessment and 10% will be Formative Assessment. Since this is a weighted system, NOT total points,
using a calculator to add up the total points and divide by points possible will not give you the correct
grade. The type of assignment will be indicated in Power School.

10% of Quarter Grade
Formative assessments are assignments that are reflective of the material that students have learned; they
are considered assessments FOR learning. The purpose is not to judge a students final learning process,
but to evaluate where he or she is within the learning process.
The Formative Assessment category includes a variety of assignments: quizzes, homework, labs, papers,
worksheets, problems, projects, essays, etc.
Daily Practice assignments will not be able to be re-done for a better grade. Assignments that are
Formative Assessments will be able to be redone for a better grade. Teachers will inform students
which category the assignment falls under when assigning the work.

Formative Assessments - Retakes: Students will be allowed an opportunity to retake or redo
formative assessments in order to improve their mastery of the course content. Retakes will be
completed at a time agreed upon by the teacher and student. Teachers and/or departments will have
steps that students will need to take to improve his/her learning before the retake is given.

Daily Practice - Powell Middle School Daily Practice Late Policy: All missing
assignments will be accepted until the Monday of the week following the due date. Grades will be posted
online by Friday of each week (unless the teacher is out of the building that Friday). Any late assignments
for that week can be turned in on the upcoming Monday by 3:10. If an assignment is not complete by
then, it will remain a zero in the grade book.

90% of Quarter Grade
Summative assessments are used to evaluate how well a student has learned the material. Summative
assessments can take on many forms including (but not limited to): tests, quizzes, labs, papers, projects,
presentations, etc. Any assignment that is in the summative assessment category cannot be retaken or
re-done for a better grade.
It is important to know that formative and summative assessments are NOT distinguished
by the type of assessment. For example, homework is not always a (10%) formative
assessment and quizzes may or may not be (90%) summative assessments. Teachers will
determine the purpose of the assignment and communicate to students whether it will be
formative or summative. Assignments that are summative may require time at home to