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Live Journal Club

JC Category/Department JC
Date, Time,
JC Facilitator JC Facilitator Email Address
Neuro ICU 8/14 1100
Neuro ICU
conference room
Kerri Jeppson
Neuro ICU
JC ANCC CE Credit Reuirements!
1$ % pr"icipn" mus" ""en& "he journ! c!u' n& 'e presen" for "he (ho!e hour.
)$ Comp!e"e n& su'mi" "he ppropri"e r"ic!e cri"i*ue form n& e+!u"ion form "o "he JC ,ci!i""or
-he JC ,ci!i""or (i!! &is"ri'u"e %NCC C. Cer"ific"es " "he comp!e"ion of "he JC.
Article Revie"ed! Seners, /., -urc, 0., -issern&, 1., 2e#rn&, 2., 2'e3rie, 1., C!+e", 4., 1e&er, J., 1s, J.,
5ppenheim, C., n& Bron, J. Une6p!ine& .r!3 Neuro!o#ic! 4e"erior"ion %f"er In"r+enous -hrom'o!3sis7
Inci&ence, /re&ic"ors, n& %ssoci"e& ,c"ors. S"o8e. )014. 94:$. )004;)00<
#urpose and Target Audience! -his c"i+i"3 is for re#is"ere& nurses n& o"her he!"hcre profession!s "o
pro+i&e n oppor"uni"3 "o &iscuss journ! r"ic!e cri"i*ue n& r"ic!e con"en" "h" m3 'e per"inen" "o curren"
$b%ectives & ' (! 9sme s e+!u"ion o'jec"i+e poin"s$
1. 4iscuss "he r"ic!e ri#or n& re!e+nce for !ernin#.
). Re+ie( inform"ion pro+i&e& in "he journ! r"ic!e n& pp!ic"ion "o curren" UC= prc"ice.
Discussion #rovo)ing *uestions &+,-(!
1. 4iscuss re!e+nce of "his resu!" re si#nificn"
). 4iscuss moni"orin# "he NI=SS "o ssis" in pre&ic"in# .N4
>. 4iscuss !oo8in# " (here "he s"ro8e "oo8 p!ce s ssis"nce in pre&ic"in# .N4
4. 4iscuss moni"orin# h3per#!3cemi
No finnci!, profession! or person! conf!ic"s of in"eres" h+e 'een &e"ermine& "o 'e presen" for "his course. -here is no &&i"ion!
commerci! suppor" for "his course.
1.0 Continuing Nursing Education Contact Hour will be awarded to nurses who attend this program in its entirety and complete the course
University of Colorado Hospital is an approved provider of continuing nursing education by the Colorado Nurses Association an accredited
approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center!s Commission on Accreditation.