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in medicine and physiognomy
Copyright © 2008 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved. WAR CHAMPAGNE “Excuse me, your regency, but if per any chance you highness happens to accuse a red mark, towards the upper right end corner of the discrete opening towards the point that would be indiscreet to name on my part, then the ascendant is properly calculated as we launch our campaign tomorrow morning at 06:35 AM”1. THE LOVER The lover kisses the stars2 on his beloved's skin, as Nuit is the map of eternity in every woman. The tapestry of natal stars is clearly visible on the beloved' skin. The lover looks at the skin3 for changes and inspiration4, and forgets the natal skies in Ecstasy. BODY TALK Every tiny detail of the body glow within5 the stars. Body features expand within giant comets, along the Axis of Evil and down the Dark Flux. As the waist spins like the equator, so nether features are assigned to their appropriate ascendants6. As the dervish spins and drops the sash, precession enters Orion. Dance is the most sublime ephemeris as offered by
1 An obvious allusion to a mars Algol direction. Today we know that only Eris marks a conjunction with Algol, yet the extra-zodiacal star in question seems to propagate its influence below for a span of a whole sun sign. 2 The stars are also crevices, not one way Tao. 3 Constellations like Corvus can be tracked across one's skin along with current transits of the asteroids. These changes reflect on daily matters, so itching of skin predicts move of Wanda through Corvus, meaning that she, the real person, gets a job by a real enterprise called Corvus. In this example even the name of the person, Vanda, and enterprise, Corvis, coincide to the letter. That the asteroid is Wanda and constellation Corvus against Vanda and Corvis is immaterial. The example was posted to Internet around year 1998. The tracking program used was Dance of the Planets for DOS. 4 Skin respiration in elementary space magick, but you guessed it, beloved. 5 Appropriately: with the stars, but we wanted to stress Synchronicity, even stellar intimacy. 6 Previous knowledge of the subliminal ascendants is needed, even marked as subconscious ascendants.

sacred tradition. The skin is marked with stars and comets from Algol to Wild. Even inner tapestry of the body is penetrated by LILIT VERA, the Moon and the reptilian centaurs. A SASH OF COMETS “Knock on cheek” to know one's futurity, is the Chinese Way7. Westerners in fact peruse much Chinese wisdom in determining cheek, loins and waist. As Adam Kadmon shifts shape into Lilith incarnated8, every detail of th body is mapped in the stars. Not only the sash of giant comets, but also tiny satellites and distant suns form the skin and body features, while Moon, Venus and Jupiter offer voluptuous scenario to the sexual astro loger. LILIT VERA When it comes to sexual astrology, nothing is so indicative as LILIT VERA, an observed object that haunted the nights of the astrologer since Riccioli discovered it and Cassini elaborated upon it. The details as given by true Lilith include a meticulous map of sexual organs, even clitoral astrology, more than bashful even in a most unscrupulous sexual astrologer. LILIT VERA features twelve types of defloration, times for the satyr to knock the door off along with a calendar when every woman is ready for everything. The proliferation of satyrs in some zones in Europe during the past centuries is partly due to the proliferation of LILIT VERA manuals, an obscene collection in black magickal evocation, that beats even the so-called reptilian centaurs grimoire. In Europe we still have harpies with legs akimbo at church entrances, along with the reptilian zodiac of the twelve centaurs in hell. As LILIT VERA warmed up a merry pervert atmosphere in the narrow streets of medieval Europe, Pluto in Coma Berenices exploded with the demand of rights for women. REPTILIAN CENTAURS The reason for wild features and behavior, killer looks, green eyes and nose grimace lies within the reptilian centaurs. When these enter their appropriate reptilian constellations, they get mad. There are many centaurs and constellations, but only twelve were officially
7 Nowadays we would use Venus Mars direction to knock the stocks. 8There were at least two Liliths, of which one's emissary we peruse in determining voluptuous forms through LILIT VERA, an observed asteroid.

classified within their own reptilian zodiac. Much as the Moon, Mercury and Venus have their appropriate zodiacs, so the reptilian centaurs have their own. when a certain centaur enters the dominion of another, there is fight. It is for that reason that years ago there was fuss because of Asbolus in Lupus or Chariklo in Centaurus, to name but the most obvious. ANGEL SPOT A guarding entity even she is over the planet with its 360 angel guardians that are stars. Lilith above wards the girdle of precessed ascendants. The guardian angel marks a body feature on a precise spot that we call angel spot. Thus, someone as marked with an Alphard ascendant, will have a spot in a discrete area below the waist. The nether ascendants are not without reason explicitly sexual. To call them “subconscious” was mere introduction. LATINO FEATURES The Latino features or generous body shapes, pertain to the voluptuous female centaurs. There are many present female centaurs, feminine comets and many still to be revealed as announced by the centauresses themselves through evocation and interview9. We use the names as suggested to us by the centaurs themselves, of which many examples exist in literature. A centauress an have many names within her sigil, thus an incipient magus will en carve the Sumerian, Egyptian and Greek name as well. The reptilian centaurs especially pertain to the appropriate reptilian zodiacs of ancient Egypt. SUPERSTARS Exotic beauties have a wild reptilian centaurs activity in such zodiacal constellations as Hydra10, moreover ancient ascendants like Centaurus or Lupus. Fatal women have e.g. LILIT VERA conjunct Neptune SW, in their 8th house, square Venus with a female reptilian centaur in 5th. Social occasions for debauch are offered by the congress of centaurs such as Pholus with Chariklo in 6th. The positions below the horizon and equator are generally promiscuous, especially as adorn with a reptilian ascendant or nether draconian centaur.
9 Bogeyman initiation. 10 Compare Venus in Hydra.

FATAL INFLUENCES Dwarf Planets in the Seventh House is a publication that already pertains to the history of contemporary astrology. KELU-1 and the brown dwarfs add spice to marriage astrology, while Witchallow and Eris in the 12 houses add a note of fatality. as the Axis of Evil and Dark Flux gain impetus, their influence can not possibly be overstressed in an equatorial or even ecliptic horoscope. let us not forget the destructive effect that dark planet Lamia has on the seventh house cusp. The seventeen dark planets as headed by Janus can not be taken as light decoration of the horoscope, since they act. The recent clash between Nemesis and Pluto is nothing but the dark activity of Lamia, Nemesis being the original name of this dark planet. Comets like the Green Comet and Vint will influence the body in a waterfall of stars, marking even the tiniest back complexion in a scrolling game of yin and yang. The I Ching Aspectarian will scroll the cakras as ascending astral body requires. Let us mark that the horoscope is the natal angel guardian and eastern ascendant. The word for horoscope is Egyptian, thus “hind legs of the sphinx rising at east”. The star rising at east is the angel guardian. In this section we are removed from general prepositions in approaching the astronomically correct eastern star. The initiate never has one's horoscope mangle by local superstition, as we depend on onion peel of astral domain for our perception. the inner eye sees clearly as it ann0unces the new discoveries years before telescopes are invented. We never needed optical apparatus ZODIACS What is a local zodiac? In Planetocentric astrology, we designate an array of zodiacs that meet the purpose of the stellar race. not only the board computer, but also th astrologer's own estimation11 will determine the local zodiac. The zodiac for planet earth has 22 zodiacal constellations with 16 ascendants of which some are “under the belt”.

11 The astrologer is an initiated magus. Note that we use the word in its sacred meaning. Our definition has nothing to do with Ptolemy, Hipparchus or even Nostradamus.

ALIEN SEX “I have been born on 2002 AA29, colony Zeta12, with sun in Cygnus (the galactic ascendant13 of the USA) and ascendant Hydra. Quetzalcoatl was her apt name. Already our colons on Cruithne14 qualify as aliens if we take that Sun in Draco marks a reptilian nativity. since the Sun and planets have been delineated in all 88 constellations 15, Planetocentric Astrology may already be a matter of the past. BACK HOME Everyone can be initiated in twenty minutes in marriage astrology, since calculating love affairs is a matter of minutes for the amateur. From the horoscope we instantly know when the first love comes, second to none and marriage along with kids. these dates are visible at first glance. Determining outlook requires some skill. We were impressed when an amateur determined “square large diopter glasses”, 6” 11', pale complexion, eyes withdrawn along with discrete dimensions. That was done by a casual glance at the horoscope by an amateur. The expert will of course be able to determine that red shift before an attack.

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12 Mining colonies are planed on our Apoheles and auxiliary moons. Paradoxically, the best leaders would be the same as on planet earth, thus, election asteroids. 13 The galactic ascendant of course influences outlook. 14 NASA mining plan. see also Planetocentric Astrology. 15 See also bout the 88 ascendants in astrology.

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