Tis information is the only level and currency analysis

available that is based on rigorous statistical research.
It is designed to help you pick trending pairs, favorable
entries and take-proft levels, anticipate sudden reversal
moves, thus lowering your overall risk and maximizing
your profts.
Here is how to get the most of this report:
• Add or update these levels on your charts. You can keep
trading your usual strategy and indicators, just be aware
of the higher probability of reversal at these levels.
Bold lines represent strong levels, thiner lines identify
weaker levels.
Dynamic Support & Resistance®
Exclusive Report for Smart Forex Traders - August 12, 2014
State of the FX Market
• Use the watchlist to combine strong/strong and strong/
weak currencies and create your selection of pairs to
focus on (Pairs in Play®) during next market day.
Tis information is valid until next New York Close (4pm
EDT/ 8pm GMT/ 10pm CET).
Is your trading getting you the results you want?
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Dynamic Support & Resistance - August 12, 2014 www.x5fx.com
Dynamic Support & Resistance - August 12, 2014 www.x5fx.com
Dynamic Support & Resistance - August 12, 2014 www.x5fx.com
Dynamic Support & Resistance - August 12, 2014 www.x5fx.com
Dynamic Support & Resistance - August 12, 2014 www.x5fx.com
Now, go trade something
x5fx is an investment research frm
benefting active Forex traders worldwide.
Founded by a former physicist, x5fx applies
rigorous scientifc methods to develop its
innovative analysis of market data.
We crunch over 5 million numbers every
day to ensure our customers get the most
accurate free and premium products.
Our secret formula relies on power and
simplicity: Only high-grade and easy-to-
follow information eliminates guesswork,
increases confdence and grows trading
x5fx is located in Zurich, Switzerland.
U.S. Government Required Disclaimer
- Commodity Futures Trading
Commission - Futures and Options
trading has large potential rewards,
but also large potential risk. You must
be aware of the risks and be willing to
accept them in order to invest in the
futures and options markets. Don’t
trade with money you can’t aford to
lose. Tis is neither a solicitation nor
an ofer to Buy/Sell currencies, futures
or options. No representation is being
made that any account will or is likely
to achieve profts or losses similar to
those discussed on this web site. Te past
performance of any trading system or
methodology is not necessarily indicative
of future results.
CFTC RULE 4.41 - Hypothetical
or simulated performance results have
certain limitations. Unlike an actual
performance record, simulated results
do not represent actual trading. Also,
since the trades have not been executed,
the results may have under-or-over
compensated for the impact, if any, of
certain market factors, such as lack of
liquidity. Simulated trading programs
in general are also subject to the fact
that they are designed with the beneft
of hindsight. No representation is being
made that any account will or is likely to
achieve proft or losses similar to those
All information on this document
is for educational purposes only and
is not intended to provide fnancial
advice. Any statements about profts
or income, expressed or implied, do
not represent a guarantee. Your actual
trading may result in losses as no trading
system is guaranteed. You accept full
responsibilities for your actions, trades,
proft or loss, and agree to hold x5fx,
http://www.x5fx.com, x5forex, http://
www.x5forex.com, and the owner /
founder / writer of this information
harmless in any and all ways. Te use
of this document and or its contents
constitutes acceptance of our disclaimer.
Charts are provided by Swissquote
(Switzerland). Times are CET
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It’s not what you know that counts...
it’s what you’re missing... that’s what is
KILLING your trading account!
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--Alex Schmidt, Frankfurt, Germany
Let’s face it, today, the Forex market is FIERCE…
But the formula for survival is VERY simple, yet very complicated
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only the strong really DO survive... the good news is, it’s also a
matter of choice which side of the economic scales you’ll end up
Which choice will YOU be making?
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Tank you for reading this message.
I wish you a successful trading day!
Eric Monnier, Founder and Chief Scientist at x5fx.com
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