Homework 2 (total 30 points


1. They can eat anything anywhere. 2. Is your flat furnished?
3. They are going to invite you for dinner.

4. I am not going to help you to paint your flat.
5. There are two parks in this area.

6. My parents are not the owners of their house, they rent it. 7. The rent is very high but we are going to pay it anyway. 8. Their sons-in-law are very nice. 9. I would like to have a big garden in my property. 10.The palace is not big enough for them; they must buy a new one. 11.Have you ever seen so beautiful a girl! 12.Have you ever listened to this music? Which one? 13.I want to live in any country, but not in Iraq. 14.In Brazil, people dance everywhere. 15.She is nowhere to be found. This homework is to be returned by Saturday, March 22, 2008, 5.30pm.

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