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Every week I go to the movies.

Do you like to play tennis?

How old is your dog?
Larry and I are brothers.

Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins are on vacation.

Lisa saw Dr. Johansen at the bank
Irene met her brother Don and his dog Skippy
at the park.
The Coliseum in Rome is a beautiful old
The Empire State Building
is in New York City.

Ruth lives on Wilson Avenue.
Turn left on Pine Ridge Road.
The museum is
on Washington Avenue.
I am going to travel to
London, England, next week.
The Arno River passes
through Tuscany, Italy.

My grandmother speaks Polish.
Jessica is going to learn Japanese.
I do not like to eat Chinese food.
People in Switzerland speak
German, French, and Italian.
When we visited the Southwest, we actually
had to drive north.
We live in Southwest Florida.
Juan went on a trip to Tokyo,
Japan for his company,
General Motors Corporation.

Andys birthday will be on a
Friday next June.
The Emancipation
Proclamation was issued
during the Civil War.
I learned in my class that
several Hispanics are

The Central
Intelligence Agency is
simply known as the
The Life of Billy Barnes
Crime and Punishment
The Catcher in the Rye
In the Kitchen
Dancing with the Stars
The Lord of the Rings
Always capitalize:
the first letter of a title
the other important words
in a title.

Do not capitalize:
prepositions (to, in, at, on, of),
conjunctions (and, but, or)
or articles (a, an, the)
unless they are the first word
of the title.